Fido iPhone 6 Upgrades Require Minimum $60 Plans for Existing Users [u]


If you’re an existing Fido customer looking to renew your existing contract to get an iPhone 6, the company is requiring a minimum $60 plan (voice + data) or higher to be eligible, in particular for those with legacy $30/6GB data plans.

If you’re an existing customer with a grandfathered plan such as the $30/6GB data plan, plus you have a voice plan of at least $30, making for a total of $60, you will qualify for a full iPhone 6 subsidy. As long as your contract plan has a minimum of $60 or higher (voice + data; not including add-ons), you will qualify for a full subsidy.

If you’re an existing customer with, say the $56/2GB Smart Plan from two years ago, to qualify for an iPhone 6 upgrade, you will need to subscribe to a minimum $80/month Max Plan (with 500MB only). You cannot add or re-arrange your existing plan, as you must choose a current Max plan in order to get your full iPhone 6 subsidy.

There seems to be contradicting info though, as the telephone reps we spoke with, told us the minimum amount had to be $70 per month (voice + data), not $60. Update: Fido responded to us and confirmed it is indeed $60 minimum for grandfathered plans looking to upgrade to iPhone 6.

However, Fido’s own community forums stress the minimum $60 per month requirement, as told by an employee, which also stresses there are also “exceptions”.

Don’t forget, there will also be a $25 hardware upgrade fee tacked onto your bill as well.

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It’s this type of conflicting information from customer service reps that drive Canadians mad when it comes to wireless carriers.

Standard and Smart Plans Soon to Qualify for iPhone Subsidies

The Fido reps we spoke with also told us the company has future plans to allow 2-year iPhone contracts on Standard or Smart Plans. Of course, since subsidies for Standard ($200) and Smart ($350) plans are less than Max ($450) plans, you will be paying more upfront for the iPhone, despite having a ‘cheaper’ monthly plan.

A 16GB iPhone 6 costs $265 on a 2-year $80/month Max Plan; the price for the same phone under a Standard Plan could be $515, while under a Smart Plan it could be $365, based on the differences in subsidy amounts.

As for the timeline, reps were unable to provide a specific date, other than to say changes  are coming once the iPhone 6 launch settles in.

As of now, Rogers and Bell require customers to subscribe to $80/month plans to qualify for iPhone 6 hardware upgrades.

As for Telus, the company tells us existing users require $70/month plans that are renewal eligible and have not expired, should they pursue iPhone 6 upgrades. There are some possible exceptions but users are asked to check their plan details with Telus.

If you’re a Fido customer with the $30/6GB data plan, let us know what your iPhone 6 upgrade details are like. Even if you aren’t on the legacy 6GB data plan, let us know what Fido has shared with you for your iPhone 6 upgrade.

Update: A Fido spokesperson just sent the following clarification on upgrades:

To confirm, Fido customers with in-market Max plans and previously offered Max plans with a minimum monthly service fee of $60 are eligible for iPhone upgrades. Max plans let customers save up to $450 on a new phone with a 2-year Tab24 agreement and include extras like voicemail and call display at no added cost.

Update 2 Sept. 18: Here’s an updated section added to Fido’s fine print:

Existing Fido customers: If you renew your Fido Agreement, your new Tab24 agreement will begin immediately. Price shown available with 2-year Tab24 agreement on one of the following: (i) any in-market Max plan, (ii) any previously-offered Max plan with a monthly service fee of at least $60 per month, or (iii) any combination of a voice plan and an eligible Data Add-on (e.g. $10/100 MB and $25/2GB Add-ons excluded), both offered prior to August 8, 2012 and having a combined monthly service fee of at least $60 per month. Device savings recovery fees and/or service deactivation fee apply, see below for details. Taxes extra.


  • Yoshi

    Same information I was told by Fido. Must have $60/month plan not including add-ons. I went with $35 Standard Plan + $30 6GB Data plan.

