Fido Increases Prices of Select Smart Plans for Bump in Minutes and Data


Fido has modified select nationwide Smart plans this afternoon, increasing the price of the $49, $55 and $99 plans, while adding some minutes and data.

Here are the changes to plans signed on a 2-year term:

  • Old: $49: 300 minutes, 400 MB data
  • New: $53, 500 minutes, 500 MB data (+$4, +200 minutes, +100 MB)
  • Old: $55: 500 minutes, 750 MB data
  • New: $58: 750 minutes, 750 MB data (+$3, +250 minutes)
  • Old: $99: Unlimited minutes, 5 GB data
  • New: $103: Unlimited minutes, 5 GB data ($+4)

The changes are highlighted below in pink:

Screenshot 2015 05 19 13 52 01

If you take a look at the updated $53 plan, for $4 you get 200 more minutes and 100 MB of data. Considering data overages are charged at $5/100MB, this may seem like a ‘deal’.

I can’t say the same for paying $3 for an extra 250 minutes in the new $58 plan, because nowadays ‘aint nobody got time’ to talk on the phone (only call me if you’re on fire). As for the $4 increase for the 5GB plan…well, that’s just a price increase with no extras.

A week ago, Fido introduced a promo $33/month plan that offered 250 minutes and 300 MB of data.


  • Kellie

    I don’t get it. Who are these people paying high prices, enough that they can bump it up even further??

  • 1His_Nibs1

    The’re called a monopoly.

  • Tim M

    Those prices are only for people getting a subsidized device. BYOD is $15 less per month

  • Yep, that’s why we noted for ‘those on 2 year terms’.

  • gmd

    Our dollar has gone down, the iPhone is more expensive. Fido, why not put the cards on the table? Extra minutes and MB when you don’t need it is like extra channels you don’t watch. Goes straight to the bottom line (ARPU).

    If you’re on a budget and had Old: $55: 500 minutes, 750 MB data
    and must go to New: $53, 500 minutes, 500 MB data

    You’ve lost 250MB.

    Every new generation in technology is supposed to bring price down. Only here do they go up.

  • Noel

    So happy I have the Virgin no contract $45 6GB unlimited Canada voice + unlimited worldwide text/pic/video plan