Fido iPhone 6 Contract Prices Available, Starting at $265 for Entry Model [u]


In the early morning, Fido’s pre-orders went live at around 12:30AM PDT/3:30AM EDT, before their stated time of 6-7AM EDT, catching some by surprise. So if you got in early, consider yourself lucky, depending on how much stock is available.

Anyways, Fido has officially listed their iPhone 6 prices on their website—check them out below:

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Two year contract pricing for an entry 16GB iPhone 6 is $265, which is higher than last year’s iPhone 5s which was at $229. Consider it the evolution of iPhone and carrier pricing, over two year terms. These prices definitely push many towards buying unlocked and directly from Apple to keep their existing plans and to save in the long run.

You can try reserving your Fido order here. I would still suggest getting your name on a pre-order list at Future Shop or Best Buy, or some other smaller dealer.


  • matt

    I got my pre order in at 12 45 am last night JUST by trying Fido’s website at that time since apple was down….out of sheer luck, Fido let me reserve and I’m number 39 in line!!!

  • matt

    And I have a backup saved at the apple store for launch day in case Fido doesn’t get much stock….yay 🙂

  • John

    Price increase … Consider it an evolution? Are you working for apple PR?

  • Scott

    I don’t understand why Canadians are paying a ~$50 premium for these phones (after accounting for the exchange) than in the US. Even Apple is ripping us off.

  • Eric

    I reserved under my account and got #112
    I also reserved as new and got #11
    So I just ordered for the Apple Store Pickup.. between 4-5pm on Friday

    I can’t trust Fido.. I don’t want to be waiting a week or two 🙁

  • jo

    Went to FutureShop at 9:30 am … It opens at 9:30 here in Quebec City i was the first one no line up i stayed there like 20 mins with somebody else who also came for the iPhone 6. Really easy process had to put down a 50$ deposit and it is guarenteed for launch day.

    The way it works they will order by their pre order and wont get many extras on launch day. I dont understand why so few are going this route it was so easy!

  • AEd

    Error in head. It’s the iPhone Plus that starts at 375. The regular iPhone 6 starts at 265,

  • AED

    The price increase is completely the result of the canadian dollar losing around 8% in value compared to this point last year.

  • AED

    It is a rip-off compared to US prices, for sure. We need more competition. The increase from last year is only a result of exchange rates variations though. In conclusion, we’re getting screwed at about the same level we were last year….

  • STFU

    This is weird. i reserved on fido at 6 02 am. Iphone 6 + 64 Gold. #200. I am loggin in every hour and my position dropped to 196 around 1pm and now it shows Position in Line:194 . Any idea what is happening? anyone. This is my first time reserving on Fido.

  • ES

    People canceling their reservation, so you go up in line.

  • Exactly. Well done!

  • Whoops, thanks, fixed!

  • I just checked mine and it also went down from 307 (6:05am) to 291. Maybe some people are cancelling their reservations?

  • AF

    Anyone manged to get a good deal on a MAX plan from Fido? I got offered $90 for 6GB data.

  • Marcus

    I think your chart is with monthly plan should read 64gb and not 32gb. There are no more 32gb models.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Wait really? Did you call in? What did you say?

    That’s not too bad actually. I’m paying 67 right now for 2GB, but it’s considered a ‘Smart’ plan so I wouldn’t get the full subsidy. An equivalent would be 105+.

  • AF

    online chat. I’m on the same smart plan but they want me to move to one of their crappy Max plans to get the subsidy. Told him I’m considering canceling my contract and he popped up the offer 🙂 tempted to take it but wondering if anyone got something better

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    I hadn’t even thought of the online chat. I’m going to try when I get off work.

    It’s tempting, but I also don’t really need 6GB. I wonder if there’s anything slightly less available with less data. It’s so hard to drop the $67 plan because there’s nothing else like it right now!

  • AF

    Yea true! I love the $67 plan too. I tried asking him for something cheaper with a little less data but this is all he could offer. I’m gonna try again mid next week to see if i can get something better from Fido.If you actually put in a request to cancel, they might give you a retention offer which is better. Did you get offered a lower subsidy if you stay on a smart plan? The agent told me that wasn’t an option for me

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    I wasn’t offered a lower subsidy on the 6 as it wasn’t in their system yet, but they showed me that if I was looking at another 5S, it would be $100 if I moved to a max plan or $380 keeping my current plan.

