Rogers Increases Price of Data Overages by 40% for New Customers to $70/1GB


Wireless data isn’t getting cheaper in Canada when it comes to overages, as Rogers has hiked their prices for new customers by 40 per cent, jumping from $5 per 100MB to $7 per 100MB. That works out to $70 per gigabyte.

When we asked Rogers about why prices for data overages increased, the company responded in a statement, “We are always looking to deliver great value for money and service to our wireless customers.”

A spokesperson emphasized customers using their Data Manager tool within the MyRogers app should be able to stay within their data buckets. The company also noted text notifications are sent to customers when they reach 90 per cent and 100 per cent of their monthly data usage.

But while the data tracking tool may come it handy, it doesn’t address the reason why prices increased for data overages.

Rogers explained in a statement, “Our customers are using more data than ever and we’re constantly investing in our network to meet their demand for data and speed and have invested billions in the last 5 years. We’ve updated our plans so they’re more in line with our customers’ usage and offer them more value on their monthly rates.”

Yesterday, Rogers lowered the price of their 10GB Share Everything data plan by $15 per month for the first line and $10 per month for each additional line.

The price hike for new customers means they are now paying the same data overages as Bell, at the rate of $7 per 100MB (which came into effect this April).

We can only assume data overage prices are set to similarly increase for sub-brands Fido and Virgin Mobile. TELUS still charges $5 per 100MB, but there’s no word whether they will follow suit with their fellow incumbents.

Bruce Cran, president of the Vancouver-based Consumers’ Association of Canada, told Global News the move doesn’t service customers well, and that he was “surprised and disappointed” at hearing about the change.

News of the quiet data price increase was first reported yesterday by MobileSyrup.

Why are incumbents increasing prices for data overages? It could be one way to make up for lost revenue set to come from a recent CRTC decision to ban unlocking fees and locked cellphones in Canada, set to kick into effect December 1, 2017.

What do you think about this data overage price hike?


  • bbousquet

    This is so ridiculous it’s almost funny.

  • Tim

    Holy hell that’s laughable. I pay $10 PER GIGABYTE for overages on their flanker brand (Fido).

  • Rich Baker

    Rogers – Garbage

    Bell – Garbage

    Telus- Garbage

    Verizon – Please come to Canada and clean this mess up!

  • Steve

    Living up to the name Robbers!

  • Bill___A

    From what I understand, you should use the data manager, and add data BEFORE you go over and then it is still at a lower rate:
    300 megs for $7, 1 gig for $15 and 2 gB for $25 – so if you are thinking you’ll go over 1 or 2 gigs, there is a way to get around it.

  • bbousquet

    Screw this price gouging stupidity. It should automatically bill you those blocks if you go over your limit (in the most affordable way possible).

  • FragilityG4

    Although its a clear gouge and most likely a make up for the loss of unlocking fees, at least this is within out means of controlling. For years, even with my old 6GB plan, I have used a live data counter app running at all times so I can stay on top of my usage. This is an easy work around here. You don’t want to pay it? Don’t go over it. And with kids there are controls too.

    I am sick of the usual corporate response. Honestly its the same three lines every time the increase something. If they care about us NOT going over because of the “stress” on the network, they would automatically cut us off when the limit is reached. But no, they want the money. Just admit it.

  • bbousquet

    I have a French SIM I use when I travel to France and I believe if I hit the limit of my current refill it keeps on working but drops to Edge or something. That’s at least “fair”.

  • Riley Freeman

    i thought the CRTC capped all this nonsense? i dont really pay attention since i have unlimited data with bell

  • raslucas

    I think next step for CRTC should be to force carriers to provide an opt-in no data overage option… As in… When you hit your limit your data turns off. Do you have any idea how hard it is to use all your data without going over??? I came within 10 MB. Which is actually pretty impressive in my opinion. Never going to pull that of ever again though.

  • Bill___A

    Should but it doesn’t, so I added the information in order that people would know.

  • Bill___A

    Verizon is not a budget priced carrier at all, you think they would come in here and have lower rates? I think not.

  • bbousquet

    Yeah. I assume Rogers at least notifies their subscribers when they close in on their data limit. Fido does when you hit 90% so I guess the parent company does the same.

  • MrXax

    Holy shit. Unbelievable. $75/1GB of data.

    7 years ago, I was paying less than that for my entire mobile bill, including 6GB of data.

    This has gotten way, way out of control.

  • Rich Baker

    In the name of competition prices would absolutely drop across the board. Data plans would have an unlimited option as they do in the US and consumers would have more choice beyond the big 3 oligarchs. Why do you think the big 3 did everything to keep Verizon out when they were planning on it a few years back? They knew what would happen!

  • Anon

    “…make up for the loss of unlocking fee’s”. Please explain how they are taking any loss by charging $50 to unlock your phone.

  • Anon

    Never mind. Didn’t read the last paragraph. “CRTC decision to ban unlocking fees and locked cellphones in Canada, set to kick into effect December 1, 2017.”

  • FragilityG4

    You didn’t hear this two weeks ago? It was pretty big news. All major news outlets were covering it…

  • FragilityG4

    Wishful thinking. If Verizon would have came, which they will not, they would pretty much align themselves price wise with the incumbents. Why not? So many people would flock to them just because they are not Bell, Telus or Rogers. They would have huge start up costs that they would want to cover and the oligopoly allows them to bring in big money.

    Of course the Pig 3 wanted them to stay out… they don’t want more competition.