Fido Holiday Promo: Select ‘Loyal’ Customers Get $0 Early Upgrade Fee


Fido has launched a new unadvertised promo for select customers, which waives the early hardware upgrade fee, normally charged to those looking to upgrade before their existing contract ends.

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Internally this is an “exclusive offer for targeted customers”, being sent out via text message. Reps will verify if customers are eligible for this upgrade if a plan option shows up in the system with program code “FIDOTREAT” (or “CADEAUFIDO” in French).


For example, if you signed a 3-year term a year and a half ago, Fido will waive your $300 early upgrade fee if you enter in a Tab24 agreement. We’re told customers can keep their 6GB/$30 add-on, while you can also get a Max Plan subsidy without having to choose an existing in-market Max Plan.

While this is a targeted offer, Fido’s internal memo notes customers asking for this promo can also get it, if a check of your account shows you are eligible. This promo is available from December 10 until January 31, 2015.

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  • Vincent Cadieux

    The offer seems to be only valid for customer with a 3 years contract. My father is on a two years contract (ending Dec. 3 2015) and after checking with a Fido representative, this promo could not be applied to his account as he’s not on a 3 years contract.

  • winnertakesteve

    Damnit. I’ve been with Fido since 2009, and just paid an $80 early upgrade fee to get out of my 3.5 year contract for my 4s! Oh well. I did get to keep my 6gb plan and didn’t have to take one of those godawful “max” plans.

  • Guest

    I hope it comes to Rogers! There is a chance since Rogers owns Fido.

  • guest

    Hi, Rogers actually has the promotion too. The only caveat is that they make you change your plan to the Share Everything plan.

  • Biggy604

    I have a feeling theres a catch to this, like someone said it applies only to those with 3 year concracts… But how far along within the 3 yrs make you eligable for the $0 upgrade fee? I’m pretty sure they wave it if your 2 or more (like “2 yrs 1 mth”, so on and soforth) years in to your 3 year contract.

  • Biggy604

    Okay I just found out even people within a “3 year term” not all are eligable. I just got an email back stating my account isnt eligable, then again its probably because I have 14 months left of my 3year term. FidoCS also told me its only people who actually received a “text message or email” from them as well. So much for being treated as a “loyal customer” been with Fido for 12 years or so. But hey I can see their reason for selecting the few eligable as for them its all about maximizing profits.

    Oh well I tried.

  • That sucks, definitely looks like a targeted promo.

  • Salvador

    I got the offer by SMS. I just called and they told me I have to change my plan (30$ call + 30$ 6GB Data) for a 80$ Max plan (Unlimited call + 6GB Data) if I want to use this upgrade offer. They don’t offer the 30$ 6GB any more.