Rogers 8GB iPhone 4 Free on 3 Year Contract for the Holidays


Earlier you heard about Rogers offering voice and data plans on monthly terms. It appears there’s now another promotion for the holidays, the 8GB iPhone 4 is now free on a 3 year contract from December 17th to January 10th, 2012. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • 3 year contract
  • Minimum monthly service fee of $45

What’s interesting is the promotion posted internally notes both phones are $0 on contract, but the iPhone 3GS has been free on a 3 year term for a while now. The iPhone 4 is regularly $99 on a three year term. The Rogers website has been updated to reflect this promo as well.

If you’re going to sign long term, consider paying extra for the iPhone 4S as it’s only $159 for the 16GB model, whereas this free iPhone 4 is only 8GB in capacity.

[via Technapedia]


  • Kirk

    It’s a nice promo and all but 8gb is too small for me personally. Glad my iPhone 4 is the 32Gb version. Might seem like a lot but over time it fills fast. Good deal for non-tech savy peeps tho!

  • Totally. A free iPhone 4 is a huge upgrade for someone coming from a crappy flip phone or dumbphone.