Fido’s 3GB/$15 Tablet Data Promo is Back; iPad on Sale for $140 Off


Fido has brought back their $15/3GB data plan promo for tablet users, which offers 1GB of additional data (compared to $15/2GB).

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Fido says the offer is eligible for Fido postpaid mobile customers only, while a one-time $25 “Transaction fee” applies to activate tablets.

Meanwhile, Apple’s 32GB 9.7-inch cellular iPad is available from Fido on Easy Pay, for $0 down on a two year term, but you pay $19.95 per month for 24 months. The sale is $140.20 off Apple’s price of $619, as you’ll end up paying $478.80.

If you’re on an older tablet plan with Fido, it may be worth switching to this promo tablet data plan, which periodically re-appears, like it did back in June.


  • DP

    Could you just get this and stick it in your phone, using VOIP apps instead of a real number? Any drawbacks to that?

  • wes

    I tried that two years ago. It works but call quality kind of sucks due to latency issues. Maybe it’s better now. The drawbacks is that you can’t text, and if you do text with the number associated with the simcard, you will be charged per text. Give it a try. It’s only 15$. Let us know your experience with it.

  • Rob Archer

    Freetone app. Free calls to North America and free texts. I got a local phone # too. Text is good, call quality is iffy but works in a pinch if in a strong wifi zone. For $12 you can get rid of the adds when texting. The voice is clear on my end but people I speak with complain there is too much interference and lag.

  • Ivana

    Can I do BYOD? Do I have to get the tablet?

  • Beebs

    That’s what I do. It is crazy to pay more than $15 per month for a mobile phone service.