Fido Informs Customers via Text Message How to Use Wi-Fi Calling


The release of iOS 9 back in September introduced Wi-Fi Calling for Rogers and Fido users, a feature which allows those in low coverage areas to make and receive calls and texts when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Today Fido sent out a text message to customers to share a tip for those using Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone and how they can now switch back seamlessly to the Fido network.

How? The instructions are to “toggle your Wi-Fi Calling button to off and then back on” in Settings.

IMG 0945

Users can access Wi-Fi calling on their iPhone by going to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling, as seen below:

Rogers recently launched VoLTE for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus customers, which allows simultaneous voice and data over LTE networks, a feature the company also relayed would allow their customers to “move seamlessly between a Wi-Fi connection and the Rogers/Fido LTE network.”

As for other carriers, Bell supports Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus only, while TELUS does not offer the feature at this time.

Have you been using Wi-Fi Calling on Rogers, Fido, Bell or Virgin?


  • Adam Rayf

    My wifi calling hasn’t worked since day 1. I’ve been thorough multiple iOS versions (beta to 9.1), carrier updates, clean installs and even switched from Fido to Rogers. Anyone else with this issue? I wonder if I had something to do with phone being unlocked (originally bell) but cannot find any evidence that points to that. Rogers of course is of no help as my ticket has been opened for months with no resolution.

  • Ram4ever

    Fido reps have informed me that they cannot guaranty Wifi calling on a Unlocked Iphone 6 . Never got it to activate in my Iphone 6 (Purchased in India)

  • Jesse

    Too bad my Wifi calling still hasn’t worked.. And I put a ticket in as well a couple weeks ago but haven’t heard anything from them since.. However VoLTE is working nicely!

  • Jesse

    Same position as you!

  • Adam

    Thanks for sharing that info. Sucks to hear, but it’s something.

  • Adam

    Curious, but are you on an iPhone 6s? Is it locked to Fido?

  • Jesse

    Yeah an iPhone 6s, but on Rogers. It was originally locked, but isn’t anymore.

  • sukisszoze

    The service hasn’t worked from day 1…calls cannot be connected when the phone is on at home.

  • rrosales

    When I dial a local number, I hear a voice message saying, “please stand by while we complete your long distance call”. Although I have a Canada Wide calling on my plan I still don’t want to use it afraid that I may get surprises on my bill!

    Do you guys get this, too?

    The customer support person I talked to didn’t have a clue on what I was talking about and just read me the WiFi Calling FAQ that I already read beforehand on their website. Also, no one has responded to the query I posted on their support community forum!

  • Jesse

    I feel like it would still work once it downloads the carrier update.

  • Ram4ever

    I have the latest Carrier Update FIDO 21.2

  • Jesse

    Oh I though Fido had the same version number as Rogers for the latest carrier update (22.1) for iOS 9.1 that is. Just for the record though I have 22.1 and wifi calling still hasn’t worked for me. However it’s worked for my mom on her account. Both iPhone 6s

  • Ram4ever

    ROGERS/FIDO 22.1 is (WIFI calling + VoLTE) – IOS 9.1
    ROGERS/FIDO 21.2 is (Just WIFI Calling) – IOS 9.0.1/9.0.2
    As per Apple all iphone 6 can work in WIFI calling mode – provided the carrier supports it. Even In US Tmobile’ wifi calling works in Unlocked Iphones . not sure whats the problem with Rogers and FIDO 🙁

  • Trevor

    Ask Rogers to input your IEMI number from your iPhone onto your Rogers account.

  • Jesse

    That was the first thing I ask the rep! Then they said it is automatically registered/added when you put the sim in and it connects to the networks. He also read the IEMI back to me just incase and sure enough it was the same.

  • rob

    Fido is at 22.5.2 on the latest iOS 9.2 Public 2
    And I still don’t have VoLTE (wifi to cell handoff) on my Fido branded iPhone 6 🙁

  • markstudholme

    Works great with my 5S. Carrier update 22.1 and iOS 9.1 definitely made it even more stable.

  • Tony The Tiger

    Be very careful with Wifi Calling. My work wifi is connected to our VPN, which is based in the US. Whenever I would make or take calls while Wifi Calling was enabled at work, I’d get charged extra because it thought I was in the US.

  • stevenxu94

    But if you read fido’s faq page, it specifically says:
    6. Can I use Wi-Fi Calling if I’m travelling outside of Canada?
    If you’re travelling outside of Canada and using Wi-Fi Calling, here’s what will be taken from your plan’s voice minutes and messaging limits, without incurring long distance or roaming charges:
    (1) All text messages and calls you get from anywhere in the world
    (2) All text messages and calls you make or send to a Canadian number

  • Tony The Tiger

    The Rogers terms of Service specifically says “Please note: You may incur additional long distance charges and/or international SMS/MMS
    charges if your VPN, DNS or Internet provider is set to a country outside Canada.”

    Seems like they’re saying two completely different things lol.