Rogers 6GB Data Plan ‘Promo’ is Back and Extended to LTE Customers


Looks like once again Rogers has reintroduced its 6GB data plan promo (how long until Telus and Bell follow suit?). This time around, the $30 plan is being ‘extended’ to early LTE adopters, along with new and existing customers.

A LTE-capable iPhone isn’t here yet (apparently due to LTE modem size constraints) but rumoured to be released in mid-2012. If you want to prepare for the future, consider this plan.

So far, Rogers and Bell have their LTE networks up and running in select cities, with Telus soon to follow in 2012.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Anonymous

    Whoa 6gb on LTE is totally worth it!
    Now I wish I really had an Android.

  • Coach83

    I’ve been on a my10 and 6GB “promo” plan with TELUS since the day iPhone 4s came out.

  • Duker733

    Just curious, I’m on the same plan with telus.  What do you pay a month?

  • steve81

    On an interesting note, Virgin and Koodoo now have 2 GB plans for $25/month. These ones seem permanent. I’m usually under 2 GB per month when I’m not tethering. I’m keeping my 6 GB plan with Virgin just in case I need to tether once in a while. Otherwise, I could save $5/month.

  • Radiopearl

    say goodbye to your battery

  • Codywoodward

    So I’m curious! I have had the 6GB plan since the 3GS came out with Rogers! Will that be LTE or should I consider “upgrading” to this plan so that my data plan is exactly the same as current, but covers LTE as well so that when the LTE iPhone comes out I’ll be golden? 

  • iPhone Addict

    Bell actually offers an additional 6 GB of data added to your existing plan for only an additional $10 per month. I love it, no more worries about going over my data limit

  • Anonymous

    iPhone won’t have LTE for a year or two. Next iPhone will probaly be Max 21 d/l.

  • Anonymous

    NO IT’S

  • Stronghanded12000

    Rogers website says the 6gb plans are 60$! Not 30. ?

  • Steve

    Wish fido would offer something like this. Feeling really restricted with my 500mb/mo.

  • Anonymous

    This is never advertised on their website. Call in and the reps can add it.

  • Anonymous

    You can get this under Fido. Just ask retentions and don’t take no for an answer

  • Anonymous

    Currently own an iphone 4s but now im thinking of getting the Galaxy Nexus. iPhone fans please convince me why I should stick to Apple and not android and their big ass screens.

  • Codywoodward

    You’re missing the point, Rogers has offered these plans on 3G for awhile, this is for LTE! Telus won’t even have LTE until 2012, currently only Rogers and Bell offer it and it’s in a very select few places.