Fido Promo: Select Plans Get Double Data, 1000 International Minutes


If you’re on Fido’s $55 per month Pulse plan, the company is offering a promo where data has doubled to 2GB total, while also adding in 1,000 International calling minutes to India, Germany, China, Bangladesh, UK, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan & Hong Kong.

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Previously, the plan had 1GB data only and did not have the International calling minutes as a bonus. If you don’t use a lot of data per month and you still talk on the phone internationally to one of these 10 destinations, this promo might be for you.

It’s also worth noting the promo is also available on Data, Talk and Text plans (non-Pulse), specifically the $40 plan which has double the data to 1GB, while the $50 plan gets 2GB data, and both gaining the 1,000 international minutes. The standalone $60 plan gets 1,000 international minutes only.

The offer says it’s only available until October 25, 2016. If you were on any of these plans prior to the promos, time to call in and switch over.

Also—don’t forget to click here to learn how to get 1GB of free data from Fido, as part of their upcoming 20th anniversary celebration.

[via RFD]


  • nicky

    Hoping we can get it on the 45 BYOD plan

  • Tim

    Currently paying $15 a month for 3gb and nothing more. VoIP now integrates with iOS, game changer. While last month’s ultra cheap tablet deal is no longer available, nobody should pay more than $35 for 5gb.

  • sully54

    2gb. What a joke.

  • geekyaleks

    2gb is a farce.. Most people that have smart phones use Viber, WhatsApp and Skype for long distance. These Fido people are living in the 20th century..

  • Babbitt

    I just switched to this to double my data from 500mb to 1gb. Seems like a lot of haters out there say nobody can get by on this data. I’ve only had 500mb for 7 years now and have never gone over. My iPhone uses wifi in most locations and I don’t care for social media apps. For the same price as I was paying before I’m happy to double my data.

  • Daniel

    i still have the grandfathered 6gb data plan and im starting to feel like its becoming too expensive for $58 monthly.. but then i look at these weak-ass plans then maybe it aint so bad?