How to Get your $50 iPhone 5 Rebate from Rogers Online



Did you order your iPhone 5 from Rogers? You may have noticed the price you paid was $50 higher than the Apple advertised price of $179/$279/$379 for the various models of the phone. This extra amount charged will be rebated to customers on their next bill–but you must fill out the online rebate form to get it started (or send it in via snail mail).

This extra $50 charge is not just limited to the iPhone, it’s also seen by customers purchasing other smartphones too.

How to Get your $50 iPhone 5 Rebate Online

1. Login to your Account at

2. Click on My Rogers:

my rogers

3. Click on Products & Services:

products and services

4. Look at the My Phone section on the left. If eligible, you should see the rebate option in red, near the bottom by ‘Device Registration’:

rogers rebate online

Rogers told us after filling out the online rebate, customers should see their credit appear within 24 hours in their account. If you mailed in the paper rebate form, credits could take up to 8 weeks to appear. Also, you have 60 days to claim your $50 credit. 

Let us know if you have claimed your $50 iPhone 5 credit. Did you submit your rebate form online or via the mail?


  • FragilityG4

    I got my bill and I calculated that the fifty dollars was already deducted. It didn’t show on a line that it was and I got no notice that it was processed. I got my phone on launch day and mailed the rebate in the following week … I wonder if I’ll get another??

  • Nick

    I mailed my 50 dollar rebate and am still waiting for the money on my next bill

  • Thank you for this post. It made me $50!

  • Cheers 🙂

  • Tn

    What a stupid offer..why not just make the phones the same price as everyone. Damn rogers hoping people will miss this rebate.

  • F14Fanatic

    Typical Rogers. Another rip off from the worst Telecom in Canada.

  • Same here. It’s getting ridiculous..

  • tcatcrb

    Thanks for reminding me. I had completely forgotten about that rebate. Went to my account and filled it out online. Now to just wait and make sure it gets applied.

  • Nice. Just be sure to send our cheque in the mail! 😉

  • Thanks!

  • mrideas

    Way simpler than mailing. Was very easy. Was actually surprised it was easy considering its Rogers.

  • yoyo

    I just had them do it for me online when I picked mine up at the store.

  • Just called today to check the status of my rebate. (Used snail mail) Rogers confirmed it went through. Agree with everybody here. Rogers asking for a $50 loan and forcing all customers to complete the rebate = bush league and BS.
    At least I wasn’t out of pocket as it was on my bill which I didn’t pay, I let it stay there until the rebate went through.

  • pasquinade

    They must have changed the website since this article. The “Get My Rebate” link is now listed directly on the page shown, between the Device Reservation button and Shop For Accessories.

  • AH

    Thanks for the info, very easy steps and fast.

  • cmbm

    As of 2013Jun17
    My Rogers (Link top most of the website)
    Product & Services (tab upper part of the website)
    Under the area of My Phone go to “Get My Phone Rebate”

  • Shaun

    For a company in the communication business You do it very badly

  • JimEyes

    Purchased the iPhone5S over the phone – it was advertised online as $329 – only when I was committed to go ahead, did the issue of the $50 rebate get brought up – almost as an afterthought. The operator emailed me instructions to reclaim online (which did not work) and a mail-in coupon which I couldn’t use because I had no proof of purchase. I called again the next day and was told to claim online – mail-in took 8 weeks, but the redeem option was still not up on MyRogers – in fact it was still showing my old phone. The phone arrived and I handled the transfer myself. The new phone now showed but still no redeem. I got back on the chat line and the operator said there was a bug in the system, but I will get my rebate on my next bill. Yesterday I bought an iPhone5S for my wife – on Telus – no fuss, no rebate, price as advertised, they handled the data transfer while we waited. Rogers really are assholes trying to cheat customers out of $50 this way – there can be no other explanation. They didn’t get me (this time) and lost a new phone sale. Morons.

  • Justin Cuaresma

    Hey Jim, I just had to go through this process myself. However, if it helps I was finally able to find the ‘Get Device rebate’ link. This article does not seem to be updated. Nonetheless, if you go under My Phone as in the picture illustrated in the article, you should be able to find a ‘Get Device rebate’ link above the Device Reservation button. It is easy to miss. Hope that helps.