Fido Promo Doubles the Data on $45, $55 and $65 Smart Plans


Last week we told you Fido introduced a new $80/month Smart Plan with 3 GB of data. Now it looks like other Smart Plans will get some love, as this afternoon, Fido has launched a double the data promo affecting $45, $55 and $65 plans. The changes are below:

  • $45/month with 200 MB data > now 400 MB
  • $55/month with 500 MB data > now 1 GB
  • $65/month with 1GB GB data > now 2 GB

Screen Shot 2013 09 24 at 1 35 51 PM

These changes make the $65/month plan closer to last year’s promo when it was available for $56/month. So if you recently signed up with one of these plans, call Fido today to get your extra data.


  • Since these are the Smart Plans (not the Max Plans), they can’t be used towards a subsidized iPhone, correct?

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Yeah that’s correct. Max plans only!

    That being said, if you’re looking to upgrade, and are currently paying above $60 (before taxes), they should let you keep your existing plan!

  • magneticmoose

    Keep in mind that it’s voice plan + data plan that has to equal over $60 to keep your existing plan (add-ons are not included).

    Fido did allow me to add a new voice plan to my 6GB data moving forward, but it’s definitely more than a smart plan…

  • K.

    Just upgraded to the 45 plan but only got 200MB, think I can it bumped to 400 after the fact?

  • Yes. Call them

  • Avicdar

    So if I have a plan that is exactly 60 dollars before tax, can I get the subsidized 5s? I keep seeing people say ‘over’ 60 dollars. Would switching to the 65 dollar plan here mess that up? I am confused.

  • Chrome262

    how can you live with 200?

  • Ray

    Does this mean that I can share data between different lines.

    I have two lines with Fido. One just voice and the other one has 5 GB data. Can I share the 5 GB between these two lines?

    I appreciate your help.

  • Don’t think these are shareable like that.

  • J. W.

    Koodo and Virgin following suit in 5…..4…..3……

  • rolando

    Last year was $59 2GB unlimited, should I wait a little bit? FYI, I have no contract. Thanks.

  • LogicFail

    So notice the $10 difference between the $55 and $65 plans, you get unlimited calling plus 1GB extra. Now pay another $15 dollars and get 1GB only extra. The more you pay, the worse you’re off, incrementally. YAY!

  • K.

    The wife’s phone. I still have 6GB on my ip5.

  • Ryan

    Good Call!

    Like they say Competition! (YEah Right)

  • freezer

    FYI I bought an iPhone 5S, subsidized through a Tab24 plan. I initially signed up for the $75 Max plan, but the 500MB of data was just too little. I called today and got changed to the $80 plan. A little more monthly charge, but way less than I’ll actually spend after being charged for more data on the Max plan. Call and see if you can do it!