iPhone 4 Antenna Not An Issue In Canada?


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an iPhone 4 of my very own today and so far I’m pretty impressed.

Over the past month I’ve had the opportunity to test an iPhone 4 on the Fido network, which was purchased in UK. I was amazed that everyone was freaking about reception issues and the so called “death grip”. Judging from the few hours I had spent with the iPhone 4 over the past month I saw no signal drop at all.

I waited patiently for it all to blow over, however, the situation took a pretty terrible turn after Consumer Reports noted the “antenna issue” and Apple attempted to appease the general public.

Personally, I believe that the real issue lies with AT&T not having enough juice to transmit properly. It’s no secret that AT&T has been struggling with dropped call issues for ever. Is it possible that their service just isn’t able to support the number of users?

Here in Canada, Toronto specifically, the number of users is tremendously low by comparison to most major US cities and after playing with 3 iPhone 4s, including my own, I have come to a pretty solid conclusion. There is no issue with the antenna on the iPhone 4. Well, maybe there is a small issue, however, I can’t seem to recreate it on any of the 3 devices I have played with.

I have tested all three using various “grip” techniques, including placing the phone under my armpit. Guess what. No signal loss. No decrease in bars.

Maybe it’s Rogers? Is their network far superior to AT&T? Or maybe it’s our tiny Canadian hands? Or, maybe I’m just really lucky and Rogers has so much coverage in Toronto that the signal is at 5 almost all the time?

In the end, the iPhone 4 is performing great. Actually, it’s out performing any other device I have used recently including my 3GS, the Xperia and the Nexus One.

If you purchased an iPhone 4 today, run some tests of your own and share your results with us.


  • check out @mobilesyrup’s attemt to recreate it on Bell’s network, and the signal drops, and i believe Mobile Syrup does operate from Toronto. I’m not saying its a common issue, but it exists and ATT isn’t the only culprit to blame. i’ll attach the link for you to see.

  • Anonymous

    Yup. Did a bunch of tests with the app.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some results I got with the App.

    Where you see 2 bars.. thats me “holding it wrong”. 4 Bars is where I was holding it right. literally each time it was consistently 4 to 2 bars with the death grip. I have screen shots as well.

    4 bars D 378, U 377
    2 bars D 157, U 11
    4 bars D 276, U 378
    2 bars D 427, U 12
    4 bars D 143, U 385
    2 bars D 113, U 26
    4 bars D 101, U 360
    2 bars D 123, U 10
    4 bars D 227, U 359
    2 bars D 158, U 17
    4 bars D 328, U 377
    2 bars D 121, U 15
    4 bars D 139, U 321
    1 bars D 245, U 29

    Hope that makes sense… strange how it seemed to effect the upload dramatically.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some results I got with the App.

    Where you see 2 bars.. thats me “holding it wrong”. 4 Bars is where I was holding it right. literally each time it was consistently 4 to 2 bars with the death grip. I have screen shots as well.

    4 bars D 378, U 377
    2 bars D 157, U 11
    4 bars D 276, U 378
    2 bars D 427, U 12
    4 bars D 143, U 385
    2 bars D 113, U 26
    4 bars D 101, U 360
    2 bars D 123, U 10
    4 bars D 227, U 359
    2 bars D 158, U 17
    4 bars D 328, U 377
    2 bars D 121, U 15
    4 bars D 139, U 321
    1 bars D 245, U 29

    Hope that makes sense… strange how it seemed to effect the upload dramatically.

  • Graham

    Ok so I got my factory unlocked i4 from apple store and they gave me a Rogers sim card. Can I just transfer my sim online? How long does it take?

  • Mike

    Either my body is an incredible electrical insulator (unlikely given the amount of static shocks I get) or the death grip really is an AT&T problem. Got my iPhone 4 today on Telus and I can't reproduce it at all. I've also had absolutely zero troubles with the proximity sensor.

  • SF

    Good to know 🙂
    Thank you Chris.

  • Postnomore

    I'm with Fido in T.O. and I was lucky enough to get one today too. At first it looked like the death grip wasn't an issue. If there were 5 bars there was no problem. If it was down to 3 bars or less I gripped the bottom of the phone the signal bars slowly disappeared, and then it said searching . . . I couldn`t bring myself to put the bumper on the phone. The phone is nice and snappy though!

  • I am able to replicate it in Montreal on Fido, but I can't drop a call or lose signal unless I'm in a basement with bad coverage (really bad coverage!) to begin with.
    Also, you should update your phone to 4.0.1 for a more accurate signal reading.

  • Letoaster


    I am with vergin, in montreal. And yes, when I grip my new Iphone it will lose around 4 bars.

    Also, sometimes I lose my entire 3g connection enterly, wich is awefull when Tethering.

  • Prince Attu

    same here just got the iphone 4 rogers and no problem at all

  • I replicated the “issue” and I am in Toronto.

    Put your finger at the “spot” for about 20 seconds or longer. It dropped from 5 bars down to 3 bars and won't go down any further.

    I am with Rogers BTW.

    Off topic though, iPhone 4 screens look very sturdy, other than the bumper, is a screen protector actually “recommended”? My past experience with 3G and 3GS has been very meh – as much as the screen protector gave me peace of mind, I never fully enjoyed the experience because it degraded the images on the screen.

  • For me, instantly at about 1 hour ago.

  • SF

    How did you specify the SIM card? I ordered early morning and I didn't see anything related to SIM cards.

  • JMCD23

    I can death grip my 3GS from 5 bars to 3 no problem, you can with most phones. Curious if people holding the phone normally have an issue.

  • Fraser

    I just got the iPhone 4 for Fido and living in the Okanagan (Kelowna) reception has been PERFECT! 5 bars everywhere I have gone! Actually… where I lived my 3GS and my wife's 3GS are getting 3/4 bars where as my new device has 5! TOTALLY worth the 4 hour line-up headache! I've done everything and nothing will reduce reception! Looks like we have a far better network in the great white north! Also the battery life is AWESOME. I started off at 51% @ 10AM and after playing with it like mad its 9PM and i've just hit 30%! LOVE IT!

  • He picked up in person at the Apple Store…

    I lined up since 5AM and due to Rogers server issue, I didn't finish my “upgrade” until 4PM.

    My girlfriend picked up the unlocked phone for me though at around 10AM. So yeah… 6 hours additional wait time (including 2 hours in the store) getting the “locked” phone activated.

  • Graham

    The apple store employee asked me when I got the unlocked iPhone what carrier I am with and I told him Rogers so he just gave me a Rogers microsim so I can switch my phone number to the new sim. I'm just not sure how

  • Mindfield

    I'm in Brampton, got my iPhone 4s today (12 hours start to finish, woohoo! And by that I mean 'Oh christ my aching feet/back/legs!') and after getting home, activating and restoring, I can confirm that the death grip just doesn't do much. On one phone, naked, I can get it to drop 1 bar, max. After applying a full body shield on my wife's phone, I can't get it to drop a single bar. Solid signal. Speed tests confirm.

  • Tofu

    im using a telus non-sim card phone right now. If i were to buy the iphone 4 how would i be able to transfer my plan over to the iphone?

  • Waited in line for 10 hours to get my 32GB and i couldn't be happier. At first when i tested it in store with 5 bars, wrapping my hand around the zone did nothing at all. but once i got home where the reception is not as good it went down a couple of bars. but no drop calls.

    i wanted a case anyways but wanted to test it out. i got the barely there case and its impossible to make it go down even 1 bar now. great case btw. its barely there just like the name says.

  • Graham

    This isn't an upgrade tho. It's an unlocked one from apple. They gave me a Rogers microsim. I just need to switch my number over to this sim card. It's not going to lock it to Rogers like unsubsidized ones from carrier stores

  • GradStudent

    Hello, I've a question. If I get an factory unlocked IPhone 4 (contract free of course), will I be able to add a data plan whenever I wish without going under any contract? I mean I might need to have data plan for some months in a year but not for the whole year.

  • Chris

    With the iPhone 4 I am going to go without the screen protector. The new screen is certainly stronger than it's predecessors and realistically, if you drop your phone, with or without the protector, the screen will get damaged if the fall is just right.

    I love the design of the iPhone 4 and this time around I'm opting for no screen protector and the thinnest case possible. Probably the Incipio Feather case. I have one on my iPad and had one on my 3GS. 1mm thick… It's barely noticeable.

  • WhiteiPhone4Waiter

    While bored in line, I decided to go talk to the Rogers rep and he and a few others said they had no problems and could not replicate the reception issue. I for a second thought they had fixed it, so i went to the store demo and got the signal to drop to No service in around 40 seconds by putting finger on the problem areas. Then soon after, when my buddy got his (I'm waiting on a white), I once again was able to immediatlely get the signal to drop and this is not with “death grip”, but merely placing my one finger on the problem area. This is in fact a hardware issue. To anyone that says its not, I guarantee that I would be able to replicate the issre in seconds on your device.

  • You can but you won't be getting the best deal ($30/6GB). You could get something like $25 for 250/500 or something like that.

  • fred

    Just want to say how grateful I am about all the hard work you put into this site. Its helped me a lot 🙂

  • DeadManMac

    Well, I got my iPhone 4 this morning and I must say that I am really impressed. I haven't had any death grip problems so far (I'm with Telus in Vancouver). The whole process was actually quite painless. I went into a Telus store yesterday and mentioned that I was interested in getting an iPhone 4. They took my number down, and then called me this morning. After calling the Loyalty and Retentions department for the $30-6GB plan, I just popped in to pick it up. I had the phone activated and in my hands within about 10 minutes. What a great piece of hardware. This is my first iPhone, and I am really pleased.

  • Prailor

    Hey i heard something today
    apparently there has been suttle changed to the hardware for models made after week 27….
    if this if true maybe apple did correct the antenna issue

  • GradStudent

    Thanks for the reply. I think 500M is gonna be enough for me. I'm not really a heavy user of IPhone.

  • Prailor

    they can transfer it on there end, the sim have a # associated to the accounts

  • Guest

    The display one at Fido at Yorkdale Mall, has screen problem. LOL
    it's got those yellow vertical lines on the screen! and one bright “spot” on the centre of the screen.
    is it just that one, or do other people have the same problem?

  • Worldgnat

    I'm in Montreal on Rogers, and I can replicate the problem. I can go from full signal down to one bar if I cover the strip at the bottom, left-hand corner, even lightly with a finger. Is it a big deal for me? No.

    It makes sense that the conductive properties of human skin would vary from person to person. It probably also depends on what you have on your hands.

