Reminder: Rogers/Fido To Increase Text Message Rate To $0.20 Per Message


Just a reminder from a report back in January 2011 that as of March 16, 2011, that’s in two days, Rogers/Fido will be increasing the per-message text message rate and all non-premium message rate to $0.20 from $0.15 per sent and received message.

Texts sent above the allotment included in a text plan or add-on will also be charged at the rate of 20¢. Please note that text plans and add-ons, including Value Packs will continue to include unlimited received texts at no charge.

Rogers postpaid (invoiced) customers will be notified of this rate change via a bill message starting January 14, 2011. Rogers prepaid customers will be notified of the change via text message starting mid-end January 2011.

Customers can save up to 61% and enjoy UNLIMITED received text messages1 when they subscribe to a text plan, add-on or Value Pack with a messaging bucket. If you already have a text plan/ messaging add-on, you will continue to receive texts at no charge as you do today.

    This rate change will apply to the following customers:
  • Pay-per-use text messaging customers (who do not subscribe to any type of text add-on)
  • Customers who DO NOT subscribe to an unlimited text messaging add-on
  • Customers who send more texts than those included in their text add-on allotment

As indicated, if you are in any kind of text messaging plan, you have nothing to worry about. But for anyone paying per-message right now, the rate is changing for the worse.

So if you don’t already have a text messaging plan, but do send/receive a few messages a month, maybe check out the Rogers text messaging add-ons so you are not paying additional fees.



  • Thank goodness I have a texting plan.
    But to be real for a second… isnt it pretty hard to find a plan that doesn’t have texting included?
    I cant think of a single person who doesn’t have texting, even people i know who hate texting have it in their plan lol

  • Ex

    Especially Fido, who includes text messaging in every plan.

    This is mostly for folks with grandfathered plans.

  • Exactly! ^_~
    I dont think this will be an issue for MOST people

  • Fragpants

    so you can help pay for the purchase of the toronto maple leafs, have fun

  • what? lol

  • Guest

    Rogers is rumoured to pick up the shares of MLSE that the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund is also rumoured to be dumping

  • Oh really… thanks for the heads up I never knew that. Cheers

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  • GreatGrannyE

    Or use the Talkatone or Beluga apps.

  • Guest

    How do they justify this price increase? Did they somehow make texting better? Or is it just Rogers taking more of our money?