Rogers/Fido Customers with Old 6GB/$30 Data Plan Will Pay $5 Price Hike in August [u]


Do you have the grandfathered Rogers 6GB data plan for $30 from way back and you’re currently using this with your month-to-month cellphone plan?

Well, you’re going to see a $5/month price hike starting in August, according to messages being sent to customers, reports MobileSyrup:

“This plan was introduced as a promotion over 2 years ago and the price has not increased since then. It offers you substantial savings when compared to similar in market plans and we hope that you continue to take advantage of the great benefits this plan offers. Our customers are using more data than ever before and technology has evolved to provide more value (LTE, LTE Max).”

Rogers says the price increase is part of how the company routinely assess its pricing and “offers to ensure we’re delivering the value and data our customers need.”

The initial 6GB/$30 data plan was released by Rogers back in June of 2009, available for those on three year contracts. The plan continued to be extended and regularly reappeared as a promo, and was also offered by Telus and Bell.

Back in the summer of 2012, a Rogers promo code allowed customers to ‘switch’ over their 3G data plans over to the 6GB/$30 LTE plan without a 3-year commitment.

Are you currently using the 6GB/$30 data plan month-to-month? Looks like you’ll be shelling out $5 more per month starting in August.

Update: A Fido rep we spoke with on the phone confirmed Fido customers will similarly be affected by this $5/month increase, set to kick in on August 6.


  • Nooo! (meh, it’s $5, that’s what… a bubble tea?)

  • kenchernoff

    Great, Rogers is already increasing my “on-contract” voice plan, now an extra $5 for my data. I wouldn’t mind so much if my neighbourhood wasn’t practically a dead-zone for data coverage.

  • BrodieTheDog

    Lame! I wonder is this will spill over onto fido customers.

  • jayreyd

    You’re the customer they love. Just keep sticking it to the consumer while you compare price hike to bubble tea smh. $60 here and there plus tax a year adds up.

  • lol I don’t actually know if this will affect me. My plan is a corporate plan with the $30/6gb plan so… we’ll see?

  • 5miguel

    Any idea if with this increase they will allow us to share the plan? Up to now it is not shareable which doesn’t allow me to use my iPad without paying for a whole separate plan.

  • FragilityG4

    Under the new wireless code of conduct are we not allowed to reject one price increase/terms change for the life of the contract?

  • FragilityG4

    You can tether … I do it every day with my MacBook and iPad.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    im guessing no because these plans were signed before the new rules

  • Dave

    This a crock, most people never hit their 6 gig limit, so Rogers was making surplus profit on these data packages because people were entitled to fully use their 6 gigs each month but did not. The extra $5 is just a cash grab.

  • Ryan Laker

    I am on the $60 Super plan that has the 6GB of data. I wonder if they will push for price increase on that when my current contract is up? It sounds like this price increase is only impacting month to month customers though.

  • Yes, is is, a Fido CS rep informed me yesterday when I was calling about something else. Alas, we are taking our services to Wind soon so they can take the increase and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • For the record, Fido is following suit – a CS rep informed me yesterday when I was calling in to inquire about something else involved with moving our service to Wind, so it’s timely that we can say “stuff it, Rogers!” While taking our business elsewhere.

  • Thanks, we were also able to confirm this–set to kick in August 6.

  • What Oshawapilot said

  • My one remaining account that will still be with Fido has a data term (at one point the 6gb plan could only be had if you agreed to a seperate data contract) that lasts for another year – this should shield me from this increase as they are contractually obligated to either allow me to continue at the old rate, or cancel my plan entirely without penalty.

  • dgsuzuki

    From the original contracts though, i believe we have the RIGHT to end the contract if the provider (ie: rogers, fido) increase price after agreed for any reason…else what’st he point of a contract if a provider can simply increase the cost whenever they want and you just have to say OK until the contract ends..

  • dgsuzuki

    i don’t understand. How can you SIGN a 2 year contract to have one of the party’s decide, “i’m sorry, i’m going to change what we agreed upon”??

  • Ryan Laker

    The article states it only impacts customers who are month to month ie not on a contract.