    It’s interesting though, because they moved to the Max plan requirement before the 5S launch last year, but because this plan was labelled as a ‘Canada Wide’ plan I was able to get the max subsidy just fine. Maybe I’ll bring that up and see what they say.

  • Donald Allen

    My contract is up September 2015. Will I be able to buy out my current iPhone 5 and extend my contract 2 years to get the contract price?

  • matt

    What are my chances of getting it on launch day if I’m 39 in line?

  • john

    yes. you can always buy out a contract. Call you carrier and find out what the device balance is. Keep in mind you may have to move plans unless you get a deal.

  • Donald Allen

    Yeah, I called and was told it would be $173. Sounded low to me. I had a problem two or three years ago where a Fido rep on the phone told me something entirely different than what I was told in a Fido kiosk. Frustrating.

  • AF

    Let me know how it goes! I’m gonna try getting the best deal I can before the launch. Will keep you posted if i manage something better

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Will do! Thanks for the info!

  • john

    You could go to an apple store. They can check upgrade device balance. Also don’t forget your fido dollers.

  • AEd

    One time a system glitch at FIdo completely eliminated the need for me to buy back my contract. Was at around $300 left. Insane! The Fido rep told me : well, this is weird. Guess you’re lucky today!

  • That is a great number. I’d say pretty good.

  • matt

    YESSS!! Thanks 🙂

  • Kelvin

    I was told by a Fido agent couple of days ago before I make my iPhone 6 plus reservation that I can sign a contract with a smart plan with a lower subsidy to get the iphone 6 plus. When I called in to Fido today, they told me I can’t, iphone 6 or 6 plus is only available on a max plan or any plan above $60. So the previous agent probably misinformed me. My currently plan is $55 6gb data, 200 minutes day time with unlimited evening and weekends. Is not possible to find anything close to $60 for what i have now. Be careful of those agents are saying when calling in to inquiry about the iphone and the plan that you are on. A lot of them have no clue of what’s going on and giving false information. I wonder if I can go to crtc and file a complaint on this. I kind of feel I’ve been cheated by Fido

  • Yoshi

    Go for the Standard Plan $35 and keep your $30 6GBs. That way you’ve reached your $60+ amount required to get iPhone.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Alright, so I had an online chat with Fido.

    First I asked about keeping my old plan (the $67 one), as last year when the iPhone 5S was released, I was able to upgrade with no issue (and retaining my full subsidy). He looked into it, and said that it was due to the store doing something that they weren’t supposed to, and that my best bet would be to go back to that store and say that they had done it in the past. I went back to the store, and they said that it was due to a loophole that was now closed, so no luck.

    I asked the Fido rep about and other current plans that weren’t being advertised, and he told me about the $90 Max plan that you were offered, and also an $80 Max plan (which is totally being advertised).

    In any case, the guy at the WirelessWave I went to said recommended that I call and tell them that I’ve been shopping around, and that if you get the right person they’ll likely put you on a Max plan with a credit.

  • Mark

    I have the same plan with Rogers… $30 6GB and its comes up to $65 taxes in with 200 min and add-ons. Is there any chances they let me keep this or maybe ask to take the standard plan.

  • af

    Awesome. Yea I know they have retention plans so try squeezing one out of them! Doubt it will be close to 67 but anything around 75 is good for me.

  • Yoshi

    I heard Rogers was asking for $80? You might want to double check on that. I’ve asked Fido and they said they require $60 plans (not including add-ons).

  • 11thIndian

    I’d like to lay my hands on the phones first- any chance Fido will have demo units to hold in store on day 1? Also- if I haven’t reserved, are there still “first come” units available or do online reservations trump everything?

  • Amanda

    I think you will get the silver one on the 19 !

  • Adina Belland

    i’ve still got my 6gb for $30….thankful that i’ve kept it last 4 years.

  • Ismael Joomun

    A week or two? People are still waiting for their phones there lol