Fido Promo: Free Google Cardboard Viewer with New Activations, Upgrades


If you’re about to sign a two-year contract for a new activation or upgrade from Fido, there’s a promo right now from the company which offers up a free Google Cardboard viewer, if you sign up in-store.

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Google Cardboard is the technology giant’s affordable virtual reality viewer, which just launched in Canada last month to purchase for $20.

The fine print reads it’s a “limited-time offer, while quantities last,” only available with new activations or upgrades on 2-year Fido Pulse Plans.


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Wow, I only have to sign up for TWO years to get this? Let me cancel my Mobilicity plan now! Who needs unlimited data when I can have cardboard!

    Of course this joke would have been funnier if the CRTC didn’t allow Rogers to buy Mobilicity. Rogers will be taking away our unlimited data later this year when they switch us to one of Chatr’s crap plans. Now I’m depressed.

  • Lol but it’s worth $20! 😉

  • Bob Zmuda

    Lol… sure it is. If you believe that I’ve also got Google Toilet Paper to sell you. Worth $5 a roll. And trust me… you’ve haven’t fully experienced Google until you’ve Googled your a**.

  • Nerd

    haha, I can’t WAIT!!!!

  • Elevate yourself

    Gary, you either need to hire a PR firm or really think before you type a reply in these feeds. For the moderator/creator of iphoneinCanada, your response is pretty pathetic…like this offer from Fido

  • Gary Ng – Chief Moron

    keep deleting my comments Gary… way to show your readers how well you promote dialogue around these very stupid blogs you feel are news worthy. Until you have better responses/better jokes, I’m always going to call you out for all your pathetic lines…. Your blog and your own comment about your blog is worthless. Alleks, Bob and Nerd deserve better from the founder and editor-in-chief…. word of advise, if it’s not news worthy, don’t blog about it….. and also, just because you wrote this pathetic blog article, doesn’t mean you have to comment when someone calls out how pathetic the story is. Leave it to your other writers if you really feel like standing up for this blog you thought was worth everyone’s time!

  • Gary Ng – Chief Moron

    This blog and the offer outlined is as bad as the Founder and apparent Editor in Chief Gary NG