  • MrXax

    Christ… this is the last straw. Am I to believe that data costs have actually increased since I signed up with Rogers 3½ years ago? Unbelievable. Thank God there’s Wind.

  • MrXax

    Absolutely right. It’s rare that I exceed 1GB, and this is how Roger thanks me for my business.

  • MrXax

    Which is insane. These customers are fortunate enough to not be locked into a contract… you’d think Rogers would want to keep them rather than send them running off in the opposite direction.

  • Ryan Laker

    My guess is the vast majority of people will let it go because it still likely prices waaaaaay better than any current Rogers plan. They’ll probably address complaints on a case by case basis but my inclination is that most people will A not notice or B not care enough to question it. When I used to work for Rogers you would be amazed how many people would let $50+ in extra charges (usually text, data or LD overage) slide for several months before coming in to question it.

  • 5miguel

    Tethering kills my iPhone battery very quickly and also I am on the 4S so I don’t get great speed output. Sharing would be the best option until I get the next gen 6 with LTE. Hopefully it has better battery life (fingers crossed).

  • I’m on the same plan, wondering the same thing. I guess only time will tell. Besides, if you strategically fight with them enough, they almost always give in.

  • FragilityG4

    If it’s a bigger phone than there will be a bigger battery … As long as the screen doesn’t take up that extra battery ????

  • wah_gee

    Since the Blue Jays are playing so well, they need the extra $$$ to overpay for a pitcher before the trade deadline!!! Haha!!! Sucks to have to pay more.

  • shinratdr

    This burns especially hard because my $30/6GB plan is stopping me from being able to renegotiate my contract. I will happily swallow this $5 hike if it grants me the ability to restructure my plan without losing the 6GB plan, because I stood to reduce my plan cost by $5/month anyways. I seriously doubt will ever be the case though.

  • Anthony

    I believe this is only for month to month customers so it won’t affect people with a contract

  • raslucas

    You’re right. If you are on contract and rogers changes something you can reject the change and the contract is void. (Subsidies would still have to be paid). In this case it is referring to people who are not in a contract. You can say no by switching to another provider. As I may do. Rogers always seems to cater to the “new” customers.

  • bblb

    Made the move to Wind today!

  • Parksy

    I hate price increases but as a consumer, if I was paying for 6GB and only using 1GB consistently, I’d be looking for a new plan.

  • Parksy

    I’m on the 6G SuperPlan and under contract for one more year so this won’t affect me……yet! Even at $35 a month for a month-to-month customer, you won’t find a better deal for that much data. When I look at my Rogers plan, I value it’s components in the following order: Data, Texting, Voice. I use around 100 (non MY10) minutes a month and blow through 4 to 5GB of data. The new plans that they constantly try to sell me have UNLIMITED MINUTES that I’ll never use and would cost me 2X what I’m currently paying to get the same 6GB data that I want. They don’t like grandfathering things but I can guarantee that I’ll be buying my next phone outright to avoid having to get into one of their new plans. If I had to spend an extra $60 a month, it wouldn’t take long for me to pay for a new iPhone direct from Apple.

  • andrewe

    I’m also on the $60 Super plan, though I’m also on the last 15 months of a 3 year term. Will our $60 Super plans be raised to $65?

  • Riddlemethis

    I guess this is Rogers way of “improving” customer service? How many people actually have this month to month plan? Probably the same number of Rogers customers who are on the fence on whether to ditch Rogers altogether and go with WIND.

  • Riddlemethis

    You must enjoy sodomy?

  • Riddlemethis

    You’ll be hit when it’s time to renew….make no mistake. Better stock up on the Vaseline.

  • Riddlemethis

    If you use that little data, you probably don’t need a data plan any ways.

  • Ryan

    That’s the thing. He doesn’t usually exceed 1GB but he sometimes does. So a 2 GB or 1.5GB plan would probably be perfect. Many people on the 6GB plans are paying 30 for data and 30-40 for voice. 2GB plans with Rogers now start at around $90/month if you’re not getting anything promotional. So it sucks that you’re paying $5/month extra but it’s still cheaper than scrapping everything and starting fresh. Just frustrating as a consumer.

