Rogers Promo: 1 Gigabit Internet, 100 Channels with HBO for $100/Month


Rogers is targeting numerous buildings in downtown Toronto with a bundled gigabit internet and cable offer for $100 per month, called the “best deal in town”, by Barclays analyst Philip Huang, in a research note issued Monday, reports The Financial Post:

Rogers is offering 1 gigabit per second Internet and 100 channels (including HBO) for $100 per month on a two-year contract according to brochures delivered to several buildings in downtown Toronto.

Right now, $99.99 will get you Rogers Ignite 30, plus 35+ starter channels, but this promo bundle offers 1 gigabit Internet plus 100 cable channels including HBO, for $100 per month.

A similar package on the Rogers website with 130 channels is advertised for $189.99, and does not include HBO; the latter costs $23.95 per month as an add-on, and includes The Movie Network and The Movie Network Encore.

Rogers bundles

Huang said this was “the most attractively priced bundle offer in Canada to date.” He also added “We are surprised by the rapid price deflation of Rogers’ broadband service, although its cable peers are following a similar path across the country.”

Rogers may be differentiating itself from competitors such as Bell, by “likely relying more heavily on discounting its superior broadband service” for this year, says the analyst. The move is seen as way to lock in customers ahead of the company’s planned Comcast X1 rollout next year, and to make up for the company’s “inferior offering” when it comes to cable TV.

The company took a $484 million write down on its failed IPTV ambitions last year, instead opting to adopt Comcast’s X1 IPTV product, which is also used by Shaw.

Anyone seeing this targeted offer from Rogers?


  • Shameer Mulji

    Great deal. I would jump on that

  • Matt Fraser

    How does one get this

  • Ethan

    Yea i just called in and they have no information on this. Had a great talk with a woman for an hour talking about internet which is one of the nicest conversations I’ve had with a Rogers rep, but she said she had no information on this. She even looked up the article to see if there was anything she could do.

    Does anyone have a promo code for this?

  • Widohmaker

    I live in a relatively new building in downtown Toronto (4 years old) and the building has FTTH (Fibre to the Home). We have 3 main providers – Rogers – Bell – Beanfield.

    In my building Bell provides the following:

    1. Good TV Package + Gigabit Internet – $86/mo
    2. Better TV Package + Gigabit Internet – $112/mo
    3. Best TV Package + Gigabit Internet ~ $150/mo

    Rogers provides:

    – VIP cable package + 250 unlimited Internet – $136 (when I signed up 4 years ago)

    Beanfield provides services according to their website.

    I suspect Beanfield is the critical factor for this new offer from Rogers ($100) and these offers from Bell. Beanfield is actively building out their FTTH infrastructure downtown and this is what’s triggering real competition for Rogers and Bell. This is what real independent competition does. It drives down prices.

  • James Bond

    I believe this Rogers deal may be only able to be given out by the door to door reps that come out to your place, if you go to redflagdeals some of their contact info is there. Good Luck!


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  • erth

    what is the cap on usage? i would expect unlimited, but i doubt it.

  • Salinger

    All of Rogers higher speed tiers (anything over 100Mbps) are unlimited, have been for quite some time.

  • lois.perez20

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  • Don

    Just called Rogers. Their systems were down, LOL, but I asked the cancellation dept Rep about it. She had not heard of it, but she did say as of last week, there are no more 2 year contracts.

  • Marco120

    Called in Rogers yesterday about this deal and they were able to hook me up with 1 Gigabit Internet + Popular TV (HBO free only for 2 months) for $99. They also included HD Terminal for free. I told my neighbor about this deal (Same day), He immediately called Rogers for this Promo and they wouldn’t give it to him, he even called a couple of more times to get a different sales rep but no luck. FYI I did a SpeedTest using their latest Internet Modem and I was MAXing at 250MB/sec. I personality think the 1 Gigabit Internet is a marketing gimmick. Still got a good deal tho 🙂

  • Nice work!

  • Don

    It depends on postal code is what they told me.

  • Dimitri

    Marco, With a gigabit internet you need to have a supported laptop. Try running the speediest using a lan connection versus wireless. You will notice a difference. Using a lan connection is always recommended.

  • Marc

    What did you say when you called?

  • Junkaroo

    Hi Marc,

    Out of curious it’s what is the first 3 digits of your postal code? Also are you in a condo?