Rogers ‘Roam Like Home’ Expands to Customers Without Share Everything Plans


Rogers launched Roam Like Home just over two years ago, its roaming add-on service only for customers on premium Share Everything plans. The service allows customers to roam in places like the U.S. for $5 per day and international destinations for $10 per day, using all the features of your wireless plan (the service expanded to Fido earlier this year).

Now, it appears Rogers has quietly expanded Roam Like Home to postpaid wireless customers beyond Share Everything Plans. iPhone in Canada reader Steven noted Rogers sent text messages yesterday to eligible customers notifying them of the change, saying “Great news! You now have access to Roam Like Home”:

Roam like home expansion

How to confirm if your plan will now support Roam Like Home? Just text TRAVEL to 222 and see if you’re eligible or not.

The decision for Rogers to expand the roaming service comes ahead of the busy holiday travel season, so it makes sense on their part to let others start paying for this service, instead of going with something cheaper like Roam Mobility or popping in a local SIM card. There’s no word if this is a permanent change, but we’ve reached out to the company for comment.

Are you eligible for Roam Like Home without a Share Everything Plan? Let us know!

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  • Jeremy Doran

    Apparently business plans are still not eligible. 🙁

  • Kirk

    I got this same text yesterday on my plan. 6 GB Super plan. I’m eligible. It was a nice surprise. I was like, wow rogers your doing something good for a change lol. I called them confirming because I thought at first it was a system error or they accidentally changed my plan.

  • Kris

    Does this apply to Fido plans, for example the popular $40 plan?

  • Troy

    Funny Telus allowsroam type service it for business plans.

  • bbousquet

    Fido has had their version of Roam Like Home for over a year. I used it in Florida last summer.

  • NoOneCares

    Depends on the plan. Just upgraded my wife’s corporate rate plan and it’s eligible.

  • Kris

    as I understood, you needed a Fido “pulse” plan for $5 roam option. The last month’s popular $40 plan was a byod plan, so not sure if it’s eligible. Any way to check?

  • bbousquet

    I thought all of their data enabled plans were Pulse plans. I have the 34$ 2015 Black Friday plan and it’s a Pulse plan.

  • Mike Chamberland

    Nope. “Sorry your number is not eligible for Roam Like Home”

    But that’s ok, Roam Mobility has been good to me for the last 2 years. I’m happy to give my money to someone else anyways.