  • Kyle

    I lined up at the Eaton Centre in Toronto and got my iPhone this morning. I can replicate the issue depending on where I am. I was able to drop 3 bars in the Apple store but that may have been exaggerated as these iPhones were installed with iOS 4.0 not 4.0.1 with the signal correction so I may not have had 5 bars. Although I have been able to replicate it i never really see myself actually making a phone call hold the phone that way or doing any other function the phone offers. It all comes down to how you hold it and where you live. I live in London and it doesn't give me a problem with dropped bars as far as I have noticed since I got it this morning

  • kabsalsa

    I was so into playing with my new phone that I almost forgot about the death grip. I don't think I hold the phone in a way to cause any problems.. Time will tell. When testing the death grip I've either seen more bars or no change. I'm on Rogers near Toronto. So far, the phone is enjoyable — I watched a TV show just now and the quality difference was really nice.

  • Szarky

    Bars…. bars… bars.

    You guys keep talking about how many bars you can keep or drop. Who cares! Let's hear some of you put your finger on the problem spot and then do some speed tests! No finger vs. finger. Does the data rate decrease? That's the really question here. Who cares if you go down from 5 bars to 3… your call is most likely not going to get dropped.

  • lello91

    Same story in Montreal, Canada.

  • RyleyLamarsh

    I was able to recreate the problem easily. Managed to drop a few calls in a poor reception area in Calgary on Rogers. Seems to be more of an issue in areas with poor reception. So it seems like if I'm I an area where I have only 2 bars and I hold my the wrong way I can drop the call. The issue is real. And the thing that worries me the most is resale value. What happens to the value of my phone when they apply a hardware fix to a later model.

  • Houtan_trip

    i hate rogers, but in the end i was satisfied.

    1)waited in line and got my iphone 4
    2) came home called to activate my micro sim ( they said it was already used)
    3) found a store 40km away
    4) paid $12 for a new one
    5) called rogers told about my problem with them and they activated my phone
    6) yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got unlimited texting for 6 months plus unlimited incoming calls for 3 months because i told them i might give it back and got to another carrier.
    7) NO antenna problems but i did have to wait 3 hours for it to get activated ( computers were busy at rogers took them 3 hours to find my phone, usually takes 3 seconds)
    8) i got a great deal and a iphone 4

  • zoo from RFD

    It might not be an issue in strong areas but it's the exact same antenna as the AT&T models, no coating.
    I just tested it with a multimeter and the reading is 00.8ohms.

  • Chad

    I also had the issue recreated, where I could cut out the voice in my conversation at will with my friend. It was unfortunate, but only occurred in a very poor signal area and has not diminished my love of this device.

  • Szarky

    Speeds test with finger on the problem spot vs no hand at all please… I think most people won't have a clue what 00.8ohms means… is that low? average? good. speed tests!

  • Szarky

    speed tests results please!

  • Harsimransgill

    yes ur right
    i am on fido in vancouver and i did the death grip test 3 times not a single bar dropped
    its the crappy AT&T service that caused all the problems

  • achilles

    first upgrade to 4.0.1 then check to see if signal drops. Since we have strong reception in Toronto and the threshold for a drop from 5 bars to 4 bars is high, that's maybe why u didn't see a drop.

  • Unwelcomedguest

    IM IN TORONTO AND I CAN MAKE 5 BARS GO TO 2 BARS. THERE IS STILL A PROBLEM WITH THE HARDWARE! Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean that you got one that ain't broke. Their all “broken” they all have the same issues. Get the fuck over it! It's FACT that there is a problem when you touch that spot.. This is no longer up for debate. Creating blog posts like this only make matters worse. Especially because you were on the news when all the hype was going on saying that there IS an issue with the iPhone 4 antenna. You flip flopping attention hungry douche

  • W1ngz73

    ios 4.0.1 was preinstalled on the phone I picked up from the Apple store today.
    I've kept a close eye on it since I got it home, changed the sim and then waited an hour for the Rogers computer to finally get around to me. From my desk, I get 4 bars. I've moved it around, turned it 90 degress, I really get 4 bars. When I hold it in my bare hand, I do drop to 2 bars, occasionally 1. Since my fancy free case won't get here until mid September (WTF?) I grabbed a bit of plastic and wrapped it around the back and sides. I drop from 4 to 3 bars.

  • Guest

    Upgrade to 4.0.1 dum dum. That's not re actual amount of bars remember! Apple made a calculation error

  • D4Yv3

    Purchased mine today after waiting in line for 11 hours at square one…anyone else was at apple store there?

  • Sandy

    Hey Gary, thank you so much for all your hard work finding the latest scoop for all of us iPhone4 obsessed fanatics. I got my new phone today after my beloved 3gs was stolen 2 weeks ago. I am awestruck by it's beautiful retina display and blown away by the 5 megapixel camera. I thought that the 3gs was a beautiful design but the 4 blows it out of the water. After two weeks being held captive on my computer, I was finally able to release the angry birds so that they could get back to work ridding the earth of the slothful pigs. All is right with the world again…..

  • Tyler

    When I do the “death grip” I DO drop few bars if I wait long enough but the exact same thing happened on my blackberry bold 9700 (previous phone) so its not like this issue is exclusive to iPhone's.

  • Fallinin

    im with fido in london ontario, lined up at 7 am to get one, and i have not been able to recreate this problem. i was always confident that this would be a non-issue for me because of our very strong signal, but i thot i would atleast be able to make it lose a bar, maybe two. but hey now we get to gloat to america and all those who didnt get the phone because of this

  • Anwar

    I can replicate it in my home (Vancouver) but I don't care. It is not serious and that is not the way I hold my phone.

  • DeMar

    why you buy it then you god damn prick. even better why you comment dumb ass

  • Heep74

    Im able to replicate the problem easily. It's actually quite a pain to hold the phone in a way that doesn't kill my signal.

  • JV

    Today I went to Apple stores at both the eaton centre and sherway gardens in Toronto. I was able to completely lose the signal using the death grip on 4 floor models running on the Rogers network (2 at each store). When I used the death grip on phones running on telus it fell from 4 or 5 bars down to 1 or 2. To me this says there is still a problem and makes me wonder why apple would put these phones out at as floor models.

  • Onne2slick

    how did you get the percentage?

  • Joy

    I'm in Montreal with Fido and no problem with it~ I live in downtown area don't know if that makes a difference.

  • Szarky

    What is everyone's speed tests with finger on the problem spot or death grip vs not holding the phone? SPEED TEST COMPARISONS PLEASE PEOPLE!!!

  • Luis

    I got an unlocked one and a Fido microsim. The only thing I had to do was call Fido at *611 from my old phone, and tell them I wanted to activate a sim for an iPhone 4 with my existing account. The rep knew exactly what I was talking about and just asked me for the numbers printed on the SIM. She said it may take up to 24 hours to take effect, but my call dropped from my old phone and got service on the new one before I could say thanks 🙂

  • I too live in Toronto, have an iPhone 4 from Telus, although the signal will go up and down randomly as I use it and move around, as it would with any phone, I cannot cause any significant drop in signal no matter which way I hold the phone.
    I had the suspicion that signal transmission had something to do with it.

  • I was actually going to write a similar article. I was able to test four iPhone 4s today on three different carriers, in several different locations, and couldn't even get the bars to drop little lone drop a call. Even in my office where I only get two bar, it didn't drop a call.

    I'm not saying there is no issue, but it has been greatly exaggerated, and has more to do with the carrier and the signal strength.

  • CF

    I'm with Fido and I've tried many ways to block the antenna, still full bars.

  • I just tried to do some tests to post here. The Rogers network is so inconsistent right now, that I tested the speed three times without holding it, and then did three tests while holding it “death grip” style, and it was significantly faster with the “death grip”. You'd have to test over and over again, over several days to get a half reliable test.

    I think if you spend most of your time in an area with a strong network, you won't have a problem. If you live in a bad area, you may have to “hold it different” or use a case.

  • Blainesipad

    Hey Fraser, where did you go to get yours? I live in Kelowna as well and am thinking of picking one up. Tired of using my old 3G. Am leaning towards a contact with Bell, nothing but headache’s with Roger’s. Wonder if there are any still around in our K-Town?

  • RyleyLamarsh

    I agree. I can replicate it from 5 bars down 2 or 3 bars every bloody time. This is me simply placing my finger on the problem area. There is no question. I want speed tests from others

  • Don

    I was at square one today it avoided going in the Apple store, as I'm waiting for the next shipment before I look at one in person. I'm switching with my mom, giving her my 3GS on Bell and using her upgrade to get the iPhone 4 with Rogers. It looked pretty crazy in there though, can't wait to pick up my iPhone 4 in the coming weeks. Hope our all enjoying yours:)

  • Szarky

    The bars are such a crappy way of analyzing your actual signal strength (I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong) but if you do speed tests you can see REAL, PRECISE #'s. Download the speedtest app, try with finger on the problem spot and off it. Do you notice a difference? Bars are a very weak way of measuring the potential problem here.

  • Bob

    What is 0.008ohms, The impedance across the antenna with the phone off? Make sure the phone is off and not receiving a signal when testing it. .8 is very small to measure usually that is noise, you must have a excellent multimeter.

    Szarky, Ohms is a unit of resistance. Basically, how much it restricts current going through it. If this is across the antenna you would want low resistance since the signal sent to a phone is weak and a higher impedance will take away from the signal. The phone picks ups a weak signal then amplifies it, so any discrepancies on the original signal propagate. This is why a proper antenna is so important for reception.

  • Szarky

    I hope Pacific Centre gets more stock tomorrow morning. Wishful thinking probably.

  • Glad we could help!

  • 6daniel

    the lowest i've gotten to is from 5 bars to one bar but not to no service.

  • james in vancity

    Bought a 16GB iphone 4 model with Rogers and tested in Downtown Vancouver area and signal strength drop did not happen with my unit when held in various “full” grip positions. I did install iPhone OS 4.0.1 right away (which includes fix to signal bar display) so that may have made a difference??

    In any case, no drop calls and at 5 full bars most of the time and dropping at most to 4 occasionally. Love the phone!!!

  • Thanks! Our team works hard around here!!

  • Asfas

    anyone know when the second batch will arrive??

  • Sam

    I could not replicate the antenna issue.

  • @iPhoneinCanada The demo in the London BB on Telus dropped. (eventually to one bar)
    The problem must be a combination of a weak signal and the external antenna being easily interfered with. Just because you haven’t seen the problem repeated doesn’t mean nobody will. Have you tried this when you have 4 bars instead of 5? Standing next to a cell tower throwing a phone in a faraday cage is about the only way to drop a call. In fringe areas just moving a step will drop a call.