  • Ryan Laker

    My guess is they will probably try to raise it eventually for everyone who is MTM on that plan. I’ve got about 15 months to go as well and my understanding now is that we won’t be able to renew on this plan going forward (at least to subsidize hardware) as it doesn’t meet the minimum spend. Looks like it is outright phone purchases from here on out.

  • MrXax

    Bingo. It’s rare that I exceed 1GB, but it’s nice to have 6GB if I’m travelling or my home Internet goes down for a few days (again, rare, but it has been a godsend when it has happened).

  • Lloyd Parsons

    Just renewed my 6gb plan in May and was allowed to keep it without question if this helps.

  • Lloyd Parsons

    Silly question…How do they raise the price when you signed a “Contract” ?!?!? Isnt it sort of binding or something

  • beyond

    see how smart they are? First raise the on contract prices way up as much as they can, then collude with Telus and Bell so they do the same. Leaving little to no choice left in the market, forcing people to sign up with expensive plans. Then take care of the off contract folks by raising their prices just a bit to rake in some extra profits yet make it look like their still getting a deal since its way better than the competing plans they just created. I bet it was planned this way all along.

  • Kellie Inkster

    I regularly almost go over my 6 gig plan, I’ve gone over it twice now. Ugh. It’s not hard to do if you never hook up to a wifi connection.

  • andrewe

    Any price hike to your $60 “super” plan yet?

  • Nope. Only price hike was to my Visual Voicemail add-on

  • JD

    I too have the $60 super plan (still one year on my 3 yr contract from when I got my subsidized iPhone 5. I also just got the price hike to my “iPhone VP”…. I called Rogers completely losing it as to how they can modify my contract pricing, and of course the loophole is that “since it is an add-on, not your base plan, Rogers reserves the right to increase add on prices at their leisure”, Thus Rogers can just keep jacking up that iPhone VP price to make their money off month-to-month customers as those people with the $60 Super Plan stay put (since they know getting a subsidized phone on contract and being forced to go to $85/mo for LESS DATA, is not economical in any way shape or form). I can see it now – I have a sweet $60/mo Data/Minutes plan, and an EGREGIOUS $25/mo “iPhone Package” which is basically Visual Voicemail…. God I hate you, Rogers.

  • JD

    That’s why it is only affecting Month-To-Month users… it’s the users that are recognizing the economic choice to keep their grandfathered low monthly rate plans and just buy Premium phones outright (over the theoretical ‘two-year’ contract you end up saving WAY more on the difference in plan prices, than what you would get ‘subsidized’ up front on a new phone with an ew contract). Thus this is Rogers way of muscling people in to paying more.

    What’s worse is for people who have ‘Grandfathered’/Pre-CRTC 3-year contracts that are at low rates, many of these ‘contracts’ had to pay ‘Add-ons’ for things like iPhone Visual Voicemail, which are NOT protected by contracts… so even locked in customers are being grabbed by the balls by Rogers since they can raise the add-on prices as they please. Total horseshit, Canadian Telecom is run by a bunch of CROOKS.

  • LarkyLoo

    I wonder if that will be impacted when you go to upgrade your phone at the end of your contract and they tell you YOU CANNOT THE NEWEST PHONE WITH YOUR GRANDFATHERED plan!!! It needs to be MORE THAN $60 to be eligible or u have to switch to another plan!! Straight out of their mouths when I talked to them Wednesday.

  • Ryan Laker

    They bumped my value pack from $12.79 to $14 a few months ago. There was a “warning” buried on the last pages of the bill prior to the price increase.

  • jim

    Hmm Mine was 55, and they added a 5$ charge. (somehow my 6gb data cost $25 and my phone part cost 30) They changed both to 30 without me noticing, although they did send me an email alerting me my data promotion at 25 was a temporary discount and would go up to 30 which i didn’t read :P. So now its 60… hope they let me renew without changing.

  • Price increase is a norm when it comes to giant communication companies.