  • dgsuzuki

    Hey Gary… I spoke with my FIDO rep last week and confirmed this as well. My current plan is $70 though with discounts (not as good as others). I have unlimited chat (old $40 plan), unlt intn’l text/picture message, 6gig data ($30), old $5 iphone value pack (for visual voice mail, caller id, name display) but only 100 min of canadian LD ($5) plus a $5+$5 discount making it $70 a month. I also qualify for the upgrade and confirmed i can keep my existing plan with discounts but i do need to pay to get out of my existing two year contract (i had the 5S from last year). They sure do got me hooked. 🙂 My old plan was $59 or so a year ago when i had exactly the same thing. I had to start paying more as retention was really hard on me to upgrade and keep that $59 plan last year.

  • matt

    I’m under the 67 dollar plan with 2 GB and was told that I’m OK with that

  • STFU

    i have city fido $35 + 6 gb data $30 which i think will go up to $35. If Fido doesnt allow me to use the same plan to gonna ask them to F off. Current in Line #187 Iphone 6+ Gold 64GB.

  • STFU

    Question : Do these crooks give us a LTE nono sim for upgrades? fido website says out of thinking this will be a money grab as well..anyone?

  • dgsuzuki

    Oh and as an add-on… i also had them waive the $25 HUD fee and can use my Fido dollars toward the new phone.

  • K.

    Have the legacy 6GB plan with 30$ voice ans was told I was good.

    Will get a 64gb 6 this friday…

  • AEd

    Was on the 30gb/30$ data plan at the start of this year. Switched to the Quebec only $70 total/6Gb unlimited voice plan they came up with to compete with Videotron a few months ago. Glad I won’t have to deal with this crap. We’re royally screwed price-wise in Canada.

  • AEd

    If you speak French, that nono typo is pretty on point.

  • STFU

    How did you that? did they confirm you will get it on launch day?

  • AF

    I have the $65 2GB smart plan and Fido insists I go onto a max plan to get any subsidy. Just had a conversation with the Fido rep. Here’s what he said

    1:03 AM : The prices and price plan eligibility for the new Iphone were released Yesterday. It is possible to stay on a Smart or Standard price plan for the Iphone 6 and 6 plus. However, to get a two year term contract price you would need a Max price plan.

    11:04 AM AF: ok so what is the price of the new iphone6 32gb if i stay on my existing plan?

    11:05 AM : The Iphone 6 would be at 859$ and the 6plus at 969$

    11:05 AM AF: sorry 64Gb

    11:05 AM AF: so I don’t get any subsidy on my existing plan?

    11:06 AM : Correct , Only on a Max price plan would you be able to get a subsidy on the New Iphone for the moment.

    11:07 AM AF: okay. I’ve heard from other Fido users that they are getting a full subsidy for the Iphone 6 if they are on a plan that is greater than $60

    11:08 AM : There are two rules for the Max Grade, Either a Max price plan or a voice and data plan of 60 $ and more ( old price plans that had data and voice options coupled instead of bundled )

    11:09 AM AF: so isnt my plan $65 for data & voice?

    11:09 AM : You have a smart price plan grade

    11:09 AM : Each category of plans we offer (Standard, Smart and Max) is associated to a different category of subsidies. Max plans offer a higher subsidy than Smart plans, and Smart plans allow you to benefit from a higher subsidy than if you had a Standard plan.

    11:09 AM : The 60$ ule applies to price plan activated before March 2013 EG : City fido Talk and text 35$ + 25$ 500 MB data add on

    11:10 AM AF: ok so I should be eligible for a lower subsidy on a smart plan?

    11:10 AM : On any other device yes .

    11:10 AM : But On the Iphone 6 there is no lower subsidy

  • dgsuzuki

    the day when i’m getting it is moot for the contract pricing.. i did happen to reserve online with FIDO, but i’m currently 142 in line so who knows how quickly that will go down, but i did confirm my plan and pricing with a fido rep and got the interaction number for our conversation

  • STFU

    FIDO reps are going full retard

  • AF

    Totally. What I can’t understand is I’m paying $65 a month. Call the plan whatever you want to but Its basically the same amount you’re making from me compared to someone else on a “City Fido talk text”. It’s like racism with cell phone plans hahaha

  • STFU

    My Plan is from 2011. Are they saying based on above …

    11:09 AM : The 60$ ule applies to price plan activated before March 2013 EG : City fido Talk and text 35$ + 25$ 500 MB data add on

  • AF

    Not really sure what he was referring to there.

