New ‘Fido Pulse’ Plans Launch, Include 2 Years of VICE Content and Spotify


Fido today has launched new plans on its (slightly revamped) website to introduce new Pulse plans, which include two years of free VICE video content (Rogers signed a $100 million deal with VICE last fall) and a Spotify Premium subscription.

Fido logo

New logo for the Fido dog house

VICE hosts across Canada will produce daily video content covering events such as news, while on Saturdays VICE will have in-depth interviews with “one of Canada’s top news or cultural figures.”

“Ninety per cent of Canadians between 18-34 years-old are actively using social media and they’re looking for great news and entertainment to text, post, tweet, and share with their friends. So we’ve packaged together the best mobile music streaming and ground-breaking news service for our customers,” said Raj Doshi, the top dog at Fido.

A couple video teasers are below:

Fido users can head to to see if you’re eligible to try Daily VICE by entering your phone number. We entered our number and got the following options:

Screenshot 2015 04 07 07 29 25

Screenshot 2015 04 07 07 29 30

Screenshot 2015 04 07 07 29 37

As you can see, Fido customers like myself can get Spotify for 10% off and try Daily VICE for free via the new iPhone app here–until October 15, 2015.

Rogers previously confirmed to us “We don’t offer zero rated plans,” which means Spotify and Daily VICE will use your data plan. According to the fine print, one Daily VICE episode will use roughly 6MB/minute of data.

As for the new Smart and Max plans, check them out below:

Screenshot 2015 04 07 07 20 33

Plans range from $49 to $99 per month, with data amounts from 400MB to 5GB (with new 3GB/4GB choices). For BYOD customers, they get $5 off the first four plans, while the higher tier plans save $10 and $14 respectively. Max Plans look the same as before. You’ll also notice Fido Dollars cannot be earned on these new Pulse plans.

What do you think about these new offerings from Fido? Essentially the goal here is to offer customers more ways to use data, the real moneymaker, which can happen as we are all addicted to our smartphones nowadays.


  • MGSayah

    What about the fido iPhone app? Is it ever going to be updated.

  • I’m guessing soon with the rate these new changes are coming. But as of now, it’s basically an app time capsule.

  • Corey Beazer

    Just hit 9GB last month (3GB over my limit…without any warnings). Not seeing any 6GB plans for roughly $60…. Keep trying carriers.

  • Richard

    My plan with 6 GB and 150 air time min with fido has me only paying $46/mth before taxes on a contract I signed 2 1/2 years ago. I’ll never let this deal go, will never let Fido talk me into signing a new contract cuz there will never be anything this good again. All my future phones will be unlocked so I can keep this plan.

  • These plans don’t look too bad compared to other stuff I’ve seen lately, but I’m wondering what they’re missing that I’m not catching. Does anyone know if these new plans include visual voicemail? I’m thinking I could possibly switch over to one of these new plans and basically get free Spotify for what I’m currently paying.

  • hub2

    I don’t think generic plans ever include visual voicemail since that’s an iPhone only feature. I had to correct the original “visual voicemail” they added on to my mother’s plan because it was a voicemail to text message feature.

  • Tim M

    The new plans don’t include voicemail at all.

  • Fireeast

    These plans are terrible like every other carrier, I feel right now if I didn’t have my 6gb plan for $60, I would be going to Wind.

  • Hollander

    Should have got an SMS warning at the $50 overage mark…at least that’s what the code of conduct requires. odd.

  • JoshN7

    Are they phasing out Fido Dollars? That’s sad, 4% of your monthly bill is not trivial. It always pay a big chunk of my phone upgrade.

  • axif

    Ridiculous. They want me to change plans and pay an additional $10 a month to get a $10 service for free, remove my international text messaging and reduce my data.

  • Jason

    These Plans lick

  • Can someone explain to me why the price of plans is going up? Bandwidth costs are plummeting, new frequency allocations are easing congestion, new technologies like LTE and VOLTE reduce total data use and switching overhead, phones are smarter and often provided by the customer instead of buying them on a plan, and the tower buildout is basically done – as a percentage of operating costs, new towers is a rounding item. So why is the price going UP? It should be falling every month. Is there anyone reading this that can explain what’s going on?

  • Ken Bowes

    All this from a company whose back office can’t figure out how to facilitate changing my password! We’ll send you a link! Link arrives, click on it, and a banner drops in front of it saying “Oops, that’s a bad link..we need to send you a new one..same thing happens again..any number of times you choose to waste time doing it!