Rogers Adds Voice & Data Usage Tracking To Your Account


About a month ago Rogers began testing a new addition to customers’ accounts. The new addition was the ability to track your Voice and Data usage online, which meant you could track how many minutes, data and messages you have used and what remains in relation to your current billing period.


The feature went live about 2 weeks ago in select markets, so only a handful of people actually had this function. Well if you wanted to get your hands on it, the function is now available in all markets.

To use it, do the following:

1.) Navigate to and log in to your Rogers Account. If you do not have a account, you need to make one.

2.) Scroll down and select “Manage my Wireless Services

3.) Under “My Wireless Services“, select “Voice & Data Usage

4.) From here you can select your Minutes, Data or Messages and see the usage

    At this time, the usage is not real-time. Instead, it updates every four hours, so it will not be as useful as what real-time information would provide.

    Images below:

    Data Tracking


    Voice Tracking


    Messaging Tracking



    • Dusty

      Thanks for the info.

    • rorypiper

      This is real handy for folks on the 500mb to 1gb plans. I'm on the 6gb plan, so I never really think about my usage, but I'm always curious to see how much I actually use, of the 6gb.

    • j

      Thanks a lot for the tip. But damn, useless without including Long Distance minutes.

    • Rpi

      It just doesn't work for me: “Usage details unavailable” 🙁

    • tilk

      You can check voice and data usage And tethering data usage on the iPhone in the setting menu. How is the website better?

    • Because the trackers on your iPhone are not meant for billing purposes. The website may not be meant for billing purposes either, but it will be more firm quoting usage from your account than from your iPhone, at least when billing with Rogers billing.

    • Give it time. It should be working for you shortly.

    • hub2

      So, any chance we'll see this on Fido accounts soon too?

    • David

      About time. It's sometimes hard to believe how long it takes to implement simple, obvious things like this in this “information age.” Any idea if Fido will be rolling this out soon? It'd be handy to be able to check.

    • Finally! Though not working currently (“Usage Details Unavailable. We are unable to display your usage details at this time.Please try again later.”) Sprint (US) offered this feature 5 years ago. What's wrong with Rogers?!?

    • rorypiper

      Still getting “Usage Details Unavailable” for this. Great idea, but is failing horribly right now.

    • shawnosborne

      Now all they have left to do is create a Canadian iphone data usage tracker ROGERS DO IT

    • Old Flint

      this is also available on your phones (not iphone for now). just go to your phone's browser and there go to or

    • Old Flint

      this is also available on your phones (not iphone for now). just go to your phone's browser and there go to or

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    • Daniel-arseneau

      je pensse que sa vas plus vitte comme sa on cest cois il et notre billes comme sa