Rogers/Fido Network Experiencing Outages, Incoming Calls and Texts Affected [u]


The Rogers and Fido network appears to be suffering from a network outage for some users, with many unable to receive incoming calls or text messages.

While the issues appears to be resolved for some, it’s still an ongoing issue for many frustrated customers:

Screenshot 2015 07 24 19 37 32

Below is an outage map from Canadian Outages, which shows many are experiencing issues in BC, Ontario and Quebec.

Screenshot 2015 07 24 19 37 50

Back in October 2013, the Rogers/Fido network suffered a major outage, and the next day customers received one day of service credit for the inconvenience.

Are you able to receive calls and text messages on Rogers and Fido right now?

Thanks Olivier Cote

Update: Rogers customers are affected as well.


  • ????Dennis

    In Toronto and haven’t had any issues. Full bars LTE

  • Olivier

    It seems to be resolved this morning. One day of service credit would be nice Fido

  • Zzz

    your website sucks with all this redirect to the App Store. It doesn’t on every webpage in mobile mode. Going to start getting my news elsewhere

  • Nick

    Yeah, I’ve never had a response by emailing you guys so I’m adding my voice here. There’s a bug in your website when viewed on an iPhone – it constantly redirects to the app store.. I’m not tapping an ad, and in fact I don’t think I even see the ad for the app it’s redirecting me to. Please fix.

  • Hi Nick, we receive and read every single one of your emails. We’re addressing this issue now. Thanks.

  • Aleksandar Matijaca

    I am on Rogers network, and I had issues with LTE (not showing up on the status bar, not even 3G) at around noon – it just recovered about 10 minutes ago… Downtown Toronto

  • CanucksGoals

    Okay it happens to me too. But I always turn off my App Store from using LTE so it is a blank page. LOL.

  • CanucksGoals

    Where are you located? I am using Fido too. I didn’t have any problem. Lucky me I guess.


    yeah same here, it’s some kind of an auto-direct script that keeps sending us to ? store, veryyyy annoying I must say. The only reason I come to ur site is because I like the content and news that you provide, but I won’t be coming for long if the redirect continues.

  • Andrew M.

    Missing calls and texts Friday and into Saturday and also hit two friends on Rogers. In Belleville.

  • Olivier

    I’m from Quebec City. I was able to send sms and make calls but unable to receive anything

  • Matt

    No issues for me at all recently… I am on fido in Richmond BC

  • If you can screenshot the forwarding URL in time, please email me gary AT thanks that would be helpful.

  • CanucksGoals

    Well I am in Vancouver and it was fine. Wonder if that has anything to do with the new spectrum being released.

  • Doom8

    I had the same problem in Montreal. I’m on Fido

  • Chrome262

    same for me, on friday and the rest of the weekend, no problems.

  • ????Dennis

    We’re just cool like that 😉

  • Chantale

    I was in Hamilton and couldn’t receive calls, and had no service for a good chunk of Saturday and a little into Sunday.