Fido Promo: Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan for $80/month, 3GB Data


Fido has quietly launched a new Smart Plan for $80 per month and comes with 3GB of data. So here’s what you’ll get for $80:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling, anytime
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 3GB of data ($10/GB overages)
  • Call display, voicemail
  • Available month to month or on two year terms. 
  • Bring your own phone and get 10% off your monthly plan

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The $85 per month Max Plan only has 1GB of data, so this Smart Plan looks like a much better option. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • fireeast

    Nope still over priced give me everything and 6gb for $55, and i would call it fair.

  • Al

    You can get that deal for $55 if you bring an unlocked iPhone to the negotiation table.

  • steve

    So essentially if you bring your own iPhone, you can get the $80/month plan for roughly $72 + plus when the 10% bring your own device discount is factored in. No contract term required. It seems a little high still, but better than $85 a month from Rogers (who owns Fido)

  • tommy

    I have my own phone, but how can I get the $55 deal?

    $72 dollars plus tax still too high for me …

  • Tim

    How about I just use Fongo or some other voip app, register with a tiered tablet plan, pay less than $35 for 5gb (more often $20 for 1gb) and call it a day?

  • raj

    I called fido and they gave $55 3GB with unlimited Canada wide including visual voice mail, caller id with display and unlimited local international message.