Fido Promo: 2GB Pulse Plan Now $57 Until Sunday Only


Fido users, the company has launched a couple promos for select Pulse Plans for users nationwide (except for SK/MB).

The 2GB Pulse Plan, which normally retails for $65 BYOD, is now available for $57, savings of $8 per month. This is reminiscent of the $56/2GB plan we saw a few years ago (except data overages this time are $5/250MB).

Screenshot 2015 10 23 11 16 51

For those in Quebec, the 1GB Pulse Plan is now $49 (normally $55), a savings of $6 per month if you opt for the 2-year Tab24 agreement (which comes with a $350 subsidy on hardware).

Screenshot 2015 10 23 11 17 18

Again, these ‘promos’ are only available until Sunday, explains the Fido website. If you or anyone you know are on these plans, make sure you call in to switch to these plans, to save some extra money per month.


  • mxmgodin

    *holding onto my $55/3GB plan for as long as I’ll be able too*

  • I hope you have strong hands

  • Brandon

    And I’ll be holding on to my $45 with 1GB/month plan because I’m even cheaper than you.

  • bionicmonk

    Holding on to my 45$/6GB plan and passing it on to my kids (even though they don’t deserve it, the buggers).

  • Tim

    and here I am with $48/5GB. Ontario needs some of that competition they’ve got in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

  • Zeke

    I’m very happy with my 200 local minutes, unlimited Canada wide texting for $15.75 Bell prepaid. As for my data, two words: Tim Hortons. For a buck 50 I get a small dark roast and free wifi. Pretty awesome!

  • Stefan

    I was not lucky to get 6gb for $50 back in the days so what I did is buy a tablet flex plan. For $40 I get 5gb from bell. However, calls and texts are payed extra, but since I do not use text or voice I do not care.m; I only need data. Also, I use VOIP services like Fongo to call landlines if I really have to.

    Hope this helps to someone who is interested in data and does not care about voice and text.

  • Zeke

    Does the Bell Tablet Flex plan work in your iPhone or are you using an IPad?

  • Stefan

    I am using it in my iPhone 6S. It also worked on my old iPhone 6s+.

    Don’t do it over the phone because they ask for iPad serial number. I went to a local bell store and when they asked me for iPad serial I just told them that I do not have my iPad with me. They sold me the plan and sim anyway. Note that I am not sure what happens if you give them a real iPad serial, but even if you do, I do not think that sim gets locked to that iPad, and I think you can use it in any phone regardless.