Rogers Offer: $57 BYOD Share Everything Plan with 7GB, Province-Wide Calling [Quebec]


Looks like mobile promotions keep coming, this time from Rogers for customers in Quebec.

A “limited time offer” is available right now, offering the $62 per month Share Everything Plan with 7GB data. But if you opt for province-wide calling, that takes $5 off, bringing it to $57 per month for a $7GB Share Everything Plan, for BYOD (No Tab) customers.

Share Everything Plans also include Rogers Roam Like Home, Rogers NHL GameCentre Live, unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging, plus either Spotify or Texture magazines free for the first six months.

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Also, what makes this offer enticing, according to RFD, is that it qualifies for corporate discounts, so if your employer is eligible (e.g. government workers), you save another 30% off (click here to check your number or here to find out), taking the province-wide option down to $46.40, taxes included, which is not bad  at all for a 7GB plan.

Videotron in Quebec offers a $69.95 Canada-wide calling plan with 6GB data, so this Rogers pricing looks to undercut that.

Let us know if you’re going to try switching to this Rogers deal in Quebec! As for the rest of us, you can try getting the Fido $50 Canada-wide plan with 5GB data, available until Feb. 22 (no Fido Roam or Spotify, though).


  • MGSayah

    and you can apply a corporate discount to it. FYI 😉

  • We said that 🙂

  • MGSayah

    I don’t read, I scan the page in zig-zags for something interesting haha sorry 😛

  • Lol


  • gtasscarlo

    Moves to Quebec

  • Vince

    How can they justify that plan in Ontario for $40 more per month….

  • #FakeNews

  • Lapsusone

    Just switched to it. If you had the Desjardins 10% rebate, it’s still included. Will try to cumulate that with the corporate plan later this week.

  • Nice!

  • bionicmonk

    They don’t have to, cause we iz suckers.

  • So Young

    Its a great deal but I hesitate to switch. I’m with Telus and I’m very happy with coverage, no errors on bills over 10 years etc. I heard bad story with Rogers especially with bills errors and charges.

    Does VoLTE is available in Quebec for Rogers? because if yes, its realy tempting to switch.

  • OliChabot

    Honestly, I am with Rogers for over a year and I am pleasantly surprised with the service. No errors, great app, and the customer service is pretty fast( I also use the Messenger customer service).

    Used to work for Telus which is a good company too, but I don’t think you will be deceived with Rogers.

  • LoWd0Wn

    After reading this column I just checked to see what was available in BC as I have a corporate account so I can get the additional 30% off. Well the 7 Gig plan is 120.00!!! Compared to Quebec at 62.00 is outrageous. I asked the Rogers rep and he didn’t know why the huge difference. He said BC should get a special rate reduction sometime. He said it happens about once a year. haha.

  • Lapsusone

    They do have VoLTE as well as VoWi-Fi. Great service so far.

  • WorldWideWebpolice

    Is there any way to get this Ontario… even via nefarious means?

  • So Young

    Just a quick update to say I switched to Rogers with the 10% desjardins bonus reduction, the plan cost only 51,30$ without tax and around 59,xx$ with tax. Its simply the best deal I ever had since I have a smartphone back on 2010. I had the 65$/8GB plan with Telus, but with the huge price difference, I dont realy mind losing 1GB. Plus, I have better network signal at home.

    Now the bad news is Telus is now trying to charge me an entire cycle month even if the service is cancelled when I ported my number (and I had only 4 days in my new cycle when I cancelled). Hope I can resolve this.

  • File a complaint with the CCTS.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Yeah, it should be a prorata charge, not a whole month..

    They can’t charge for services not rendered.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Because you guys drive like asses =P

  • TwitchyPuppy

    I have that plan, I switched over from Videotron and even with promos for combined services (cellphone, internet and cable), I’m saving money. I’m loosing Unlimited Music but I have more data, so it compensates.