  • AF

    Hey Matt. Is your $67 a smart plan?

  • STFU

    i think what he was trying to say was if you had a plan which you signed before march 2013..the $60 min rule applies..when did you get your current plan? that can answer what he was trying to say..

  • Tony

    same here. Just talked to a rep. Was told the same thing.

    The best I can get is 90 dollars max plan with 4GB data, unlimited voice etc.
    And she gave me 10 off for six months. So I need to pay 80 bucks if i want to get a 6+.

    In the other hand, She also told me if i am using my own phone, which means i buy it at apple store full price. I can get exactly the same plan, but pay 57/ month.

  • AF

    2012. But there was an offer on the $65 plan a year back where they were giving double data so I took that. Don’t know if that is considered a new plan shift.

  • STFU

    i am in the same boat started in 2010 with 500mb for $30 and then got the promo for 6gb for $30. weird these guys.

  • STFU

    what is your Current Plan?

  • According to what I was told by Fido, if your plan classification is not ‘Max’, even if your price per month is $60+, you won’t be able to qualify.


    Those on the $67 Max Plan and signed three years (offered two years ago), do qualify. Only because the plan details note it’s a ‘Max’ Plan.

    Yeah, it’s confusing.

  • matt

    Yes I think so…I have it on my 4S right now

  • STFU

    Just Chat with Fido Rep Ruth and she was great to clarify.

    My Plan is city fido + 6gb which qualifies for upgrade. she said you should have a phone plan + data add on. Not both combined like the $56 Plan.
    She said my plan is considered a Max Plan for upgrade purpose.

  • AF

    Thanks Gary! Guess it’s all in the “name of the plan”……..pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Same ARPU between customers but just a difference in what the plan is called.

  • STFU

    Update : The rep also confirmed that pre ordered phones will ship with Nano Sims 🙂

  • STFU

    Not the name of plan. to qualify on a old plan you need to have a voice plan + data plan. Not both combined under a plan as a single bucket. this is what she said.

  • matt

    Is that the 67 dollar 2 GB plan? I have that on my 4S and reserved thru Fido for the 6 plus….I was told my plan was ok

  • matt

    I have the 67 dollar max plan that qualifies

  • Joe

    Yes now is fully confirm as I’ve post the screen cap for a live chat with Fido somewhere in this site and I can firmly say they won’t force you to change you plan unless your plan is eligible for the upgrade.
    I just called the retention centre and the guy said I have nothing to worry about and can do a hardware upgrade base on my plan.

    My old expired plan is $25 voice + $30/GB grandfathered data plan

  • Joe

    Oh right initially my plan was $35 but it was during back to school and at the time I got the promo to take $10 off my price plan. I’m not quite sure if that really means anything because supposely my price plan is $35.

  • Joe

    Your plan is still cheaper than what I’m paying for mine.. now I’m wondering if is worth it to call retention and try to lower my price plan lol

    Reading all these $50-$65 plans….is that incluing taxes or no if not….meh

  • Derick

    Fido recently increased my grandfather $30 data plan to $35 now. Is this the same as other folks?

  • STFU

    Double checked fido OLD plan criteria through Fido chat….

    Tried Fido chat…maybe the girl i spoke to is too nice.. Tip : Treat it like regular chat and sugar them may get what you ask for 🙂
    Got my $25 dumb a$$ HUP waived as well…..

    * just chat and waste will get at least something and its easy. Boys you know how this is done smoothly


    6:54 PM Customer: and by being a long time 10 years rogers/fido customer can i ask you to have a look at my account and give me a waiver on the HUP fee..
    6:54 PM Customer: competetion doesnt do this and i shouldn’t be paying the useless HUP FEE
    6:54 PM Michelle: I will certainly look into this for you. It will be a few moments. Thanks

    6:57 PM Michelle: Hi Customer I check into this
    for you and since you have been a loyal customer with Fido I can offer to wave
    the $25 Administration fee for you. Once you pick up your phone here is the
    reference number: XXXXXXXXX

