Rogers 32GB iPhone 3GS White for $63.42 on 1 Year Contract


For those looking for a cheap iPhone 3GS, Rogers currently has an offer on the 32GB white iPhone 3GS for $63.42 on a one year term.

Voice plans start at $32.35 (150 minutes, 9pm evenings), data starts at $10 for 100MB, and included is one free feature, either ‘double your minutes’, unlimited messaging, unlimited My5 Local, or unlimited network calling. A ‘limited time offer’ notes 1 year of free incoming calls and your first month free.

Typically, the iPhone 3GS is free on a three year term. This offer is for one year at the $63.42 price. After one year, one could pay Rogers $50 to unlock the device (along Fido, the other authorized carrier unlocker as noted by Apple), which could make for a decent travel phone.

Let me know if you’re going to jump on this offer, or share your thoughts below.

[via RFD, Rogers]


  • Rieko950

    love it, thanks guys, fav blog spot!!!

  • LSquared

    I liked the look of this offer so I went onto Rogers’ site, read that there were 49 still available, filled out the on-line forms, and THOUGHT I’d ordered one… I even got an email thanking me for my order. Unfortunately, it turns out that none of that means a thing. When I didn’t receive the follow-up phone call from A Red Hot Deals representative to confirm the details (as I was promised), I phoned Rogers and was told that the web site must have been already out-of-date when I was on it. According to the Rogers rep talking to me, it is only updated every 24 hours. Then she tried to sell me a iPhone 4 package… if that was what I wanted, that’s what I would have ordered! 

    Pretty sloppy customer service if you ask me!