Fido Loyalty Offer: $45 BYOD Pulse Plan with 4GB Data

Fido appears to be offering a 2GB bonus loyalty offer to BYOD users on $45 per month Plus plans with 2GB data, taking the total to 4GB. The 2GB bonus data is free for one year only, however.

How to get this offer? According to the poster, mentioning the current Freedom Mobile $45 plan with 3GB + 3GB data, allowed the Fido customer service rep to suddenly offer the plan.

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Again, this offer is for current customers only, and seems like it will require some work to squeeze the offer out of a retention rep, so if you don’t succeed the first time, try again. The offer does not seem as good as Fido’s previous $40/4GB offer from last November, which had people lining up in malls to activate.

On a side note, Best Buy has brought back the Fido promo, which offers the LG G Pad III for $0 on a two year term, including the $15 per month plan with 3GB data (March 10 to March 12). The LG G Pad III is worth around $200 on Craigslist if you’re looking to sell it.

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  • So Young

    its not a very good deal considering other promo like Vidéotron and Koodo, in Quebec who offer $49 for 6GB.

  • Joban

    What.. Voice calling not included? TALK – N/A in your picture…

  • Mac

    Just tried to get it. No deal. I’m on the $45 BYOD Pulse plan and they would only give me 1Gb if I start paying $50. Told them in leaving for Freedom. Bye Fido!

  • The Powerhouse of the Cell

    I think that the N/A means that the user hasn’t used any minutes in the current billing period… not sure, but just speculating.

  • bbousquet

    Fido also has 5GB for 49,50$ right now in Québec (up from 4GB).

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  • Tim

    Anyone know if the tablet at Best Buy is unlocked?

  • Jason

    these regional only plans are bull $#it. All Canadians should have access to plans offered in other parts of our country

  • Tim

    That would dissuade competition. If Rogers is forced to offer Quebec prices in Alberta, what incentive is there for a fourth carrier to make network investments in more expensive markets (like Alta) that are held by the incumbents?

  • So Young

    But, in Quebec we pay more tax than other province so.. 😀

  • Salinger

    Yes, that theory has worked so well over the last 3 decades. Look at all the competition we have in Ontario.

  • SpeedRacer99

    You also have super cheap hydro rates in Quebec!

  • Tim

    Fido also has 8GB for $58.50 in Quebec

  • bbousquet

    Trust me, the cheaper hydro rates and cell plans don’t cover the extra taxes we pay 🙂

  • bbousquet

    Yeah, they’ve had that for awhile. The extra GB on the 49,50$ plan is new though.

  • Tim

    Ontario now has a fourth carrier in its major markets that has the capital to make large network investments (shaw=wind=freedom mobile). There are also plenty of ways to get out of province plans and stay in Ontario.

  • Salinger

    Freedom is years, maybe decades, away from being a “fourth carrier” that the Big 3 will take notice of to the point they’ll lower their in-market offerings. And that’s assuming Shaw wants to continue on with it and not sell out at some point.

    As I said, we’ve had no competitive pricing in Ontario for pretty much the entire existence of cellular service in Canada. The only reason we MAY get a somewhat viable 4th carrier many years in the future is through a convoluted series of events from new entrants, multiple sales and acquisitions and government policy to encourage new players; not because of high prices that incentivize a fourth carrier to set up shop.

    Besides, if Rogers et al were forced to offer their low-priced plans throughout the country, there’d be no need for a fourth carrier to force prices down.