    Awww thanks Customer. Keep this number when you pick up your phone and the Store Rep will wave the $25 fee for you:)

    Customer: My plan is city fido $35 + 6gb data $30. I can still use the same plan to upgrade right. just double checking as store associates always are confused during launches

    7:01 PM Michelle: You sure can keep your current plan for the Iphone 6. 🙂

  • David

    I currently have a $39 Smart Plan:

    450 weekday minutes (7am to 6pm) – Unlimited Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 6 pm) – Unlimited Canada-wide long distance – Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S and international wireless numbers – 600 MB Data – Call Display – Voicemail – Unlimited Circle Calling – Call Waiting – Conference Call

    I just got off the phone with Fido and was told that I have to change to an $80 Max Plan to be eligible for the subsidy ($375 for an iPhone 6). If I want to keep my grandfathered plan, I have to pay full price for the phone – $859. There’s no way I’m giving up on my $39 plan.

  • Matt

    I am a bit confused. I just got off chat with a Fido rep online and he said if I wait until the 19th I can keep my plan and upgrade to the 6, which is the $56 plan from 2 years ago.

  • yourmomma

    I have the $30.00 6gb data plan as well as $25.00 voice plan 250min, unlmt eve & wk from 5pm,$7.00 call display , $7.00 enhanced voicemail. $10 unlimted incoming. I have a monthly credit of $25.00 as well as a credit for Vm. all together I pay $50.00 a month plus tax. now my credits expire this month and im off contract. without my credits I will have to pay basically $75.00 per month for my plan. Fido does not apparently offer revolving credits no longer and therefore indicated they cannot honour my current plan moving forward. I planned to get the iphone 6- 64 gb with fido they indicated that I would qualify cause my plan is over $70.00 however this plan does not compare to what rogers is offering. rogers offers unlimted north American calling , sms text and call dp and vm included with 5Gb of data for $70.00 there iphone 6 -64gb is $354.99 on contract fido is $20.00 more. Just thought I share for whoever wants to jump ship or off contract . I have $108 in fido dollars but rogers is also giving $200.00 upfront credit

  • That’s what the second part of our post was addressing. It appears Fido will allow iPhone 6 to be included in Smart/Standard Plan subsidies. Sure, you can keep the $56 plan but you’ll pay a higher up front cost for the phone, since Smart and Standard plans don’t have the “up to $450 off” subsidies that the Max plans have.

  • Matt

    Thanks Gary! After I hit post, I reread the article again and thought that was the case.

  • Matt

    Went on chat again to get more info, now this rep is telling me iPhone 6 & 6 Plus is only available for subsidy on a max plan. They need to communicate better internally.

  • Fido on twitter will tell you $60. Try that and get evidence “in writing”. Or just reference our tweet we embedded in this post.

  • Anthony

    That plan doesn’t seem that good

  • drwoodsy

    Just finished up a chat with Fido. Need to hit the $60 voice plus data. Had to change $25 voice to $35 voice but on the plus side saved $11 on the value pack add on. Net result is $1 less and a reduction to incoming called but 50 more overall minutes. Plus of course keeping the 6gb data add on.

  • Mark Prior

    Has anyone have problems using fido dollars for the HUP in store? The fido rep I spoke to said it’s possible some stores do not allow you to use them in store.

  • Eddy Cheung

    I’ve spoke with two fido rep this morning and both of them said I’ll be able to upgrade to iPhone 6. She said my plan qualifies for max plan. I’m currently paying 73 bucks after tax. 35 dollar smart plan and 30 dollar 6gb.

  • Joe

    LOL They did the exact same on my plan…
    old plan $25 voice + $35/6GB + $11 value pack + $5 2500 txt

    new plan $35 voice + $35/6GB + $4 value pack

    That new plan actually save me $2 and this question is to anyone with the $30/6GB. Some how they increase $5 on it and I signed my contract for $30/6GB..that shouldn’t be alow!!

  • asdf

    Currently on a $55 smart plan, which I know will not make me eligible for the iPhone 6 subsidy. Am I able to change my current plan to the $80 max plan, so I can receive the subsidy, and then change it to something else after I receive my phone?

