MyRogers ‘Spin to Win’ Contest Has $100,000 Worth of Prizes


If you haven’t been playing yet, Rogers recently launched (on June 28) their Spin to Win Contest within the MyRogers mobile app. Customers can login daily to “win cool prizes” until September 26, 2017.

Spin to win rogers

Players just spin the wheel for a chance to win gift cards, smartphones (no iPhones #sadpanda), free flights from Air Canada and more, totalling $100,000 worth of goodies:

  • Small draw prizes: 40 X $150 gift cards
  • Medium draw prizes: 65 wireless devices (ARV ranging between $1,049 and $1,199)
  • Large Draw Prizes: 5 X $5,000 Air Canada vouchers
  • Instant Prizes: 100 X $50 gift cards

Rogers says you don’t need to play within the MyRogers app—customers can also play online and save their entries to be activated the next time they log into their mobile app.

Some users claim the MyRogers app doesn’t work, with one user saying in the comments of the announcement “would be good if the app worked!! keeps making me go in circles…no help from anyone! seems like a complete waste of time using myrogers!”

Let us know if you end up winning a prize!


  • FragilityG4

    Works for me.

  • Sly C

    I also get the endless loop of frustration when trying to register. Typical Rogers

  • Dave

    I keep getting “Excessive amount of input errors detected” error when trying to log in.

  • So Young

    Works well for me, I entered 3 codes so I have 20 chances a day. The only thing I don’t understand well is how to register your entries. Do you just have to log in to the rogers app or you have to do something else?

  • P

    I guess no one has actually won anything…

  • P

    I guess no one has won anything

  • Decodering

    No dice for me either — can’t log in using the app no matter what I do. It won’t even send me a link to update my password because I “lost” it. I actually don’t get why you need to “log in” anyway, since the app has all my information already loaded when I open it.

    At least the app is otherwise useable, showing me the info I need. But they should really make sure the functionality works if they’re going to put a game in the app.

  • Richard Chiang

    I just got mine to work. What are the ways to get codes?