Rogers’ New $7.99/Day, 50MB U.S. Roaming Rate Now in Effect


In early February, Rogers announced it was set to launch a new pay-per-use U.S. roaming rate for its customers. The $7.99 per day plan with 50MB of data is available as of today. This will also be available to Fido customers (but not Chatr).

How does this new U.S. roaming rate work? As customers cross the border a SMS will inform customers the new $7.99 rate is in effect (Quebec and Newfoundland users must opt-in, one time only). Of course, in order for this roaming data to work you need to enable Data Roaming on your iPhone:

Settings > General > Cellular > Data Roaming > ON

Customers will have access to 50MB of data over a 24 hour period, which the company says is typically double the data their users would normally use domestically.  In order to check data usage, customers text the word “usage” to 3330 once every 10 minutes to get updates when they are on the $7.99 rate.

How did Rogers come up with 50MB per day?

Why 50MB per day? The roaming rate was designed to deliver a lot of data at an affordable price. Currently, more than 99 per cent of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming.

According to a national survey commissioned by Rogers with Head Research, the majority of Canadians (60%) who travel to the U.S. have felt disconnected or out of touch without a data plan on their smartphone.

This new data roaming plan is much better than before if you’re desperate for data over a 24 hour period. However, for longer durations in the U.S. there are other options.

Data roaming road warriors with unlocked devices already know about Vancouver-based Roam Mobility’s offerings. For $3.95 per day, users have access to unlimited talk, text and 100MB of data per day. The company recently launched nano SIM cards for the iPhone 5.

If you’re about to roam down in the USA, let us know what options you are going to go with.


  • Speederd

    I find this statement quite funny… “Currently, more than 99 per cent of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming.” This is because everyone is scared shitless of the enormous fee for data roaming. So this study is erroneous.

  • You could be onto something here 😉

  • Guest

    Do you have to call in and order this package? The article makes it sound like all you have to do is enable data roaming and it’s automatic. I’m guessing that’s not the case though. You should probably make that VERY clear or you’ll have a lot of users blaming you for their huge cell phone bills next month.

  • Guest

    Sorry, just read the press release and discovered it IS automatic, no sign-up necessary. That’s a very nice surprise!

    Are you sure this applies to Fido as well? I couldn’t find any info on their website.

  • Yes it is also for Fido customers. Rogers emailed us that confirmation.

  • I think this is a great solution to the data roaming charges problem. They may end up making more money from the people that are just using a couple MBs of data to check a map and still being charged $8, but I think that’s a much better solution than simply lowering the rate per kB, as it helps relieve the pressure of having to use as little data as possible when roaming. I’ll know I’m paying $8 if I activate roaming, but I’ll have a decent amount of data for that price and I don’t have to de-activate all my email accounts first. If I accidentally happen to go over that 50MB, I’m still only out $16, which hurts but doesn’t break the bank.

    Good move, Rogers/Fido. I may stick with you for a while longer.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    awesome ill be scrapping my $3 a day unlimmited everything with t-mobile now

  • Sledge

    I am with Rogers and I recently went to Hawaii for 9 days. Before I left, I signed up with a $50 100MB 1 month data roaming package. It kicked in as soon as I turned my phone on when I arrived. I used it primarily for Maps email and some Google searching. I received iMessage texts from family at no charge. Rogers sent a text message on the 7th day to let me know I had reached 80MB. It roughly matched what the data usage on my phone said.

    I was skeptical about being charged cellular roaming charges because I did have to make 3 phone calls during my trip. When my bill came, I was not overcharged and was only charged for one outgoing text message and minimal charges for the 3 long distance calls. All in all, I was satisfied and would purchase a plan like this.

  • I’ll stick with Roam Mobility, thanks! Calling, texting, & data for $4 beats this pawdry data only offering from Rogers. Great deal…NOT!!!!

  • Ronz

    Although you were satisfied, Roam Mobility charges $30 for 500MB for a month using their Liberty device.

  • dr.evil


  • I will use roam Mobilty. It is cheaper and their customer service is far superior.

  • Sledge

    True, but my phone is not unlocked and I needed to receive incoming text messages. For my needs, it worked great. 🙂

  • For those with a Quebec wireless plan, you will NOT be able to get this 7,99$ US data plan. I had the confirmation this morning from a representative.

  • The representative was wrong, I only had to subscribe to get the new roaming rate. Go to

  • n8

    i used it this weekend in new york. the 3330 text doesn’t work and i never got a text from rogers that i was approaching 50mb or that i went over 50mb

  • Ho™

    I tried Roam Mobility this weekend in NYC. Even on 3G, the network was very slow and coverage was sporadic. Sometimes I would be on Edge. I was using an iPhone 5 and would wait until they get 4G/LTE coverage. I tried roaming with Rogers’ new plan and was on 4G, which was much faster of course.

  • Canuk_Ski_Coach

    I bought a Roam Mobility SIM and chunk of service for a trip to Vermont. There was ZERO coverage. Check the Roam Mobility coverage map before your trip is ruined by no service.