  • bobby

    most probably not, i mean that’s a pretty dumb loophole that you just thought of 😛

  • No

  • RobinVanPersie

    Which corporate plan is this with Rogers? I was offered something similar, but don’t remember them mentioning $200 upfront credit. The $70 plan is indeed very enticing. Did Rogers ask you for the msd code?

  • Eddy Cheung

    why don’t you just upgrade your smart plan and add data. probably better than upgrading to 80. plus once you signed a contract you can’t change it.

  • Kevin Chrisopher Knight

    My dad used Facebook rep $30 6Bb from 5 years ago and switch talk from $25 to new $35 and he can drop $6 call ID because the new talk plan includes it and 100 more mins from 3 years ago. So instead of 55+6 he will pay $65.

  • Scott

    My reservation has changed to “in-progress”!

  • Tom

    $60, man that’s pretty good. Lucky them.

  • David

    It’s good enough for me. I don’t need more minutes or data than that. I have WiFi at work and at home.

  • Rich

    I was on the same plan as you. I tried to do the same update with with 2 separate reps today and no luck. The first rep wouldn’t budge and said I absolutely had to get the $80 max plan. The second rep said if I waited till the 19th I could call and keep my current plan. I mentioned the $60 minimum and he said there was nothing I could do since my current plan is $55. Did you actually get them to change your contract, or just agree that it could be done?

  • Kevin Robert Broten

    What I want to know is will fido support the Wifi Calling and Wifi hand off to OSX feature of iOS8. right now we pay 5$ for wifi calling on supported phone. and it uses our minutes from plan. *Which is not how wifi works on other countries BTW.

  • Rogers told us they would support Wi-Fi calling in iOS 8. Waiting for further confirmation from other carriers too.

  • ShawnMerrikin

    Called Virgin the other day and was told I have to forfeit my grandfathered plan ($60) and pick a new platinum plan 🙁
    Should have switched to Fido.

  • JayRock

    I feel robbed. I got the $30 6gb and earlier this year I switched my voice plan from $30 to $29 because they were the same. Guess saving that $ wasn’t worth it. I think I will return my i6 preorder when it arrives.

  • Joe

    Does your new plan includes free SMS/MMS though because I’m sure we have uh..had the same 25$ plan..they want me to take that 35$plan also removing the 11$ VVM value pack that plan though I won’t get free unlimited incoming calls..not sure what to do… any advice?

  • Jim

    Gary, Fido’s legacy 6GB plan was increased to $35/mo I think as of August 1st; it’s not $30 anymore for sure! A 16.6% increase just because.

  • Oh, good point, thanks for remembering.

  • john

    a fido phone rep said you can only change into another max plan category.

  • Polly

    Any idea how much the iPhone 5S would cost for Fido users on a 55$ Smart plan if I choose to renew for another 2 years?

  • Jenny

    Currently with fido no contract with a plan of 86.24 including tax, it’s unlimited everything (calls,text etc) plus 4gb which i think is pretty cheap compared to a lot of the other plans. I did a bunch of calculations and asked the fido reps a whole lot of questions before deciding to buy the phone out. I’m pretty much saving $970 in the end. You should definitely call and ask around to see what’s best.

  • neufsky

    Fido raised the 6GB price from $30 to $35 starting August 1. Is your dad still paying $30 right now?

  • Brock

    Unfortunately , currently, you are only able to subsidize the new iPhone 6 with a max plan. If your smart plan is 60$, 80$, or 400$, it doesn’t matter, you can not subsidize it with your plan. My smart plan is 55$/month but would not matter if I reached the 60$/month minimum seeing as the plan is ineligible. From here I have 2 options, retain my plan and transfer it to a new iPhone 6 after buying it outright from my dealer/Apple store, or second, wait until smart plans are eligible to subsidize the new iPhones.

  • jiphone user

    Got the iphone 6 64gb,for 285 tx in…. with an 80 follar max plan with 6gb data(everything unlimited with canada wide calling) gave me 10% discount for the whole 2 yr term,plus a recurring 10 dollar discount….so paying 62+tx

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    its 70$ now in 2015 for the iphone 6s/Plus