Fido Promo: Cheaper Smart Plans with More Data for Manitoba, Saskatchewan


Fido has launched a new promo for customers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Smart Plans have been updated and are now $5 cheaper and have more data. All plans have unlimited SMS/MMS, caller ID, voicemail and Canada-wide calling. Below are the differences (aside from the data overage pricing):

  • $40 Smart Plan: 200 minutes, no unlimited incoming, 400MB of data
  • $50 Smart Plan: 500 minutes, unlimited incoming, 1GB of data
  • $60 Smart Plan: unlimited minutes, 5GB of data

Screen Shot 2013 09 12 at 11 44 11 AM

For Fido users outside of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the prices are normally $5 more and data amounts at 200MB, 500MB and 1GB. The plans are seen to match regional offers from MTS and SaskTel. If you’re on Fido on an old plan, make sure you call in to get the switch to these new plans. Fido doesn’t state when these will expire but they are “limited time offers.”

The tough decision remains: should I move to Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Quebec to get the best monthly plan?

Thanks Sidney!


  • fireeast

    This just proves we need compitition, the only places that have half decent (still Terribble) plans are places with a fourth player that do not play ball. It just baffels me how the carriers can’t jusfity why we can’t get the same plans in Alberta.

  • Chrome262

    The Model here seems to be that if you can’t make back room deals to fix prices, you might actually have to compete. How is this legal, come on CRTC and the Government, start going after the big three, this right here is a blantant example of price fixing in other regions. Maybe we should start a crown company in ontario, called OntarioTel. By the way, its the same thing with Rogers, Shaw, and Cogeco. they make deals to stay out of areas so they can set whatever price they want.

  • Eric

    Id die for the $60 plan

  • reformcanada

    It is wrong. The competition bureau continues to sit on their hands while we continue to get taken advantage of. Nothing new here.

  • Chrome262

    Wow there is actually a bureau, I thought it was a myth like the fabled Unicorn? At this point I would expect a Unicorn first.

  • Errol Feuchuk

    Same, I’d be willing to give up my city fido plan plus $30 6gb data plan for that.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I’d be curious to know who sits on that bureau/board. Wonder if any of them are “former” employees of any of the big 3. If so, then I guess we have our answer as to why a blind eye is turned.

  • Sidney

    That’s a great plan specially because it would cost only $54 if you qualify for the 10% bring your own device discount.