  • 8yr telus customer….

    Yes thank you. I am not sure this site helps my obsessive compulsiveness though! 🙂

    Take good care.

  • SF

    Off topic question;

    When are we getting a free bumper?

  • Winner

    You obviously work for RIM or other loser smartphone company lol

  • Blgroup

    In Calgary, ever since upgrading 4.0.1 on a Rogers iPhone 3G and now a Bell iPhone 4 my bars seem to fluctuate between 1, 2 and 3 bars. Haven't had iPhone 4 long enough to try out calls., but I would sometimes drop calls in Inglewood on the Rogers iPhone 3G. Can't comment about the grip yet.

  • RC

    Do you think there'll be any more iPhones left tomorrow at Pacific Centre at 8AM? I lined up at Oakridge since 7AM and was told that they were “sold out” at 1:30PM!


  • Anonymous

    So you are honest to god not able to drop bars with the death grip?? I don’t get it…

  • You could try. They said they would have stock for the weekend. It's worth a
    shot 😉

  • Anthony

    Mine came 4.0.1 so I'm going to assume all the ones released in Canada are the same.

  • I've replicated it, but its nowhere near as bad as I've read..I've noticed that it happens in poor reception areas, since I'm currently outdoors, typing while death-gripping it with my left hand.

    I'm in Montreal as well, Rogers network.

  • Order them throughout the iPhone 4 Case Program app. Shipping is 3-4 week

  • F.D.

    I'd like to thank iPhoneinCanada for all your support toward the Canadian iPhone 4 launch! You guys have done a great job!

    Although I'd like to point out that on Fido in Montreal, I never seem to get a full 5 bars and I unfortunately have the death grip issue. Definitely not a dealbreaker though, as my bars do not go below one.

    The most welcome addition of all is Facetime. Mother was ecstatic when we placed the first Facetime call to Calgary where my brother and sister are located. It felt heartwarming! We couldn't help to put a smile on when the first call connected.

    Once again, Thanks to Gary and Ex for making the launch a pleasant experience and I had a ton of fun waiting in line with people who share the same interests as I.

  • F.D.

    As I do*

  • Before you go posting stupid sh*t that makes you look like an idiot, do some research. I have 2 bars my house, I don't lose any when gripping my phone in any way, even the “death grip”. Speed tests are the same with and without the “deathgrip”. Good job looking like an idiot though.

  • Thanks for the kind words! We've all worked hard and finally getting the
    iPhone 4 in our hands has been worth the wait.

  • Mrmozart

    Hahahahaha, u grabbed it the wrong way you smart man LOL….. if u meant to grab it in the last pic to test the reception. I tried 12 Iphones in Regent street, Lonodn. I found one drops, some have this problem. It is a fact.

    So do not ever dare to give apple an excuse to cancel the bumpers campaign.

    The phone should be grabbed from top to middle in the left side.


  • Thedigitalevil

    I can easily reproduce in Mississauga. it does take a good 30 seconds per bar and will only get it to 2 bars tho.

  • Matt

    I can replicate it, but I only lose 1 bar and the death grip isn’t a natural way for me to hold the phone. When I hold it in my left hand as I normally would I lose nothing! Non-issue for me.

  • portacio

    Does anyone know if apple store in PC still have stock and will it last at least this coming week? and when will the apple store have new shipments of iphone 4? and when will the line up on apple store end? (i.e like a normal business day) thanks for the help! 🙁

  • Hyperextension

    I just purchased two unlocked units. I cannot duplicate the DeathGrip issues at all on either one. I have tried a few times with both. At home and on the road and in various locations. As soon as I opened the phone in the Apple Store, there were a few of us standing in line (of course DeathGrip was a topic of conversation in line) and we all tried it and there were no significant issues of signal loss not matter how we held the device. Maybe there was a fix by Apple prior to shipping? Maybe Rogers is better?

  • Happy

    Sorry, that's funny. You just bought an expensive peice of electronics from a multi-billion dollar company and you need to wrap a 'bit of plastic' around it to make it work properly until 'the middle of september.'
    If I was the CEO of Apple I'd be so embarrassed 🙂
    I looked at one today; it is pretty though. No one aside from maybe blackberry is making anything as sleek.

  • Felix

    I’m impressed that so many people will bash Apple and the issues on hand and say that others are all idiots. But yet they are here reading every post, some even have purchased the iPhone 4. The truth is, you need to get a life if all you ever look for is a way to bring negativity into your life. If you go looking for problems, problems is what you’ll find.

    I’m in Calgary, can get my phone to drop its signal, thus I am happy, plus I get a free case. Apple still continues to outpace any competitor. How about you all create a company that can be as successful as Apple, then you might have some validity in answering to Apple and how they have done.

  • Andre

    They didn't have any 32 gigs so I'm first on a list at Costco.
    When I get it, what is the best way to transfer all the data to the iPhone 4 from my 3GS?
    Do I just restore in iTunes after doing a final sync?

  • Alex75000

    I'm in Montreal, got mine early yesterday and it took me 2 minutes to reproduce it…

    Also, Bell blows as a carrier.

  • Jbohn

    Where did everyone line up in Kelowna? The first I heard of it was on the radio on the way to work but nobody ever said WHERE. It seemed there was a smattering of a few phones here and there across the city.

  • Jbohn

    You can transfer online. I remember reading it in the FAQ Rogers posted about the iPhone 4.

  • I have no issues at all. I have been trying since I got mine yesterday, I am using Telus (had a 3g with Rogers and got terrible edge signal where I live, and Telus has full 3g signal, so it just made sense). I can't figure out how to make the signal go down, so I doubt it will happen while I am using the phone.

  • Anonymous

    But does it actually *drop calls*? On my 3GS (iOS 4.0.1) in Ottawa bars will fluctuate anywhere between 2 and 5 bars sitting on my desk at home, without me even touching it, but I can still make calls with 1 bar in my building’s underground garage.

  • Xevious22

    I tried dropping signal on my fido iphone 4 and could only do it once and that was while I only had 1 bar to start with, there was one time when I actually griped the antenna and had my bars increase. Apple should just come right out and say it ” our phone is fine At&t is the problem”

  • i tested with OS 4.0 and 4.0.1 and can't make it drop any bars. Once it dropped 1 bar, but that is not significant results. I'd say it isn't an issue here, and AT&T sucks! yay for Canada! I have the 16GB on Bell in Toronto.

  • Ottawa-hell-on-earth

    I'm not the one looking like an idiot – going on the news and saying there is a problem with the product.. And then now saying there isn't. Good for you that its not happening to you. This doesn't make me look like an idiot – and if ignorant people like you think it does I could really care less. You all need to get over this part of your life and move on. Apple acknowledges there is an issue. Thousands of people, including myself can duplicate the issue. Apple is gving away free bumpers to fix the issue. THERE IS AN ISSUE. that's like you saying there was no issue with the brakes on a toyota because yours didn't crash. Shut up. Move on.

  • montymon

    Haven't got my new phone et. Hopefully today they can get Rogers servers working.

    I was in LA a couple of weeks ago and was stunned by how abysmal the AT&T network was. Loading web pages took up to 3 minutes on my 3GS where here in Ottawa it might take a few seconds. Text messages sometimes didn't reach the person in the same building for hours.

  • Guest

    Sync your contacts to outlook and then sync your new phone. Backup and restore sometimes doesn't work right

  • Naveen


    Just wanted to let you know it IS an issue with my phone (in Ottawa) – but ONLY in low signal areas.

  • Full Moto Jacket

    We'll make that 1 in 4 then. Mine drops off with the Death Grip. I have an Invisible Shield somewhere in transit between Utah and here. Hopefully that will cure it..

  • Naveen

    Running a speed test with both a tight grip, and the phone on the table, these are my results:

    Table 1st run: 4528kbps down and 503kbps up
    Tight grip 1st run: 3293kbps down and 55kbps up
    Table 2nd run: 5042kbps down and 523kbps up
    Tight grip 2nd run: 4824kbps down and 134kbps up

    So it seems like its kind of varied for downstream but definitely kills your upsream

  • I just did a restore from my 3G, I already had iOS4.0.1 on my 3G. The only down side of doing a restore, as opposed to manually syncing all your apps and data back, it that the life time counter usage of the new phone will start with what the old phone had. So my iPhone 4 now shows life time usages 5+ days.

  • 8yr telus customer….

    Can we please try to maintain some level of class and civility? Both in comments and responses? Anonymity should not give us license to act inappropriately. I am certain we can behave with honor and still voice our opinions.

  • 8yr telus customer….

    I too am in Calgary and have moments of hoping there won't be any problems with the device (even prior to purchase). Resale isn't even on my mind though….I am the type that will use it til it dies. I guess I have to remember that nothing is perfect and not get too hung up wishing for that! 🙂

    Hope it works out well for you!

  • 8yr telus customer….

    My screen is beautiful… yellowness at all.

  • 8yr telus customer….

    You were really fortunate. Here in Calgary after registering interest with Telus, they finally sent an email at 9:00am yesterday morning (hours after I starting lining up at the Apple store.) I stood in line from 5:30am to approximately 2:30pm when I got in the store and then left the store at 4:00. I am not sure alot of people on Rogers did get the phone because the servers were still down. I am happy I got one, but not so sure I will ever do the lineup thing again. It was a long day.

  • QN52

    I can reproduce this easily every time. Iam on Rogers in Kingston, ON – which network has usually been good-so I don't think it's a weak signal issue here.

    My speedstests show download of 6K and upload of 2-3K without connecting the left side – when I put my thumb on the left over the black strip, the download drops to 2K and upload to 55. My bars also drop from 5 to 1 – this is on OS4 as I haven't updated to 4.0.1 yet.

    So, this is NOT just an AT&T issue. I do plan on getting a case so I am not really worried about it, as the way I hold the phone anyway normally it isn't an issue.

  • Jwachtel

    I have a 3GS and installed ver. 4, I thought that the number of signal bars would drop to be a more realistic representation of my signal as Apple had mentioned. Still have 5 bars same as before, with Telus. ATT sucks!

  • Dicin

    I got my new unlocked iPhone yesterday and there seems to be a huge reception problem. I was able with my old 3GS to get great reception in my home and down to two bars in basement. Now No Service in basement and problems holding 2 bars and no 3G everywhere else.
    I live in Montreal / Kirkland

    Anyone else have the same problem?

