MyRogers for iPhone Update Adds Notifications and Message Centre


The MyRogers iPhone app has received an update to bring notifications plus a Message Centre, which the company says “so you can stay on top of your account, promotions, and events.”

Screenshot 2017 05 26 09 41 01

Aside from these couple additions, the app remains the same as before, plagued with issues according to reviews in iTunes. An early review of this update by “ArcticBanana” calls it ‘absolute garbage’, because there is still no external link to PDF bills and scrolling issues persist.

Screenshot 2017 05 26 09 37 40

Other critical reviews slam the app for failing to login properly, slow loading and ‘useless animations’ which has made the app sluggish and constant “having difficulties” error messages.

Back in January the app gained an update to link Small Business wireless accounts.

Click here to download MyRogers for iPhone in the App Store. Let us know what kind of notifications you’re able to get in this update.


  • I miss the TELUS app. It was the best App I’ve ever used. When I went to Rogers I felt it was sluggish right off the bat. But hey, I’m saving 30% so I can’t complain..

  • Ian

    I’ve had iPhones for 10 years and have hundreds of apps, and this app is the worst piece of junk. It never is able to log in, and I have done all kinds of troubleshooting. JUNK

  • So Young

    I’m on the same boat. I miss Telus for many aspects. I switched to rogers just because I pay less for the same plan. As soon as Telus will match this, I’ll probably come back.

  • raslucas

    It’s a wrapper around a webview. It’s the same in essence as what the Facebook app used to be before they went native.

    Rogers knows it’s cheaper to go Webview and thinking it’s good enough but it just isn’t.

    FYI though, the scrolling issue is a iOS issue involving the Webview itself and it will be fixed in a future update.