Rogers: 6PM Early Evenings 50% Off; Becomes A New Plan Feature Choice


This month, Rogers has launched a new 50% off promotion for 6PM early evenings and also made 6PM early evenings a new plan feature choice. However, I am not really sure how I feel about this new 6PM feature update from Rogers.

Obviously I prefer that Rogers just make 6PM early evening calling free (instead of charging $7.00/month), but then I can’t forget that the Canadian wireless industry is about imitation and not innovation (evenings normally start at 9PM with the Canadian carriers).

50% 6PM Early Evenings

With the free 6PM early evening calling promotion ending on August 3, Rogers has now introduced a new 50% off 6PM early evening calling promotion.

Expiring on September 15, 2010, Rogers customers who opt for the 6PM early evening calling option will receive the feature at 50% off. In other words, instead of paying $7.00/month, customers now pay $3.50/month until the feature is removed by the customer.

The add-on does not require customers to be on a contract and existing Rogers customers are also eligible without having to renew their existing contracted term (if applicable). Contact Rogers for the change.

New Plan Feature Choice: 6PM Early Evening Calling

Another 6PM calling promotion from Rogers, this one expiring on November 1, 2010, brings 6PM early evening calling as a new plan feature choice.

On the existing Rogers Voice Plans, Share Plans, Voice & Data plans, and Student Plans, customers have the choice to add one of the following free promotions to the existing plan:

  • Unlimited Messages (text, picture, video)
  • My5 Canada-wide
  • Unlimited Networking Calling (Rogers, Fido, Rogers Home Phone)
  • Double your Minutes

6PM early evening calling is now being added as a fifth feature choice (3-year agreement required).

Again, it would be great to have 6PM as a free standard option and then still being able to choose one of the four aforementioned features, but this is Rogers we’re talking about. At least now, customers who do more talking on their mobile can choose 6PM calling for free and save $7.00/month.


  • Patsfanchuck

    I can't seem to find it on the add or modify add-ons list on the rogers website.

  • Eason_1108

    stupid Rogers evening starts @ 9?!?! lots of canadian yell at you if you call them after 9pm ><

  • QN52

    Will the 50% be deducted automatically, or do I need to remove/ add it>

  • Dominator

    I think that is sort of the point πŸ™‚

  • Ridiculous so called “evenings” start at 9pm. Here on planet earth evenings start at 6pm.

  • Ex


  • Ex

    The discount is applied after the Feature is added

  • miscbbh

    Rogers = pure price gauging. They think they offer the best services by giving customer this “50%” off evenings free nonsense.

  • 80Mike

    I had to call in and put that code on my account, so I don't think it's deducted automatically

  • gtasscarlo

    Good thing. I got a all in retention plan 57 all in 6 gb data, 400 day 6 pm eve, my 5, r2r, 1000 cd ld min,unl incoming

  • Amazon_in_Toronto

    Coming from a “so-called” third world african country I was shocked in general at the mobile offerings for canadians. (I'm now residing in Toronto)
    Firstly in many other countries:

    1. Normal is 21-24 month contracts NOT 3 years! Good grief.
    2. You would pay the equivalent of $25 for contracts that cost $65 upwards here.
    3. Free calls after 7pm regardless of volume as long as each call is below one hour
    4. I cannot honestly remember issues like dropped calls. Here it seems to be accepted as the norm! Wierd
    5. Internet data costs (speeds might be slower) but seriously cheaper. 1gb costs about $1-$3 depending on provider. (and yes, there are only 4 providers!)
    6. Prepaid cards are available at any superermarket and there are NO activation fees etc. It costs you about $1 to get any phone up and running.
    7. NO charges for incoming. ie. If you had a prepaid phone, someone else could call you as much as they like. Charges are only one way.
    8. Call costs are about 15-20 cents (Canadian) for the highest charging operator. Most contracts include 250-1000 free anytime minutes though and you would rarely be charged for additional time.
    Maybe I can suggest that the big players of the telecomm industry actually visit other countries and see what is happening. Third would countries have leapfrogged across the previous major players.
    ARM yourselves with knowledge…………

  • DavidS

    Is the 5PM early evening option (which I currently have) also 50% off??

  • DAvid

    And wages are: ?
    a meal costs: ?
    a litre of booze:?