  • MR

    Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but it seems to me that the author of this article has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. How anyone could come to the conclusion that the problem is related to AT&T and not the iPhone 4 after everything that's been released (including the admissions by Apple) baffles me.

  • I've managed to go from 4 bars to 2 but only in test situation, never in everyday use. either way I've never loss signal completely, just a drop of 1 to 2 bars. Tests done in ottawa

  • I didn't notice signal drop till I updated to 4.0.1
    Went from full bars to2-3 @ my home.

    Death grip did drop a few more bars
    But no more a drop then other phones I saw

  • Andrew

    Ive been trying my hardest to make my signal drop with the death grip…..still cant 🙁 Although i guess thatsa great thing YAY YAY!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I have a question…

    The phone in the pictures above is clearly running 4.0 based on the height of the smaller bars…

    When I bought my unlocked iPhone from Apple yesterday, it came with 4.0.1, which has the new bar calculations.

    Also, release a video which was also clearly running 4.0 claiming to be from a new iPhone bought in Canada yesterday.

    So what gives? Where some phones sold with 4.0, while some where sold with 4.0.1?

    And if that’s the case, we’re going to see some conflicting reports…

  • Cygnus

    Here in Nova Scotia … NO ANTENNAGATE!!!!!!

  • wow.

    Wow… congrats with the Ad Hominem attack there.

  • BeRnMac
  • Luis

    There’s definitely a loss of signal strength, but I experienced no download slowdowns. Only uploading, but not when tethering???. Not really sure how to characterize the problem. Anyway, here are the numbers. Screenshots available if anybody is interested.

    Network: Fido 3G @ North Vancouver
    Network is excellent here – who knows how it’ll behave on an area with poor service. Server: Burnaby, BC
    iPhone on table: 5958kbps down, 2886kbps up, 5 bars, 200ms ping
    Finger on black stripe for 1 minute before test: 6315kbps down, 477up, 3bars, 268ping

    Tethered MacBook Pro running test, Seattle Server
    iPhone on table: 6.41Mbps down, 1.86Mbps up
    Finger on black stripe for 1 minute before test: 6.50Mbps down, 2.30Mbps up

    Overall way faster than my 3GS, specially uploading since the 3GS maxes out at 250kpbs

  • I cannot replicate the issue within most of Ottawa. However, at my house which is on the outskirts I can bring it down to “No Service” if I touch the magic spot in my basement, and bring it down to one bar on the main level and upstairs.

  • markajaw

    I'm using my iPhone 4 on the Rogers network. The death grip is true unfortunately. When I'm on the main floor of my house I never get more then 2 or 3 bars on any EDGE network (other phones included).

    When I put my fingers on the spot where the metal bands meet it loses service over the course of a few seconds. That being said, the only time I accidentally did this was when I was playing Doodle Jump. It's just the way that I grip the phone when I play that game. I went back to the Rogers store to get a case (as I always intended to do), and all issues were resolved. I still can't recommend this phone to anybody who wants to go case-less with their iPhone.

    On the plus side this phone gets reception where no other phone can. In my basements where no previous phone on any network could consistently hold on to signal, the iPhone 4 does. I can send and receive text messages and make calls. Considering that the basement is where I hang out with my friends most of the time, this is huge!

  • Georgenico94

    I'm pretty far from a Rogers cell phone tower and its usually only 3 bars in my house. I could easily replicate the antenna problem even with just my finger and make it go down to 1 bar. Never does completely lose signal though.
    Whatever, so theres a small glitch with the phone. Oh well, it's not like any of you guys or myself are going to return it. It's too beautiful. Hahaaa

  • Lenny T

    Maybe I'm not doing the “death grip” right, but I've been trying all morning and haven't been able to get the bars to drop. I'm in a pretty suburban area, not much around and Rogers coverage is pretty decent, plus I'm still on iOS 4.0 as I haven't updated to 4.01 yet. I'd say its a non-issue here, and probably AT&T's crappy network's fault.

  • Standeeks

    It was getting blown out of proportion.

  • Ro

    I wasn't able to get a phone, I was in a wedding so while everyone was getting ready I went to telephone booth but they were already sold out, and at the rogers store was a massive line, and also had put my brother on authorization level 1 to go get me a phone but everywhere sucked for lines and they only received 3-4 phones per store here in london, that sucked… now they tell us they wont be getting any shipments til wednesday!.boo

  • iPhone4crazy

    I am on bell and my iPhone drops signal, and in some areas goes from 5 to 0! But in most cases its just 5 to 1 or 2. 🙁 did I get a bad phone? Maybe Apple wasn't BullS*itting when they said it only affects some iPhones. Why me?

  • Hilltv

    in toronto on telus and been trying all day yesterday and i can't make it lose even one bar with any grip. i also stood in line for 10 mon yesterday to get my phone. and the for the trifecta the phone rocks

  • W1ngz73

    I should be more specific, rather than leaving bait for the trolls…
    If i hold it unnaturally tight, making a concious effort to bridge the two antennas, I drop bars. Holding it naturally didn't give me any drop in call quality.

  • Fluxuated

    Congrats to all the Fanboy sheep that waited in line for a Flawed Piece of hardware. You've just shown Steve Jobs, that he can build any type of crap he wants, and people will buy it regardless. The only way to get it fixed, is not to buy it, until the fix is done. No Buyers = No Profits. Keep buying, and he'll keep releasing it no matter what the outcome.

    I hope it was worth it. And before people call me Anti. I absolutely LOVE my 3GS, and will buy another Apple, in a second, if it WORKS.

  • Joker Eh

    Here is an update for you. It all depends on where you are and no one may know what is causing it.

    I got my hands on an iPhone 4 yesterday went to work where I have always had perfect signal with my 3GS. So I went to work all happy with my new toy and low and behold when I hold it normally in my left hand with out even trying the signal dropsright away and goes all the way down to edge then No Service. Now I am talking full bars to nothing in a matter or 15 seconds. Take my hands away place it back on the desk and voila back to full. I also tried just to put my finger on the strip and the signal would drop. My 3G always had full signal.

    I was heart broken. Because I tried the iPhone 4 in the Apple store in New York and did not have an issue, so I felt confident the issue may have been overblown or only a few phones had been 'affected. So there I sat at work thinking I am one fo the lucky few. So I get back to work.

    Well after work I go home to connect my phone to iTunes to get it updated and what do I find before updating, the bars do not drop one bar, its full signal all the time no matter what I do now. What is going on here? Could there be an issue with the environment you are in? Even once when it was sitting there with one bar down, when I picked it up it went to full. Hmmm..

    So I went and updated the iPhone 4 from my backup and updated to 4.0.1. Still no problems works like a gem and I am in love all over again. So it will be interesting to see what happens when I go back to work. I think it has something to do with the environment you are in. So I have ordered the bumper case from Apple well because it is free. 🙂

    I will keep you all updated with what I find with further investigation.

  • Felix

    When I was waiting in the line up, the guy in front of me reproduced the antenna issue for BlackBerry and Nokia. Another guy behind me did not have a bar at all on his old Motorola flip phone.

  • Manmenhk2002

    I live in downtown Ottawa and I still got signal drop when gripping the spot. And it was quite a issue when I was on phone with someone, they couldnt hear me when there was only 1 bar left

  • Manmenhk2002

    yes it is. I live in downtown Ottawa and I still got signal drop when gripping the spot. And it was quite a issue when I was on phone with someone, they couldnt hear me when there was only 1 bar left

  • Rylee K Stonehouse

    If i put my hand over “the line” i lose about 1 bar. Besides that nothing

  • iPhone4crazy

    My speed test is as follows:
    Not holding: ping-210ms Download-3823kbps Upload-2254kbps
    Finger over spot: ping-1718ms Download-4068kbps Upload-525kbps
    Death grip: ping-1723ms Download-1724kbps Upload-556kbps

    keep in mind I am in a good signal area, at my grandparents house I show 5 bars and sometimes I get 6kbps upload and around 20000ms ping

  • Aguy

    You crossed the line. Never cross the line.

  • iPhone4crazy

    you got one preloaded with 4.0.1? mines got 4.0!

  • nyrol

    I just have problems with the wifi in that it only sees wifi points when I am 10 feet away from them.

  • my fellow iphone mine as well…antenna issue was over blow..and yes I agree it is the network that your in and area that effects it. I am able to “death grip” my phone and nothing! the bars actually went up once!! lol…
    over blow AT&T bullshit in the states I tell ya.

  • Fan_Connect

    I was in line at 9 am for just over 2 hours in Calgary at a Rogers Store, then had to come back at about 3 when the system was back up and running, but my new iPhone was all setup and ready to go. I too have tried numerous ways to hold the phone in such a way that it would drop the signal and no such luck so far. I can get it down to about 2 bars but it takes 2-3mins or more to do so.

    So the verdict; I still love my iPhone and still love Apple.

  • minuteZERO

    I could not make my bars drop at all (Telus) when I first got my iPhone 4. After updating to 4.0.1, I can consistently make it go down to 1 bar (can't get it to “searching”). I wonder if Apple knows they made the issue much more apparent after the update… What I don't get is that AT&T uses were able to drop from 5 to 0 with iOS4 and I can make it go down 1 at the most. NOW, with 4.0.1 I can easily go from 5 to 1…

  • Nick Sewell

    I've tried but can't get it to appear. In fact, usually it gains a bar as the radio cranks up a bit.

  • xywix

    “Or maybe it’s our tiny Canadian hands?”

    HAHAHAHA…that cracked me up….maybe that ones true

  • Cassio Henrique

    I would like to thank the blog. for the information posted here were of great importance to afford my iphone 4

  • Nick Sewell

    Question: Bumpers? The Eaton Centre in Toronto not only wasn't giving away Bumpers – they didn't have ANY iPhone 4 cases for purchase. DId anybody else get one?

  • I want to say, I happened upon this site because I was anxious to find out when and how much the iPhone 4 was going to be with Virgin Mobile, and like a rabid dog for the past week, I've been checking out this site constantly. haha

    I got the iPhone 4 yesterday and have yet to discover any anntena issues. I will probably need at least a week or two to figure out if that stays the same, however I don't see any issue. Plus, I'm in a somewhat rural area in Midwestern Ontario and I have seen it drop to only 2 bars. Mostly I get 4 or 5.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Jhlars

    That's what she said 😉

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Agreed. Living in a rural area in NS as well on Bell, no antenna issue here either! I can get it to drop a bar, maybe 2 depending on where I am (again, i'm rural) but no dropped calls.

