Fido Texting Some Users with U.S. Roaming Rate Promo: $4.99/Day for 50MB Data


Leading into the long weekend, Fido has been texting some users (on Thursday) with a U.S. roaming rate promo of $4.99 per day for up to 50MB of data (normally $7.99).

The text message says to sign up, all users have to do is “simply turn data roaming ON!” (these almost sound like famous last words leading up to a massive data roaming bill)

But don’t worry just yet, as Fido says they’ll be sending free data usage alerts along the way, especially if you’re near the 50MB data limit, “so go ahead and surf away.”

Fido us roaming promo

Fido followed Rogers last year to announce their new U.S. data roaming option of $7.99 per day for up to 50MB of data. If you’re desperate for data, this Fido ‘exclusive promo data rate’ might be an option for you, but 50MB is not a lot so don’t expect it to last very long if you’re doing heavy browsing.

If you have an unlocked iPhone or smartphone, you’re better off going with Roam Mobility, as $3.95 per day you can get 300MB of 4G LTE data, unlimited EDGE data, along with unlimited nationwide talk, global SMS/MMS, long distance calls back to Canada, plus hotspot tethering. But of course, coverage depends on where you’ll be visiting.

Thanks Jonathan!


  • Shorty_dammit

    I like how on Sunday when I zip down to Seattle for a bit it’ll still cost me $50 on Fido Prepaid though, heh.

  • matt

    LOL I’m going to the states on sunday too….no way I’m turning data roaming on though haha they should pay me to do that 😉

  • Come on, it’s only $5! 😉

  • FragilityG4

    But they won’t text you when you’re about to go over that 50MB!!

  • matt

    Come on, its ONLY 50 MB AHHHH ;(

  • DVD_Guy

    If Roger’s offered it, I would take it. Used Roam 3-4 times now (New Jersey, Las Vegas, LA and NYC). Caution… Roam rant… T-Mobile (Roam’s service partner) is not great. Paid for Roam’s LTE upgrade for my iPhone 5S and was in NYC a few weeks back. No LTE. No response from care@roam… (numerous e-mails). Buddy of mine (who also paid for the LTE upgrade) was in Orlando at the same time and no LTE there either. Speed at Magic Kingdom was a whooping 0.6mbps. He phoned Roam… 1hr. wait time. Who waits an hour on vacation? Sorry, I would jump at Roger’s at $5/day and 50mb.

  • A reader on Facebook said Rogers sent this out too. But no word whether it’s targeted or applies to everybody.

  • DVD_Guy

    I haven’t received it yet Gary, but thanks for the heads up.

  • DC

    Well…Roam Mobility? I don’t know why. I can understand my iPhone is 4S and it’s only 3G, so the data will not be as fast as LTE. I have to save browsing the web with Roam Mobility in Seattle area is pretty good. But in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, their speed was so slow that it’s almost unusable and I had to find some free wifi spot like McDonald or Starbuck to surf the web. Can anyone explain to me why Roam Mobility is so slow in Vegas and LA?

  • Noel

    What a joke. I use TMobile for $3/day in the US and get unlimited data (LTE to 200MB/day and then 2G speeds), unlimited nationwide voice and text.

  • It all comes down to T-Mobile’s coverage in the area, since Roam Mobility roams on their network.

  • yoyoyo

    Alright, strange news, was talking to Fido Rep, and got news of iPhone 6 availability, from 19 September. I know it’s out of topic but the word was worth sharing.

  • Rox

    I have data roaming TURNED OFF while in the USA yesterday and FIDO has decided to charge me $4.99 anyways… Anyone else having this problem?

  • How is that possible? Weird.

  • DC

    Were you crossing the Peace Arch? If you were crossing the Peace Arch, you needed to turn off the roaming before the border. The call zone will automatically turn to US even you are so close and still in Canada…

  • John

    I even turn off the data completely before crossing the border, but still got charge $7.99 X13 time in 1 month. ( going to US 5 days /week) Have to call fido every month to get them adjust the bill… so anoying