    Comparing prices across economies requires knowing the whole of the story. A large part of the ability to have lower charges in third world countries is due to lower input costs, and the lack of investment in hard-wired infrastructure has allowed the telcos to leapfrog to wireless technology without the complimentary investment. Also have a look at coverage. From my short review, coverage is often in larger centers only; not in rural areas.


  • AD

    Ya. But costs are not lower in France or the UK, and yet their prices and plan options are magically much better than ours.

  • AD

    But I agree of course that as a rule of thumb prices are generally correlated with income levels, so meals and cell phone plans cost less in Burundi than Westmount

  • Peter

    wtf? that can't be real. that's an insane retention plan!

  • AD

    I got a retention plan from Fido that goes down like this: 67$ , 6 gb data, unlimited calls (all the time, in and out), unlimited txt messaging, and all the usual crap. Would have liked to get a little less call time for less $, since I don't talk on the phone that much but hey, it's pretty good.

  • Vincent

    Got this retention from Fido (58$ including taxes): 250min during day. Evening starts 5pm, unlimited week-end. unlimited text, visual voicemail, caller id. 6 gb data.

  • gtasscarlo

    And cd, v,2500 text

  • gtasscarlo

    Do a little research and you'll find how to talk to consumer relations, to get this plan required 4 separate calls all building up to this plan I didn't get it one shot


    such a fucking scam

    I remember being with telus like 10 years ago when evenings started at 5pm or 6pm

    now it starts at 9pm?

    then they trick people with bullshit deals like this, making people think they are getting a deal

    what a joke


    thks for this info

    what a fucking joke

  • Bps

    My retention plan:
    700 day min, unlimit incoming, unlimit pm/ wk end, free after 6pm, call wait/ display/ voice …….$60/m

  • Amazon_in_Toronto

    Hi David,

    True, one cannot do a direct cross comparison and there are just too many influencing factors. However I have been fortunate in being able to experience living and working for lengthy periods in Africa, Australia, UK, USA and Canada. I therefor have a fairly good idea in terms of what constitutes good value for money. In addition, I did my masters thesis around international business and trade theories (hides his face in embarrassment for that comment…)
    Remember that I am not trying to run anyone or any country down. I love them all! I’m merely pointing out some obvious (to me!) issues.
    US Dollar equivalent, salaries in Africa are pretty much comparable to earnings on this side, while in general food costs are about 10-20% lower. (The upper 5 percentile salary earners who constitute largely CEO level earn about 30% more on that side though. On the rural issue, it is much the same as in Canada. Excellent coverage in core areas like the GTA but what about 200 miles north of say Yellowknife. Fully agree with your comments on the investments in hard wired infrastructure. (Oh, by the way if anyone asks, there are no longer lions roaming about in the streets of Africa and people no longer hunt with spears…..hehehe. In fact if you were blindfolded and dropped in in any major city on that side, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that you are in Canada or US)
    What upsets me more though is my favourite red wine (from France) cost me $150 here and only $18 back in Africa…that sucks.
    But I hope you enjoyed my input to the forum.


  • Murray Hill

    This must have been the “clever” person in the class……….

  • Gerald

    I think what the posters to the forum are generally saying that dollar for dollar we are probably not getting the best deal around.
    Thanks to all the posters with the positive comments and cross country comparisons.
    I’m leaving for the UK or Australia now πŸ™‚

  • jakeupnorth

    DavidS I can confirm that 5pm early evenings are also 50% off. Just got off the phone with customer service, and my 5pm evenings for $4.50 are already showing on my online account!

  • Mary

    I love your comments on lions in africa. people can be so naive at times and base perceptions on what CNN reported. I wonder f I can print out these comments and ask Rogers to discount my plan based on that.

  • Madcatz_1313

    Can anyone confirm this? The website does not show it @ 50% off and I have now called Rogers, they told me there is no promotion………

  • socrdiva11

    i have searched high and low on the add ons section of the rogers site and i can’t seem to find anything about any earlier nights and weekends plans…be it 5pm, 6pm or 7pm…..where do i find this to add it to my current plan, or do i have to make a call to customer service?? im not too happy with them lately after having been on the phone for over an hour talking to 3 seperate departments for no reason….help?