  • Noahattic

    c'mon. let's face to the truth. every iphone 4 will meet the antennagate. when you are in a very good signal strength area, you will just not drop any signals. that's it. that's why i couldn't make it signal loss when i did the death grip at the rogers store. but when i am back home where the signal is not as great as the rogers store, i dropped the few bars.

    ok, iphone 4 is really gorgeous. i love it. but i still have to say, it has a design flaw. of course, when putting on a case, you will just be fine. i have already signed up the case program. hopefully, i can have it in couple weeks.

  • Szarky

    Wow thank you finally some people doing a speed test! Every single person that I've read do speed tests has seen a decrease in their signal when holding it in a tight grip. That sucks.

  • Szarky

    I was thinking the same thing. Especially since everyone keeps going off just “bars”. Who cares about bars! In real life as long as your call doesn't degrade or get lost then you don't care how many bars you have. I've read people having only 1 or 2 bars and having normal conversations on the phone. What matters to me is if I'm surfing the web on the iphone or downloading something and if I'm holding it wrong I'm only getting lets say 60-80% of the data rate compared to if I was holding it the “right way”.

  • Szarky

    “I still can't recommend this phone to anybody who wants to go case-less with their iPhone.” That's a shame. It's seems to be so beautiful without one from what everyone says.

  • Szarky

    It's definitely a problem. What really sucks is that huge drop in data rate with just a finger over the spot. You'd never death grip it in real life but finger over the spot you could easily accidentally do.

  • Szarky

    You haven't done a speed test then have you?

  • Szarky

    Do a speed test and then tell us if you still love it, please.

  • Szarky

    Speed test that baby! Put in a finger over the bad spot and like most people I assume your d/l will drop only a little but your u/l will be killed.

  • Luke

    I got mine yesterday for the Telus network and so far it's been great (I'm in Ottawa). Every call I've made has been fine. While I've gone down a few bars at times, which was normal with my old phone too, the only time I've lost signal entirely was in an elevator and I really don't think that's apple's fault. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator it jumped back up to 4 or 5 bars.

    It will drop a bar or 2 if I give it the old death grip, but no dropped calls and no lost service.

  • Chris

    I’m not sure what you’re so upset about? First of all, I was never on the news when all the”hype” was going on. I’m pretty sure I have never been “flip flopping” for attention… this is my first iPhone 4 post.

    Secondly, you’re the one who ends up looking like a douche with an ignorant CAPS LOCK COMMENT. If you actually read the article I’m saying that I can’t reproduce the error. Apparently neither can you. Most phones will drop 5 to 2 bars depending on where you’re using the phone. This was the same with the iPhone 3GS. Next time, maybe you should just go outside and take a deep breath, rather than posting foolish responses. Swearing and caps… really? What are we 5 years old?

  • Szarky

    It's like people are afraid to do the speed test, bars to me don't mean anything. You could have a perfectly clear conversation with someone with only 1 bar or 5 bars. As long as it's clear and you don't lose the call then who cares how many bars you have. Data on the other hand I think is a big deal. If I'm downloading something or just surfing the web and I'm not even death gripping it I just accidentally have a finger on the wrong spot and I'm losing about 20-40% of my data isn't that a problem? Why aren't more people pissed?

  • Don

    Yes, the antenna issue still exists…

    One thing that EVERYONE (as far as I know) seems to be missing in their “testing” is that the “death grip” results could very well be entirely different depending on which frequency band the phone happens to be on… No matter what carrier you are on, your phone could be on the 800 MHz band, or it could be on the 1900 MHz band… There is no way the end user can control what band they are on, or easily tell what band they happen to be on (unless there is some app I am unaware of) at any one given time… This could be a VERY important factor that everyone may missing in terms of the antennagate issue, and why some people say it doesn't exist, and others do, and also to what severity…

    And don't rely on bars… You need a dBm value to really see what's going on, and unfortunately there's no Field Test Mode in iOS 4, as far as I know… If you're starting off with 5 bars, you may never notice the issue… Anandtech had the best tests that I've seen so far, where they showed a loss of nearly 30 dB if I recall correctly… Unfortunately they never indicated what band they phone may have been on, or had separate tests for each band…

    And forget speed tests, unless you have your own cellular site (or something like an AT&T 3G Microcell) and know that you are the only one using it, as there are other factors, such as site loading that can affect speeds…

    Yes, other phones may loose some bars when gripped “the wrong way”, but I don't know that ANY loose up to 30 dB of signal…

    That being said, the iPhone 4 is still the best…

  • I've had the iPhone4 since UK launch (the 32 hour wait) and I've been using Fido with no death grip issues either. My iPhone is a week 2 production. I have even gone on camera to say that there is no antennagate issue. My issue is the proximity sensor though.

  • CGYheavy

    I got my 32GB i4 yesterday in Calgary and it definitely has the antenna issue. It will do it with only a thumb over the bottom left seam. I wonder if this could somehow be related to 32GB vs. 16GB. My wife got the 16 and I cannot make it do it on hers.

  • CGYheavy

    I got my 32GB i4 yesterday in Calgary and it definitely has the antenna issue. It will do it with only a thumb over the bottom left seam. I wonder if this could somehow be related to 32GB vs. 16GB. My wife got the 16 and I cannot make it do it on hers.

  • This is most definitely an issue, BUT it depends on where you live. I bought mine in Pickering (small town but decent signal) and didn't find any issues with the death grip… then I went to my house, which is practically a bomb shelter as far as signal is concerned. There, touching the black strip does affect signal, but it takes a while to do so. I then high-tailed it to Stouffville where signal strength is always spotty (three bars max at all times). There, death gripping the phone takes you to edge within a couple of minutes. I ordered a case, but it won't be here until September. That said, I know that as long as the signal is good it doesn't matter, so I'm comforted somewhat.

  • This is most definitely an issue, BUT it depends on where you live. I bought mine in Pickering (small town but decent signal) and didn't find any issues with the death grip… then I went to my house, which is practically a bomb shelter as far as signal is concerned. There, touching the black strip does affect signal, but it takes a while to do so. I then high-tailed it to Stouffville where signal strength is always spotty (three bars max at all times). There, death gripping the phone takes you to edge within a couple of minutes. I ordered a case, but it won't be here until September. That said, I know that as long as the signal is good it doesn't matter, so I'm comforted somewhat.

  • LoWd0Wn

    I got my iPhone 4 up and running late last night so haven't had a chance to really make any calls to see how it is.
    But in checking on the “death grip” the strangest thing happened being here in Kelowna. my bars went up??

    Love the phone. Totally in awe!

  • Szarky

    “And forget speed tests” It seems to me like everyone that does the speed test gets pretty consistant #'s without the finger on the bad spot and then with the finger on you can almost always see a very obvious decrease. What's up with that then?

  • Don

    Replying to my own post here… Just for clarification, Anandtech reported a drop of 24 dB, not 30…

  • Math

    Hi, is anyone tried to put some kind of clear lacker (like nails lacker) on the down left corner. I am waiting for the phone, but expect to try it. By what I understand, the core problem is your skin get the signal, so by puting a lacker, the signal should not “get” to you.

  • mike

    I lined up for my iPhone 4. The antenna issue is still there around weak signal areas in Kitchener/Waterloo. But there are no problems at all in Toronto. I'm with Rogers.

  • Thien

    any idea when the next shipment is? apparently most stores only had about 10-14 phones in stock. Which is retarded by the way, they should have WAY more.

  • Don

    Results can be consistent on an underutilized cell site… Though could easily be skewed on a site that has heavy use at the time. Cell sites are shared, you don't have a dedicated circuit and bandwidth to your phone…

  • Adrian


  • JN

    I haven't been able to recreate it, bars drop when they usually drop for me (basements). Mississauga has great signal too, at least for me

  •  Xaroc

    I dropped a call last night. Then I took a second an realized I was resting the side of my middle finger on the magical spot that was causing troubles. Naturally I just moved that finger, and held the phone slightly different still comferably and no more problems.

    Antennagate might be an American issue because canadians are smart enough to hold it slightly different other then trying to sue everything for everything

  • Calgaryboi

    Does anyone have a clue whether Rogers server is back online and people who need to renew/upgrade can do that? Conflicting answers are coming and I'd like to know if anyone has been successful.

  •  Xaroc

    It's up. Might be a little slow still but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

    Sent from my iPad.

  • Hondanazi

    I got my iPhone 4 yesterday after lining up at 4 am at Fairview Mall in Pointe Claire, Qc. Lots of fans and like me a 3rd time iPhone purchaser (2g,3GS,4) we were pumped! Some people waiting since 10:30 the night before! We all took numbers and waited. Then the Apple staff go out our door for food (we lined up at the “official Apple store entrance”) and come back. The manager arrives, they bring coffee out to us! They come out and take pictures and video and get us more pumped!! Then at 7:00 am all the mall doors open (even though we told other line ups that ours was the “official” one. Guess what? Everyone charges the line and all the slacker low life's that waited 5 mins in line get to the front of the line! Everyone is “every man for himself”. Then with all the confusion the manager tries to mitigate the situation but fails miserably! It will be one 1 numbered person and one regular non-numbered person at a time! Then it's whoever is in front of the line! These people were 50% buying just to re-sell some of them not even knowing which phone was the new release! The staff move at a glacial pace serving people with their shit eating grins and fake niceness. They even feed us and gives us water! All the a-holes that ran from the entrances that are closer are getting their phones! Everyone buying an unlocked phone (apparently no difference between locked and unlocked until they program it to a carrier) is server while they are in line and therefore taking away phones from people who actually waited all night! Now for le piece de resistance, the cherry on top…the manager is guiding people he knows at the entrance of the store! Nice how that works! Shame on you Apple Fairview staff! No balls to do the right thing! Shame on you Steve Jobs for not instructing your staff! Why do they go to our entrance, take video evidence of the support for their products and then screw us over?!?! Shame on me for still buying an iPhone 4 but I got one bitches and I am a slave to the altar of Apple!!!
    As far as reception here is my observation: at my office-1 bar (may be normal dropping and rising)drop in 5 mins of “death grip” but at home a drop of 4bars to just 1 bar within 15-25 sec and then up back again! I made a call while at 1 bar and no problem or droppng of call. So is it software or interpretation of signal strength? Who knows..but I LOVE my iPhone 4!!

  • Gary

    Download the free “iphone 4 case” app from app store on your phone. You can get the free bumper or a different case there and order it free from apple through the app

  • Anonymous
  • Lexicon44

    Try the iPhone 4 with firmware 4.0.1. I'm able to reproduce 1-2 bars lost while gripping the phone.

