iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S: Rogers Network Speedtest [VIDEO]


During Apple’s ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event, the company explained the iPhone 4S would feature 2X faster downloads compared to the iPhone 4. Maximum data speeds on HSDPA networks showed the iPhone 4S with a theoretical 14.4Mbps download versus 7.2Mbps on the iPhone 4 (images via Engadget):


Are these claims accurate, and are they noticeable in Canada? I used the app to put the Rogers network to the test. The results? iPhone 4S download speeds nearly doubled the iPhone 4 as advertised. Of course, your mileage may vary based on your location and carrier network.

The loading of webpages in Safari over 3G were also noticeably faster, as this is a result of both the A5 chip and faster download speeds. Check out a video of my tests below:

What are your iPhone 4S network speeds? Tell us below in the comments using the following example format:

Download Speed (Mbps):


  • Tony

    I just used speedtest on my Rogers iphone 3G and it clocked at download speed of just 1.03Mbps! When i get the iphone 4s it will be 7X faster! i cant wait! This is even faster than my home internet!

  • Hawk99

    I’m getting 6.7 Mbps on the down and between 1 and 2 Mbps on the up – Rogers 3G in Toronto

  • Jake

    Download speed: 2.39Mbps
    iPhone 4S

  • Carrier: Rogers
    Download Speed (Mbps): 5.46 (Waterfront Friday @ 11am)
    Download Speed (Mbps): 5.46 (Oakridge Friday @ 6:30pm)
    Download Speed (Mbps): 7.34 (UBC Sat @ 5pm)

  • Anonymous

    Great Post! I’ve been wondering what real world tests would reveal.

  • BurleyShells

    I consistently get 4-6Mb download with fido, curious as to what it would be with the 4s 😮

  • BurleyShells

    This is in mississauga

  • iPhone 4

    Rogers, Victoria, BC

    0.31 Mbps down.


  • BurleyShells

    And that’s with my iPhone 4.

    Bahh been at work all day today, this should’ve been all one comment lol

  • Okay. Killed all other apps and got 2.02 Mbps down. Better.

  • Anonymous

    Carrier: Fido
    Download Speed (Mbps): 2.57 (Parksville, BC, on Vancouver Island 5:45 pm)
    Upload Speed (Mbps): 0.28

    Meh, that’s unimpressive, but down to the network capacity, etc.  This is a pretty small city, and it should likely be much better than that, heh.  Oh well.  What can you do.  On wifi it’s certainly better than the ancient 3G it just replaced.  I get 15.22 Mbps down and 6.54 Mbps up on the wifi at home.

  • I just tested my iPhone 4 on Rogers (Winnipeg) and got 5.73 mbps down and 1.44 mbps up. Not bad for an “old” phone.



  • I am getting 4.5 to 5.5mbps down and 1.5 to 2mbps up on an iPhone 4. I live less than 1km from the tower though.

  • Matt Shacklady

    Bell – iPhone 4s – Guelph
    Down: 6.49 – 6.93Mbps
    Up: 1.71 – 2.26

  • Matt Shacklady

    Bell – iPhone 4s – Guelph
    Down: 6.49 – 6.93Mbps
    Up: 1.71 – 2.26

  • Amitpaulrana

    iPhone 4 – 12-13 Mbps download
    – 3 Mbps upload

  • Jsjsj

    6.03 download 1.10 upload

  • iPhone 4S
    Carrier: Bell Mobility (Toronto)
    Download Speed: 2.20 MbpsUpload Speed: 0.04 Mbps 

    Really regretting the switch over from Rogers with these speeds.

  • Tony

    so in US their 3G is at 13 Mbps? Bunch of spoil brats and complaining. Who needs 4G?

  • Petfeld

    .50 to 1.00 download and .10 to .20 upload on Rogers near London ont. I just might switch to bell!

  • Sparky

    Gary, Gary, Gary… Did you say you were going to wait for the next iPhone (after the iPhone 4S because the iPhone 4 was fine)? Haha it’s all good. I wonder how many people upgraded after saying they wouldn’t.

    iPhone 4, Rogers, Kingston, ON

    Down: 6.11 mb
    Up: 1.81 mb

    It’ll be interesting to see how much faster the 4S is.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like Wifi to me…  😉

  • Richard

    Wow, you guys are getting decent speeds. On Fido in Calgary, I’m getting 0.3 down, 0.9 up. When I close all apps, I get 0.5 down, 1.0 up.

  • Richard

    That’s with iPhone 4

  • Emaileddyli

    Why so low??? Less than 3mbps???

