Fido Promo Plan: $44 with 6GB Data for Targeted Customers in Quebec


Fido has launched a targeted promo Pulse Plan in Quebec, priced at $44 per month with 6GB data. Pulse Plans come with unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited global text, Fido Roam, Fido Bytes, call display, voicemail and data overage rates of $10/500MB.

The offer was emailed to a targeted group of Fido users, as shown in the screenshot shown below by a user on RFD:

Fido pulse plan $44 6GB quebec

Many other forum members confirmed they were able to get the deal, either by clicking through via the targeted email or calling in to ask for it.

The plan is $5 cheaper than what’s currently being offered by Fido in Quebec, as the 6GB Pulse Plan currently is priced at $49 per month. There’s also an 8GB plan available for $56 right now.

For customers outside Quebec, Fido is currently offering retention plans priced at $55/6GB and $75/10GB. But for everyone else (aside from SK/MB), Fido’s 6GB Pulse Plan is priced at $85 per month for BYOD, $41 more than what this promo is in Quebec.

Wireless pricing in Quebec is competitive because of Videotron and this offer looks to undercut the latter’s current 6GB offering, pricing at $49.95 per month.

If you’re in Quebec, let us know if you were able to switch to this plan.


  • Christine

    Virgin and Bell also have 56$ 8gb in Quebec

  • Cara V

    Saw this post, called Fido this morning and got the plan! I was happy to purchase the $49 version but they were very quick to extend me the loyalty offer for $44 (unsolicited). They say they sent me the offer by email but they didn’t.

  • Nice!

  • Cara V

    Yep. And still have a couple of months left on a free 2GB promo they had a while back, so currently enjoying 8 GB of data for $44/mo.

  • Aleksandar Matijaca

    Canadian Government should really step in and not allow the mobile companies to do this. Everyone should be able to get the same pricing. I don’t care that they have competition in Quebec from Videotron! This just tells me that they COULD offer this kind of pricing elsewhere – they are more interested in GOUGING us…

  • Daniel

    This is bullshit! Quebec gets these awesome deals and the rest of Canada gets screwed! Time for the consumer to speak up! Time to start calling the office of the president of each of the major 3 and protest!

  • Dominic

    I called them this morning. I’m client with them for 10 years and the best they could do was 49.99$. They said if I have not received the email there’s nothing they can do. That sux! But they renew my extra 2GB for 2 more years.

  • Seb

    Same here. Called this morning and said the same. If you haven’t received the email, we can’t do it. $49 for 6GB is the best you will get. I’ve been client with them since 1998…

  • Brenda

    I called Bell and was able to switch from a $50 plan with 2 Gb to a $55 plan with 6 Gb which isn’t too bad as they threw in another two years of Mobile TV (haven’t used it, but you never know) and two months of PressReader (available to all Bell subscribers, but they don’t tell you this).

    I was thinking of switching providers (Vidéotron has a good promo right now. They also have the best customer service in the country. I know because I’ve dealt with almost all of them.), but every time I call Bell they offer me a better plan for less money or much better features for just a little bit more.

    Those complaining about these offers not being available outside of Quebec, should move here. I left Vancouver for Montreal five years ago. Best decision I ever made.

  • Brenda

    With unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited text, etc., etc.?

  • bbousquet

    Fido sent me an email today offering me 8 GB for 51$ (Pulse plan). I don’t know what they’re smoking since my current plan with them gives me 4 GB for 34$…

  • Christine