  • newfette

    Im in newfoundland and i Looooooove my iPhone4, no waiting in laine cause I used to work for a dealer and they put one away for me so I went and got it after all the crowds had left. no death grip problems at all. got my case ordered through the free program. The phone itself is amazing and I'm so so so happy I ditched the berry for this :o)

  • Fred17

    just in case you didn't know, a case is not for only resolving the antenna issue. If you plan to use your phone for a long time, and the fact once in a while people drop their phone, then a case/bumper is a very good idea. An unlocked $649 or $749 without any protection plan (like there is for Rogers) or case/bumper is a bad investment IMO.

  • Jburt

    bought unlocked iPhone…moving up from 3G it's astoundingly different.

    Loving the camera, voice-control, facetime, headset with volume – great speaker too…just discovered Nike plus…loving it!

    No antenna issues – yes gripping will decrease bars by one or two…but cannot get a call to drop etc…so no antenna issues here in Vancouver / N Van / Burnaby !

  • BeRnMac

    I for one think it is complete nonsense to have to have a special case on a phone so that you don't lose signal (I wonder how well this case even works?). Iphone 4 still has issues that should have been corrected by now… It just launched yesterday in Canada with these antenna problems still. They tested the phone before launching it and were clearly well aware of the signal problems but did nothing about it since they knew people would still buy it because its an apple product. Customers that have been warned about these issues and still purchase an iphone4….well you can see where I am going with that comment. No 4G networks in Canada only 3G, so Apple nice try on blaming the issues on the companies with 4G networks in the States. I did have a good laugh when I went to apples website though. They try and attack some of the other manufactures out there with images showing models that have similar problems with the antenna. Sorry apple my blackberry works just fine no matter how I hold it.

  • BeRnMac

    Oh and for all you out there that read this I work for a mobile carrier in Canada and I am annoyed with people coming back to complain about the iphone4 issues…you knew it was an issue before you bought it so why buy it even after you have been warned?

  • Any tips on where a 32gb iPhone 4 can be found today. Locked to Fido?

  • hilltv

    how do we get this free case

  • Scooby

    iPhone 4 on Fido in Montreal has Great reception, not a drop with the “death grip”

  • DinTO

    Just bought the unlocked 32GB iPhone 4 at the Eaton Centre – was in/out in less than 30 min. Everyone wanting a locked variant were stuck waiting in the line outside. Did the 'deathgrip' test and I did not experience any 'dropped bars'. I do live in the dt core and have a decent signal (Rogers). I'll try again after finishing the 4.0.1 update – in progress now. is negotiation time with Rogers Client Retention … ugh.

  • Adrian

    There's an app for that

  •  Xaroc

    We are tired of them too. Funny thing is your complaining to us about
    them complaining to you

  • Victoria

    I'm on virgin in Vancouver and I can recreate it… granted it takes an extreme positioning of my hands but still it drops 3 bars in a minute. I have the bumper though so it's not really a problem but it does exist.

  • Cgomboc

    Death grip is not a problem in calgary or lethbridge on the bell network. But the availablity of Bell Iphones is none exisistence I think there are mabey max 20 iphones total for bell in lethbridge. I know lethbridge is small in comparison to calgary or toronto but still 20 phones for 80 000 people. Terrible

  • Jason

    A friend of mine tested his yesterday afternoon, no matter what we did we could not get it to drop. We even had 4 hands on it!

  • Armani2

    I agree that if signal strength is good enough you will not experience a antenna problem, ever try to get it to happen in a apple store? I think every store has a cell site within LOL..

  • Omar

    Picked up my iPhone yesterday from Rogers. After I upgraded to 4.0.1 I did notice the bar drop when I cover the antenna, but it hasnt caused any calls to drop or prevent the internet from loading. When doing a speed test though you can see that it does cause some interference. I went from download speeds of 3.1Mb/s to .3-.5mb/s…but the phone still worked perfectly fine, just a bit slower.

    On a side note, as anyone else done a speed test on Rogers and noticed really odd upload speeds? I got upload speeds equal to or greater then my download speeds…which usually is never the case

  • BeRnMac

    lol hey if they are allowed to complain so am I

  •  Xaroc

    Lol yes. I just wanted to point that out lol ^_~

  • Artie

    which carrier are you on?

  • asdmd

    Hey Ex or Gary, I know this is the wrong area to post this, but I was wondering if we go do a post on the pro/cons of the free cases once you download the iphone case app. There are so many there, and its hard to tell from a picture. On the flip side many iphoneincanada readers might have some input on which case is best. The ones listed on the app are as follows:

    1. Apple iphone 4 bumber
    2. Incase Snap Case for iphone (smoke or clear)
    3. Belkin Shield Micra for iphone
    4. Griffin Motif iphone (diamonds/smoke or black/black graphite)
    5. Specked fitted case iphone(black tartan or pixel skin)
    6. Griffin perforated silicone (black or white)

    Which is best?

  • swag

    I had my phone at 7.30am yesterday. This phone has antennagate! Big time. Only with the left hand though.

  • DaveMcG

    Hmm.. The phone I got already had 4.0.1 installed which surprised me. Guess it's a newer one! 🙂

  • Dicin

    Fixed my issue it was a deffective phone. the new iPhone famous grip.

  • Dicin

    Fixed my issue with the iPhone 4. It was a deffective phone. Now reception is great even when held with the famous grip.

  • Onne2slick

    Mine doesn't drop bars as well when I hold it a certain way.

  •  Xaroc

    I just bought a screen protector and a grey ifrags case. No problems.
    Before the I had minor issues, but I just moved the finger that rested
    near the line at the bottom left. That too fixed the issue

  • Anonymous

    One day after launch, and every store is sold out. I'm not an obsessive, crazed apple fan, but wow. I didn't expect it to be this popular. Anyone know when new shipments will come in? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

  •  Xaroc

    Before I got my case, would only drop 1-2 bars no big deal. Holding it
    different goes a long way if your not entirely

  • Patrick

    I bought mine and although I can make the bars disappear by covering my antenna, it doesn't affect the call quality? I don't know if this is specific to my phone but I made and maintained a call with zero bars… Anyone else have that happen?

    Also, is there a reason my iPhone says that payment processing is unavailable with regards to my itunes account? Any clues?

  • Chris

    I'm in Vancouver in Kitsilano and I updated to 4.01 right after activation. I can drop the bars from 3 to nothing with 1 finger over the lower left corner. Dead easy.

  •  Xaroc

    Word is this coming tuesday. But I would call around that time to confirm

  • Kk

    30 mins? I called the Apple store in Eaton Centre this morning for a unlocked one but they said it will take at least 3 hours in the line so I decided to wait.

  • Zilly

    I want one ;( Someone helllp me!! I got the very first iPhone waaay back in '08. I got it knowing full well i wouldnt have service where i live… but i wanted it that bad. So i played with it for 6 mos and passed my 3 yr rogers contract off to my cousin. I havent had one Since. Now i WANT THIS phone! The thing is.. the ONLY service i get here is sasktel. Do I keep waiting? Do I go with rogers knowing i wont have service? I do have wifi in my house… Do I buy unlocked from apple? Sasktel said unlocked 4's from apple store 'wont work' on their system. Oh yeah and also, sasktels new network wont be no where near complete in my area any time soon. wtf? wtf to do??

  • “Fanboy sheep” is a little much. The vast majority of people who bought the iPhone 4 either didn't know about the problem or didn't care about it

    A “flawed piece of hardware” from Apple is way better than a fully functional product from RIM, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.

    I've owned dozens of cell phones and portable computers over the years. The three best are the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G — in that order.

  • raids1025

    Just wonderin'..iPhone 4 sold in the US have no sim ejector. I bought the unlocked version yesterday and surprised to see the included ejector. For those HUP iPhone and locked to providers, do you have sim ejector included?

  • Thanks!

  • Sleepydoc

    Just a note for those of us who go to the prarries ie saskatchewan, manitoba Northern Ontario, I was just informed by Bell that no the Iphone4 will not work there as there is NO HSPDA service an there will be none for some time. I cant use my Nokia 6350 either. So beware if you have to travel the service for this new generation is not there!!!

  • Junior

    If I cover the the antenna when I hold the phone it sometimes breaks up but I have yet to get a dropped call, but the reception does get pretty bad. I am in Vancouver, Canada. The problem is not the provider, it's the phone. I just got the phone yesterday and noticed the problem right away.

  • funk

    it's just people over reacting. but then again att sucks. i did the test and it only dropped 2 bars. no matter how long i held it i still always had them half-filled. im with bell btw. the antenna thing was blown way out of proportion. i mean you have to kinda go out of your way to make the antenna short out. using it normally day to day it's fine. people made such a big deal about it. honestly not a problem at all and im glad i ignored the whole issue because this phone is flippin incredible.

  • Hst20202010

    Thank-You for all your help & time.Harj

  • Jamie

    I want to also say as a few others have, thanks for all the hard work guys.

    Got my iPhone 4 at Yorkdale, waiting from 9pm. Was fun!

  • Dollardprod

    the pb is not the antenna. the glass is very very fragile.
    i dropped it when i was on a chair. it falled on the back with a protection.
    the choc wave breaks the front glass!
    apple told me they have to replace the device cause their is no glass available to fix it yet. 260 doll!

    i also have a friend who break the rear glass..
    1st cell i broke in 13yrs… and my previous iphoens falled for war far than this one…

    i guess it could become the glassesgate in few week if it keep going this way…

  •  Xaroc

    I got one with my hup upgrade inside the book

  • Do you mean to say “I’m in Calgary, CAN’T get my phone to drop it’s signal”? Or are you happy that you CAN drop a signal because then you get a free case. If so, you do realize that you can get a free case whether or not you’re truly experiencing the problem.

    Most importantly, what network are you on in Calgary?

  • Do you mean to say “I’m in Calgary, CAN’T get my phone to drop it’s signal”? Or are you happy that you CAN drop a signal because then you get a free case. If so, you do realize that you can get a free case whether or not you’re truly experiencing the problem.

    Most importantly, what network are you on in Calgary?

  • AppleFly

    I did a speed test with the “” app and when I held it in the sweet spot, my download/upload speeds went nuts.

    Not holding spot: Down – 0.69 Mbps Up – 0.09 mbps
    Holding spot: Down – 0.14 mbps Up – stayed blank so 0

    I'm with Rogers and have a 32 Gb iPhone 4

  • AppleFly

    My readings seem really tempermental… Anyone have a better suggestion for a speed test app?