  • I did–but my wife was waiting to use my iPhone 4 😉

  • Sparky

    Sounds good to me. 🙂

  • Ed Araquel

    iPhone 4S
    Fido, Vancouver, BC8.21Mbps Up
    1.09Mbps Down

  • Nick

    Montreal I’m getting 10.16 download and 3.19 upload. That on the new iPhone 4/S. on iPhone 4 I was getting half of that. WOW!!!

  • Telus in Muskoka;

    iPhone 4
    U: 2.61
    D: 2.70

    iPhone 4S
    U: 4.69
    D: 4.38


  • Dreadnot

    i wonder if tethering on 4gs is capped at 2 mbps?

  • slav

    No their 3G is 2mb download if theyre lucky, speeds in the US suck balls

  • Tjmcd1

    fido niagara falls
    download: 12.28mb
    upload: 5.00mb
    on my 4s
    i should add that I’m within ear shot of one of fidos hspa+ towers so I’m very happy with that

  • Kellie Inkster

    Tested it on 3GS (can’t try the 4S until I get it)
    1.58 download
    .17 upload
    (Location, Toronto)

  • Kellie Inkster


  • Outerheaven26

    In Woodbridge Ontario I’m getting 2.75mbps DL and 0.05mbps with Bell…meh…not that impressive

  • Outerheaven26

    Even with their almighty Verizon, they don’t get the speeds the big three here gives us. I love this country!

  • Twlaughton

    hey! that was my excuse as well

  • Anonymous

    Very impressive lol.

  • cilias

    In Markham ON, on Rogers with iPhone 4:
    6.05 Mbps

  • SandmanMTL

    iPhone 4S
    Downtown Montreal
    1-4 Mbps download
    1.0 Mbps upload
    Not impressed

  • Thunder6290

    I ran the test side by side on University and Dundas with full antenna and the speed was the same.
    4S was a little faster but not as much as some comments here.

  • Anonymous

    About 2.8 Mbps Up and 1.0 Mbps down on the new 4S on Rogers in Calgary. Brutal.

  • Atcaa

    Its bell what do you expect.  

  • Carrier: Telus
    Download Speed: 
    Trial 1: 10.83 Mbps
    Trial 2: 14.60 Mbps
    Trial 3: 11.91 Mbps

  • Brian

    iP4, Rogers in Brampton

    6 Down
    1 Up

    Getting 4S soon… can’t wait to see the speed!

  • That’s what I am getting on Bell. Even worse is the upload. My upload results are 100% consistent. I think Bell is throttling the upstream somehow. I have never seen over 40Kbps upload on any speed test.

    I have since been able to get speeds around 4-5 Mbps down, but not change on the upload.

  • iPhone 4SCarrier: Rogers (Downtown Montreal)Night Time:Download Speed: 4.14 MbpsUpload Speed: 2.94 Mbps
    Day Time Typically:Download Speed: 1.72 MbpsUpload Speed: 1.15 Mbps
    Still a significant improvement to the iPhone 3G I upgraded from:
    Download Speed: 1.02 MbpsUpload Speed: 0.25 Mbps

  • Anonymous

    I just got 6gb plan on bell and I downloaded os x lion. 10.7.2 (500 mb). It was lightning fast here in Edmonton. However the last 100megs was a crawl. Bell is obviously throttling.

  • Marc Dubois

    Bell Mobility, Vancouver

    1.54 DL
    3.20 UL

    Several tests with different servers and it’s consistently much slower than I expected.

  • Nikolas H

    Carrier is Bell Mobility, NS
    iPhone 4s

    UL: 0.66mbps
    DL: 5.22mbps
    Ping 158ms

    UL: 1.39mbps
    DL: 4.27mbps
    Ping 169ms

    Hmm, i guess these speeds suck for 3G.. my wifi speeds were double this

  • Fisoman

    I feel you boss, consistently 2-3 down, 1 up north Calgary.

  • Fido Vancouver:
    Download: 9.03 Mbps
    Upload: 2.68 Mpbs

  • D_enne

    my iphone 4s download speed on my wifi (time warner cable roadrunner turbo) is about 2.07 mbps, slower than my wife’s iphone 4 (2.72mbps why is that?

  • Chris

    iPhone 4, location Vienna/Austria/Europe

    Speedtest with 3G Download 5,43 MBit/s Upload 1,79 MBit/s Ping 49ms
    Speedtest WiFi Download 20,11 MBit/s Upload 6,19 MBit/s Ping 23ms

    Don´t know if that is good, but I am unhappy with my Facebook App. – it´s very slow and buggy 🙁