Rogers ‘6GB Super Plan’ Comes Back to Life–For Today Only


Last month it was reported Rogers had introduced a new ‘6GB Super Plan’ that consisted of the following:

– 6 GB of Data, 3G/LTE ready
– Unlimited MY10 Canada-Wide
– Unlimited Messaging
– Unlimited 6PM Evenings & Weekends
– Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling from Your Computer with Rogers One Number
– 200 Weekday Minutes
– $60/month

That plan was only offered until August 8th, but according to MobileSyrup it has been ‘extended’ for today only because some stores could not activate the plan on the expiry date. The offer is not listed online but will require you to call in to get it. One would think other carriers would also extend their 6GB promo plans as well to match Rogers.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • pegger1

    Doesn’t include voicmail or call display. No thanks.

  • K3

    If they can do a plan like that now what will it be like when everyone is offering the new iPhone?

  • Rob W

    I tried calling Bell to upgrade to the 6gb from my current 1gb. They told me that the offer ended on Aug 8th and there was nothing they could do. Any suggestions on how I could still achieve the 6gb?

  • Bagobones

    Called rogers and the rep was more than willing to search but could not bring up that plan on the system.

  • Call them back and say Rogers has extended their plan today. Worth a shot. Try calling multiple reps.

  • Rob W

    Thanks Gary, I will do that.. very much appreciate

  • butlerchick

    My kids and I all got the 6g plan (two of us on Rogers, two on Bell) but we did it before the original deadline…

  • Chris

    The Telus version does/did include voice mail and caller ID, though at a $65 price point. Worth the extra money IMO.

  • pegger1

    That would be a better deal and worth it.
    I pay $62 (final, with taxes) for a 2GB/300 min plan with vm, cd and the extras above. And I’ve yet to max out the data, so for me paying an extra $15-20 per month for data is not worth it.

  • Bagobones

    Amazingly the rep called me back on their own after some extended internal research… it is possible but it might be hard to get a rep that knows about it or can find it.

  • SirDaav

    This is wrong info – all dealers and the main call centre say this is wrong… if anyone can prove different let me know

  • A rep called you BACK? Seriously, that is unheard of.

  • Check the comments at MobileSyrup, people have been successful in getting this. Just keep calling.

  • djepsilon

    I actually jumped ship to this since Rogers inadvertently cancelled my 6GB promo plan I had before. They actually wouldn’t give me the plan without first taking away the $20 in discounts I had on my account though. Bunch ‘o bastards.

  • Sing

    Just tried and Rogers said it expired Aug 8th and nothing they can do.

  • fastrace24

    With what carrier? That sounds like a decent deal for sure

  • pegger1

    With Rogers. It required some negotiating and some serious threats of moving to Telus back in Oct.