  •  Xaroc

    Yikes .69 is terrible before you even hold it >.<

  • Supera

    i know i am late….but anyone know where i can get a rogers iphone in mississauga/toronto?….know when the next shipment of iphones is? thanks

  •  Xaroc

    Word is Tuesday from apple rep. They were pretty sure but not 100% but
    I would call around that time

  • APploholic

    u dont even own an iPhone 4….. just another Apple hater… oh boy

  • hi

    “there is a problem when you touch that spot”, thats what she said haha

  • hi

    “there is a problem when you touch that spot”, thats what she said haha

  • JfromK

    I was holding the silver band of the iPhone 4 with my finger tips while taking a call. I accidently let my pinky finger tip slide down to “The Spot” and my call dropped, I immediately lifted my finger when the voice on the other end got cut off and thankfully the call recovered. but it was most definately an “Antennagate” issue..

  • Noahattic

    don't be childish or a hardcore fan without reason. of course i own an iphone 4. i am a guy who lined up 5 hours for the damn phone. i am also a guy who dares to admit the phone ain't perfect and steve jobs and his team fucked up about the antennas.

    if the truth hurts you, apple “fan”, just go cry and buy an ipod touch, you will never hold it wrong.

  •  Xaroc

    Meh. I admit the phone has a small issue. But i also admit i love this phone to death.
    I dropped a call around, Reholding my phone i examined my positioning, and saw my error.
    A small change of my finger placement, issue is non existent anymore. Also now that i got a case the issue is never an issue.

    All in all i AM a fan boy, but im also a realist. whats real to me is the phone rocks. but like anything in this world, it can mess up, and it dose have a flaw depending on how you use it.

  • Timr99

    I like your website, but I honestly felt that your iphone launch day coverage severely lacked. For a gadget site that is dedicated to the iphone I would have hoped for more updates, not just “Telus releases iphone pricing…more to come….” for the entire day. This is arguably the biggest day for this blog on an annual basis, and I kept checking back for info on topics like availability and lineups and I found nothing like that. Or how about upgrade issues, etc. Having one big open thread doesn’t really suffice as coverage.

    Anyway, I hope that’s constructive criticism. I value what you do here, just thought I’d give my thoughts on on one particular aspect.



  • Timr99

    I like your website, but I honestly felt that your iphone launch day coverage severely lacked. For a gadget site that is dedicated to the iphone I would have hoped for more updates, not just “Telus releases iphone pricing…more to come….” for the entire day. This is arguably the biggest day for this blog on an annual basis, and I kept checking back for info on topics like availability and lineups and I found nothing like that. Or how about upgrade issues, etc. Having one big open thread doesn’t really suffice as coverage.

    Anyway, I hope that’s constructive criticism. I value what you do here, just thought I’d give my thoughts on on one particular aspect.



  • Carlysimps

    6GB – $30 plan? What? Please elaborate bro…

  • Carlysimps

    6GB – $30 plan? What? Please elaborate bro…

  • It’s a promo plan Rogers, probably some others are offering

  • It’s a promo plan Rogers, probably some others are offering

  • Jkchiu11

    I am with the bell network and I don't have any reception problem. iphone 4 is very good!!!

  • Drizzx

    Bell will have service in Sask as soon as SaskTel turns up their network.

  • Drizzx

    First off , you sound like a spoiled child who should never get their way. But that aside, SaskTel's network launches August 16th and will have the Rogers footprint on that date. It will quickly expand from there as they turn more towers up.

    SaskTel won't have the iPhone on that date but they will be allowing grey-market devices like the iPad and iPhone right away. A SaskTel locked iPhone will follow by several weeks, after which time Apple is satisfied the device works to their standard.

    A smart man would bide his time and wait those few weeks in order to have great coverage going forward, rather than going with Rogers and having poor/no coverage outside the major centers. Rogers has shown no interest in the past, nor likely too in the forseable future, in expanding their network in Saskatchewan. There is no money in it for them so why would they?

  • I was waiting in line getting my iPhone 4 and was blogging from the street.

    Real time updates were on twitter. It’s more efficient than constant blogging updates. Also, if you read comments on the blog people updated in real time. Thanks for the feedback.

  • I was waiting in line getting my iPhone 4 and was blogging from the street.

    Real time updates were on twitter. It’s more efficient than constant blogging updates. Also, if you read comments on the blog people updated in real time. Thanks for the feedback.

  • mackman6151

    you are the best….Tdot rules! 😀

  • Enjoy the iPhone 4 guys!

  • Officerjmac

    Waited in line at the Eatons Centre. Got my Iphone 4 32Gig Around 3 Pm.

    As far as the Antenna Issue, it definately is there but it certainly isnt as bad as people are trying to make it out i got like 4.5Megs down and .6 Megs up with no Deathgrip and like 2.7 Megs down and .3 Megs Up With the Deathgrip so a little less than half signal strength, and thats when im Trying to Make it stop, In reality if we all werent Specifically looking for it to have issues we probably wouldnt notice it at all. but Due to the media nonsence most people are watching the Signal Bars so much they are Neglecting the Beautiful “Retina Display” that there eyes SHOULD be Glued too.

    I give Iphone 4 10/10 and the Eatons Center Apple Store Workers a 10/10 for making my wait in line as enjoyable as possible and my expierience with Apple that much better.

  • Noahattic

    there's nothing wrong to be a fan. but, being a fan who cannot accept any “bad” reviews is just childish. as i said, i love this phone. it's awesome!

    on the design flaw, i suspect the issue with reception isn't a big deal in canada. our average signal strength is much better than our south neighbor. but it seems like the antennagate affects the data transmission a lot, especially the uploading. i am still testing my own solution to this.. i will come up with it when i am done.

  •  Xaroc

    “there's nothing wrong to be a fan. but, being a fan who cannot accept any “bad” reviews is just childish”
    Well said, and i agree 100%

  • KC

    I did not get my iphone 4.
    But I played with couple of them in apple store and they all had signal drop with my left hand holding iphone touching bottom-left corner of the phone.

  • KC

    yet I am still getting it….when it is available

  • Chad

    I can definitely reproduce the issue. I did some tests in my downtown Calgary apartment on the Rogers network. I was consistently getting around 1 to 1.5 Mbps (as high as 2.4 once) down and 2 to 3 Mbps up when holding the phone “correctly”. When I bridged the antennae on the left side with my finger or my hand the download speeds dropped to around 0.5 Mbps and the upload speeds went to around 0.1. Not much grip was required to achieve this result; casually holding it the wrong way will do it. If I gripped really hard the speeds went to about 0.

    I also tried a test call in which I held the phone in my left hand in the normal way I would hold it, and the call was fine. But when I touched that area on the lower left (which is actually an unnatural hold for me) the person on the other end reported that I became unintelligible, and when I kept it up for long enough (5-10 seconds?) the call dropped.

    However, this is not enough to make me dislike the phone. I had already read enough to expect this behaviour, and I just don't think it's a big deal. The way I naturally hold the phone on a call this doesn't happen. The way I naturally hold it during web browsing, etc., it could, but it's an easy thing to avoid.

    Incidentally, a piece of tape over the area was not enough to significantly mitigate the problem. Something thicker (like the bumper I guess) would be required. Like I said, I don't see the need though.

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Chad

    Oh, and incidentally, I love everything else about the phone. The gorgeous industrial design, the amazing screen resolution, the speed (even a bit snappier than my 3GS), etc.

  • Supera


  • rorypiper

    I have had mixed results. When I'm out and about the town, I test it everywhere. Typically, I can't drop any bars. When I'm in a low signal area, I can definitely replicate the attenuation issue. That being said, I have yet to drop a call, or notice any issue in call quality.

  • What we should all be talking about and bringing to light is how iOS 4 has all but bricked the iPhone 3G. Think about it. Though I am soon to upgrade my old 3G. I find it frustrating trying to do menial tasks I used to do with ease.

    I am a huge apple supporter. Always have been. But I can't help feel left out in the cold on this one.

    I think there should be a whole new thread on this blog concerning this issue now that the hype over the new iPhone has peaked.

    Pipe up and let's hear what some of you out there have to say.

  •  Xaroc

    A quick bandaid for the time being is turn off your spotlight search
    options ( settings > general > home > search ) uncheck everything,
    then restart your phone. It's a quick fix until 4.1 comes out. (I'm
    beta testing it, and yes apple is working on the 3G slowness issue
    with positive results)

  • Jhakshk

    its a piece of crap…got it today and am getting no signal in buildings where i used to have atleast 4-5 bars…:@:@:@ F*** Steve jobs

  • APploholic

    Then sell it for the price you bought in eBay there are 100s to buy…. Don’t just complain …. I ain’t a apple fanboy… When they produce crap products like Apple Tv I complain… The death grip issue is over hyped….. I’m sorry to think that you didn’t buy it in the first place…

  • APploholic

    Then sell it for the price you bought in eBay there are 100s to buy…. Don’t just complain …. I ain’t a apple fanboy… When they produce crap products like Apple Tv I complain… The death grip issue is over hyped….. I’m sorry to think that you didn’t buy it in the first place…

  • JonnyDub

    lol, they should make a commercial for it.

  • JonnyDub

    lol, they should make a commercial for it.

  • Fasdfds

    actually it does drop signal in Canada I tried with my unlocked iphone 4 with Fido (which is owned by roger and uses same towers) but the lowest I could go was to 1 bar, never went below 1 bar or complete loss of signal, I think if you go to an area with weak reception you will be able to create the deathgrip/signal loss but its surely not like the U.S

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  • dewa

    Does Locked iphone have better signal than the factory unlock ? can someone help me to answer my question. My new iphone 4 (unlock) has weaker signal than my old 3g (locked) while I am not holding the phone.

  • dewa

    Does Locked iphone have better signal than the factory unlock ? can someone help me to answer my question. My new iphone 4 (unlock) has weaker signal than my old 3g (locked) while I am not holding the phone.

  • Frazer

    Well Kelowna was already lined up- so I went to Vernon! hah

  • Frazer

    Well Kelowna was already lined up- so I went to Vernon! hah

  • Frazer

    Well Kelowna was already lined up- so I went to Vernon! hah

  • Frazer

    It came as 4.0.1, fool.

  • Frazer

    It came as 4.0.1, fool.

  • Frazer

    It came as 4.0.1, fool.

  • Frazer

    Hey man! Vernon was where its at! Goto Fido! Email me and ill hook u up w/ some details!

  • Frazer

    Hey man! Vernon was where its at! Goto Fido! Email me and ill hook u up w/ some details!

  • Frazer

    Hey man! Vernon was where its at! Goto Fido! Email me and ill hook u up w/ some details!

