Fido Revamps Pulse Plans with 500 Minutes Option, Matching Virgin and Koodo


Last week, Virgin Mobile revamped their BYOD plans, in what appeared to be a response to a similar move made by Koodo Mobile. The plan changes also introduced a new 500 Canada-wide minutes calling option, removing unlimited Canada-wide as a standard.

Now, Fido has matched its rivals, as their BYOD Pulse Plans have also been revamped to show plans with 500 minutes. If users want a plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling, it will cost $5 more per month.

Here are the Pulse Plans now showing on Fido’s website (for BC/AB/ON):

  • $50/1GB + 500 minutes
  • $55/1GB + unlimited minutes
  • $60/3GB + 500 minutes
  • $65/3GB + unlimited minutes
  • $70/5GB + 500 minutes
  • $75/5GB + unlimited minutes
  • $85/8GB + 500 minutes
  • $90/8GB + unlimited minutes
  • $115/10GB + unlimited minutes

Screenshot 2018 03 14 13 27 10

Again, just when we thought unlimited Canada-wide minutes were becoming the norm, that has again changed as options for fewer minutes are now available.

Thanks Darren!


  • Olley

    omg this is legit price fixing someone has to look into this… get CBC marketplace involved or something gosh

  • gtasscarlo

    “Competition in Canada”

  • electric_erik

    The big 3 and their “low cost” carriers represent the illusion of choice, not actual choice.

  • Tony

    All of the company’s might as well join up and be one mighty company cause that’s what it feels like. There is zero competition and they are just working together to empty our wallets and maximize their profits and don’t care about customers