Rogers Quietly Increases Legacy ‘iPhone Value Pack’ to $24 Per Month


Rogers has increased the price of its legacy iPhone Value Pack to $24 per month, a jump of an additional $2 per month. The plan includes Call Display with Name Display, Visual Voicemail, plus unlimited SMS and MMS.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Troy, he had no notification the price was increasing, until he happened to spot it on his monthly bill. The iPhone Value Pack is an add-on to his grandfathered 6GB retention plan, which still has a 50% Value Pack Discount applied.

By increasing the price of legacy plans and add-ons, Rogers looks to push customers towards its newer Share Everything Plans, as these included updated pricing on data overages, one of the biggest wireless revenue generators for the company.

Back in 2013, Rogers offered an iPhone Value Pack add-on for $5 per month, which included Name Display, Visual Voicemail Plus and unlimited US and International SMS, along with WhoCalled. For an additional $7 per month, users had the option of adding Caller ID, rounding out options to $12 per month.

During the same time in 2013, Rogers had increased its monthly plans by an additional $5 per month, starting at $55 per month, for a plan with 1,000 daytime minutes, 6PM evenings and weekends, 150MB of data ($10/200MB overages), Caller ID, Enhanced Voicemail, unlimited SMS/MMS and Canada-wide calling from your computer or tablet via Rogers One Number.


  • Steve

    I have the iPhone value pack on my 6gb super plan. They did raise the price from $12.99 to $14.99. I was given one month notice and it was written on my previous bill.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Funny how other technology gets cheaper but somehow Rogers missed the memo on Moore’s law.

  • InternetUser

    I had the same price bump, but still can’t find the notice for the price increase on my previous bill. Which section did you find it in?

  • xeronine992

    At what point does it stop being a “value pack”? $24 is insane, even by the big 3’s standards!

  • Steve

    It was on my April bill on page 2:

    At Rogers, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality wireless
    communications. It’s what drives us to invest in our network and bring you
    quality products you’ve come to expect. To continue delivering the best
    possible service, the monthly service fee for your Wireless Value Pack(s)
    is increasing by $2 (per line plus applicable taxes) as of May 9, 2016.
    You can view your current monthly service fee in the Wireless section of
    this bill. All other aspects of your Value Pack will remain the same. This
    change is made in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code. If you wish
    to respond to this notice or have any questions, concerns or wish to modify
    or cancel your Value Pack, please reach out to us in any of the ways listed
    in the contact us section of this bill.

  • It’s Me

    Pretty much a Canadian phenomenon. Almost as a rule, technology gets better, faster, more powerful and cheaper. This happens in almost every tech sector and around the world with wireless. But in Canada we break that rule somehow.

  • karinatwork

    Nobody notified me. This is getting ridiculous.

  • MleB1

    Extraordinary that Rogers (and the others of The Big Three) can run so roughshod over what is essentially Contract Law 101, time and time again. Few other corporations could so freely alter the terms of a contract without requiring both parties to renegotiate it, or face the court system to do so. Oddly enough, their ‘subscribers’ aren’t afforded the same ability.

    I live in hope that someday some good samaritan with deep pockets initiates a Class Action on this – goodness knows neither the CRTC or Competition Bureau want to, y’know, defend consumer rights.

  • InternetUser

    Thanks for the info. My bill definitely didn’t have this excerpt yet my price increased anyway.

  • Ron

    Robbers has done it again. Hitting you with a hidden $2 charge. LOL