  • Fraze

    t h e f r a z e t h a t p a y s @ g m a i l . c o m

  • Fraze

    t h e f r a z e t h a t p a y s @ g m a i l . c o m

  • Fraze

    t h e f r a z e t h a t p a y s @ g m a i l . c o m

  • I purchased an iPhone 4 myself, switching from Rogers to Telus (I live in Newfoundland… Rogers is pitiful here) and I haven't had the antenna issue either… I was able to recreate the issue once, when my hand was a little sweaty, and it still only dropped one or two bars. Nothing dropped. Every other time I've tried to recreate the issue, nothing's happened. Nada.
    This issue is TOTALLY blown out of proportion, mostly because of the original faulty bar algorithm… it's simply the product of both AT&T's terribleness and a loud minority.

  • Mike S

    Give us a update if you dont mind how it goes today

  •  Xaroc

    No, they are the same. Signal strength depends on the carrier 20% of the signal strength CAN be because of the phone design. Unlocked/Locked will be exactly the same signal strength

  • KnightFire

    Hey! That ring looks familiar… got mine from Spence.

  • Alkie4ever

    My company's I.T. gives the same theory……. I played with his iPhone 4 and it works perfectly! U.S. sucks, ha ha

  • L A

    Did your phone had 4.0 or 4.01?

  • Markwilliam

    Really!? In Halifax me signal is really bad. I am used to having 5 bars no matter where I am with me 3g and with the 4 I get between 1 and 3 bars, If i Touch the side it drops to zero bars of 3g and then to about 3 bars on EVDO. It really shocking. I am waiting for my invisi-shield to dry and i’ll play with it more. I don’t talk on the phone much so i shouldn’t worry about dropped calls. But it is definitely more drastic than I expected.

  • JeeLord

    No drop with Fido in Montreal too!

  • Juan B. Rodriguez

    iPhone “death grip” could be reproduced with an iPhone 4 on Rogers in Sherbrooke City, Quebec. Went down from 4-5 bars to 1-2 bars. Tried it on an iPhone 4 on Bell network and was unable to reproduce it here in Sherbrooke since signal seems outstanding but definitively can be reproduced in Victoriaville, Sherbrooke where signal is lower.

  • Juan B. Rodriguez

    iPhone “death grip” could be reproduced with an iPhone 4 on Rogers in Sherbrooke City, Quebec. Went down from 4-5 bars to 1-2 bars. Tried it on an iPhone 4 on Bell network and was unable to reproduce it here in Sherbrooke since signal seems outstanding but definitively can be reproduced in Victoriaville, Quebec where signal is lower

  • Emjunk43

    Since the software update my 3G runs slower and i only get 3 bars. Tried to post this on my 3G but it crashed on the moble site and ran really slow (only when adding a comment).

  • Rivest

    Yes, I do suffer from the antenna problem. I'm a lefty so using my iPhone 4 without a case drops reception completly 🙁

  • Clusty1

    Even 3gs has death grip issues.
    Holding it in a certain manner makes you lose 3 bars

  • Tine2105

    My iPhone 4 does drop signal when held over the little black lines. It has also dropped a call. I don't really care, I'll just go get a case at best buy for now, since I've already ordered my case from apple.

    The only thing that does bother me is that the reception is really bad inside my condo. I have to step outside to take phonecalls! I didn't have this problem with my sony w580i. It went down a few bars in the bedroom, but I could still take/make calls…. Since my intention was to cancel my home phone number when I got the iPhone to even out costs, it's a disappointment – I obviously can't do it now…

  • Edcampanella

    I hear ya man, same thing happens to me guess I'm just gonna have to suck it up and buy a case…which I didn't want to do, oh well lol

  • Gentic

    What was tested by Consumer Reports in the US points to a real RF issue with the iPhone 4. The characteristic of any RF device is a function of the design as well as its immediate surrounding environment. So, a human hanking ANY cell phone actually modifies the radiation pattern and the sensitivity of the device. In other words you become an extension of the antenna. Good RF design takes in consideration this reality. It seems that iPhone RF designers did non quite deal properly with this constraint. Let's face it, the RF designer already have to deal with lots of constraint mainly related to the physical presentation of the device, the real estate available to incorporate the antenna etc.

    You are right in saying that AT&T network is poorly implemented. The handover parameters between the cells are crucial in providing smooth coverage. As a Fido user I can testify of that. When Rogers acquired Fido and when they changed the BTS / BSC then we started to experience all sort of weird coverage issues and dropped calls. As of today this is still an issue. This has nothing to do with the cell phones being used. It just adds to it.

    So, as a result and as a conclusion: I do trust the report coming out of Consumer Report and I will wait for Apple to re-spin their iPhone RF Design before letting my 3GS device. This means that I will wait until next year's device with a hope to see an improve battery life. As a former Black Berry designer and user I miss the quality of a device that holds its battery charge for 3 to 4 days. My iPhone 3GS requires a daily recharge ! that is a real pain to have to switch off 3G / Wifi / Location services etc. I feel like the guy in “Green Acres” !!!!!

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  • Robert

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I picked up my new iPhone 4 yesterday and that it has nowhere near the same signal strength as my old G3. This is very upsetting.

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  • Bill

    mine seems ok so far as grip but in my office i am often down to 1 bar or 0 whereas on my last phone on bell was great in my office…still on bell but performance in my office is definitely worse than old ilook at my phone now on desk it is two bars out of 5 only and then will jump to 5.

  • Phil DeMario

    If it’s true that the bumper was not designed just to resolve the antenne, why does it not cover the back of the phone, incase the phone is dropped against a protruding object and it lands back first? The back is a glass material instead of the black hardened case backing like the other phones. If such a drop happened, you’d have a nice fat while line down your case.

    Also, it sounds like you’re saying, “If you paid $650-750 on a phone that looks really sweet and you don’t want to take away it’s aesthetic appeal, you’re making a bad investment.” Here’s a thought… don’t drop your phone.

    Whether or not I choose to put the case on is irrelevant. Stating that everyone should be using the Apple bumper in the first place is ignorant.

  • Trololololo

    That’s not an Ad Hominem. Ad Hominems are personal attacks, and though his comment is illogical, working for RIM pays well while working for the pizza shop that he works at – does not.

    Oh man, I dun’ed an AdHom 2! oh el oh el oh el!

  • skull

    I'm on Fido in downtown Toronto. The death grip is real, especially when signal is weak. At home, death gripping the phone slows down 3g but doesnt kill signal and has no effect on voice calls. In class (at U of T) as well as my girlfriend's dorm room (again, U of T) death grip completely kills the signal.

  • dude


  • Higgins_tyler

    if your gonna show a test with the signal strength please show a picture of you placing your finger on the gap instead of your hand covering the bottom portion of the phone. I test an iphone 4 on display at a rogers location and i touched the gap with really bad results. The signal dropped to one bar from full bars.

  • Same here. My download Suffers Half degradation it seems, where my Upload flops completely.

  • Drei_Coolio

    Absolutely no problems. The phone is blazing fast and the best thing on the market. I do believe Apple fixed the problem though i talked to rogers and they were saying they fixed the problem right at the Canadian launch, and that is why Canada had such low stock in the phone, because US also wanted the “fixed phone”. I’ve had it for a few days and no problems what so ever, I’m actually getting better signal than my 3G so I am more than satisfied with this phone! Great Buy!

  • Sorry guys! but I’m from MTL, got my iphone 4 a week and a half ago. worked fine for 4 days.. then suddenly (after the system crash of FIDO), no service basically everywhere I go (including places that has 5 bars!) My boyfriend also has an iphone 4, and his, it’s at full reception. Right now, I have no reception at home! I called FIDO many times, and the only solution … is to visit APPLE STORE’s Genius to get my phone replaced! SIGH

  • Karim

    Hello I have a Iphone 4G with bell mobility and yes the loss of signal is there and quite often so you say
    you had no signal loss ha.
    i would like to know please which planet do you use your Iphone on.
    all we ask is call it as you see it no stories and do not butter it up.

  • Fred

    i am looking for more info but i manage around 15 iphone 4 in my company and i have to say that rogers coverage with it is not good. Basically i have a user that never had problems with a 3gs and is having hell with an iphone 4. Even when he is not handling the iphone, if it is in his table there are several problems with reception fluctuating and no signal at all.

  • I am very able to kill the signal on mine just by holding it “wrong.” If I only have 1-2 bars for some reason the call WILL fail. so its still a problem for me, I just got mine on tuesday sept 7.

  • Mine too. But case fixes all ^_^. even with that issue, almost all my
    friends including myself use cases anyways heh so all is well. The
    phone is still totally worth it in my books. Congrats on getting one

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  • Aria

    May i know what is the production week of your iphone 4 ? (4 and 5th numbers of the phone’s serial number)

  • Epgomez

    That’s not true. The deathgrip is real. I can prove it with my iphone 4 Fido…Dont be in denial. It’s real.

  • Stefanvasiljevic

    Im from kitciner,fido net,& I have a problem…. Strong signal is the answer to you not having prob…

  • Stefanvasiljevic

    So you don’t have probs with new one???

  • Nj_Millar

    I am on the Rogers network in London and for the most part I am only in 2-3 bars. I have had missed calls, but have only dropped 2 although I was not in a bad area or anything.

  • Chadvdk

    I’m in Vancouver, Canada. I have had a cell phone for over 12 years and the iPhone 4 is the first phone that has dropped my calls.

    I’ve just received my iPhone 4 over two weeks ago and I have had the complete opposite effect from what you have written. I don’t have to ‘grip’ the phone hard. My finger just has to be lightly touching/brushing the antenna area and I loose bars. It will keep loosing bars until my call DROPS.

    The antenna is faulty and they need to fix it. I think there are too many people that just put up with it so all of the faulty issues just don’t get reported. But it definitely has to happen more often than what Apple says. The iPhone 4 is crap. Don’t buy it. If you have bought make Apple fix it for you.

  • Anon

    I recently purchased my iPhone 4. Dec 2010. Yup, I have the antenna issue. When I palm x marks the spot in the lower left part of the phone, the reception bars drop from 4 down to 1. According to my serial number, my phone was manufactured in week 35.

  • Anon

    And yes, I have the latest 4.2.1 firmware update.

  • Chris

    Sorry, byt my test today and over the past two days in downtown Toronto – King & Parliament – clearly shows signal loss and dropoffs when holding the phone just the right way. Putting a cover on it solved the issue and as well, made the slippery little thing easier to hold.

  • Methos

    um your iphone gets EVDO ?