Fido Launches New Plans, Data Overages Now $5/100MB


As expected, Fido has unleashed new plans for customers. Below are the company’s new Pulse plans, which now only include 6 months of free Spotify (it was two years before on contract) and more expensive data overages at $5/100MB (or $50/1GB). Data options range from 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB and 7GB.

These plans include the following:

Canada-wide minutes
Unlimited evenings & weekends from 5 pm
Unlimited international text, picture and video messaging
Call Display
Circle CallingTM (unlimited calls between subscribers on the same account)
Additional data is $5/100MB or get a Data Top-Up

As you can see, BYOD starts at $55 for 1GB of data, while those wanting a contract can add either $10/$15/$35 to get $300/$500/$700 in subsidies (non-MB/SK/QC below):

Screenshot 2016 07 07 08 56 10

Screenshot 2016 07 07 08 56 23

Data, talk and text plans, data options ranging from 100MB to 2GB:

Screenshot 2016 07 07 08 56 49

Screenshot 2016 07 07 08 56 54

Talk and text plans:

Screenshot 2016 07 07 08 57 04

Just over a year ago, Fido launched new Pulse plans and today we see them change, yet again. With pricier data overages here, it’s more important than ever to check your data usage on these plans. Thoughts on these plans?

Thanks @Xanduth


  • Dingleberry

    If everyone is moving to charge by the scoop, why would you opt to charge by the grain?

  • Mario Gaucher

    Big steps backwards From Fido…
    Those new plans are literally more expensive on everything. More expensive to get the same thing as before… and higher overage.

  • bbousquet

    The previous Pulse plans had overages billed at 10$/500 MB, right?

  • bbousquet

    I’m asking because I can’t find the info anywhere (even on my Fido account page)

  • INavin Kalimuthu

    looks like their trying to push people to use the data top up add on 15/1GB
    way better than 50/1GB

  • Ashley Mann

    If my math is right, correct me if I wrong, that’s is $51 for 1 GB overage. Absolutely outrageous. I’ve said it before and I say it again: iPhone prepaid, iPad in the flex data plan. There is something seriously wrong with these corporations.

  • Ashley Mann

    Oops sorry INavin. I just saw your post. I didn’t mean to high jack it by posting almost the same thing.

  • FragilityG4

    Aren’t overages capped at $50 as per CRTC? Isn’t this just a way to make sure they aren’t “giving data away” nevertheless it’s still BS.

  • Michael Levinson

    The Plus 35 plan makes absolutely no sense… With plus 10 – one is spending $10/mo X 24 months ($240) to get $300 savings on phone, with plus 15 – one is spending $360 to get $500 savings – with plus $35 one is spending $840 to get a $700 discount – CRAZY!! Hope nobody falls for it.

  • bbousquet

    So I checked and overages from previous Pulse plans were 5$/250MB.