Fido Promo: 3GB/$15 Tablet Plan Back; iPad Air 2 Now $200 Off at $439 [u]


Rogers-owned Fido has brought back their promo which offers 3GB of data for $15 for tablet customers. Normally, the price is 2GB for $15, so if you’re the latter plan, call in to get your extra gigabyte of data.

Fido tablet plan

Fido says the offer is available to postpaid wireless customers and “a one-time $15 Transaction Fee applies for the processing of your plan activation.”

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Also right now, Fido has the cellular version of the iPad Air 2 (32GB) on sale for $200 off at $439, or $18.39/month on a 24 month term. This is a decent deal, since Apple refurbished models are going for $529 for the 16GB iPad Air 2 (cellular), but if you buy outright from Fido, it’s brand new and it’s 32GB.

Update: Apple’s iPad (5th gen) is also on sale for $480 for the 32GB model, which comes with a faster A9 chip; it lacks the laminated screen of the iPad Air 2 but overall the tablet will be snappier.

Let us know if you’re going to be jumping on either of these promos! The data promo launched last week for Quebec but now it appears to have expanded nationwide.

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  • Ben

    Actually an even better deal is the iPad (5th Generation) for $480. That’s $139 off the usual $619 price; surprising since it only came out a couple months ago.
    The 5th generation iPad has a slightly worse screen than the Air 2 (it’s not laminated so it’s a little thicker and doesn’t look so nice) but it has a faster processor (A9 compared with A8).
    IMO the faster processor is worth the extra $41

  • Updated! I missed the sale on the iPad at the bottom.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Can you buy the iPads at these prices if you’re already on the plan?

  • Yes

  • Mathieu

    Could you use the sim card from that plan in an iphone instead of the ipad?

  • Ahmed

    I have used one for $350.00. iPad Air2, cellular, 64 GB.

  • Karine Lafontaine

    Yes, definitely. This is the plan my son has for his iPhone.
    And he uses either Fongo or Facetime for calling and texting.

  • The Powerhouse of the Cell

    Calling in doesn’t work. They told me that I’d face cancellation fees if I were to change my plan. Did it work for anyone else?

  • Silver Thorn

    The iPad Air 2 is no longer available by calling or chatting in, nor
    on the website. It’s only available in stores, if they are in stock.
    Please update your post.