Rogers on Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular: “Will Be Something We Look At”


Earlier today, on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, Apple announced Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. When the company listed supported countries and carriers on the screen during the presentation, many were surprised Bell and Telus were listed as Canadian carriers, with one leg of the Big 3 absent—Rogers.

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We reached out to Rogers to ask whether they had plans to support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models in Canada. A spokesperson replied via email to say “Rogers and Fido are not currently carrying the Apple Watch. Carrying the Apple Watch will be something we look at as we expand of our device portfolio.”

As for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X pre-orders, the spokesperson said “We expect a lot of excitement around the new iPhone models and that is what we are focusing on.”

Bell and its new NumberShare feature will allow Series 3 users to subscribe to a smartwatch data plan for $5 per month.

So for those wondering, there’s your ‘answer’ from Rogers, which isn’t really an answer. Knowing that Bell and Telus will get a head start on signing up Apple Watch Series 3 customers, you can bet Rogers will eventually support the wearable too.


  • Tyler

    That “answer” really bugs me. Has Rogers really started falling that far behind? Way to drop the ball.

  • “The update is: no update.”
    Disappointing nonetheless.

  • If only Bell had great promos, I’d switch to them in a heartbeat.
    But $105 for 10GB is out of the question.

  • Tyler

    Agreed. I get a corporate rate with Rogers and Telus, so switching to Bell just isn’t an option for me.

  • johnnygoodface

    Glad Telus will be joining later… Disappointed for you guys at Rogers, really. But then a 5$ extra per month is still 60$/year + the init cost of over 700$CAN (with AppleCare +tx)… And I’m not counting the iPhone X at 1800$CAN(with AppleCare +tx) … Will have to work some overtime! 🙂

  • Telus are supporting Apple Watch LTE. However , still nothing comparable to what I’m getting.

  • It’s Me

    Rogers is likely pissed off that bell went behind their back and did a deal with Apple on this. They probably expect they and the rest of the cartel would all introduce their own numbershare service for $10/month plus a $10/month data addon.

  • Mario Gaucher

    This is probably the same answer for Videotron… which is essentially using Rogers shared network

  • Jack

    Question for people that understand this better than myself….. Can I buy a Series 3 w/ cellular at the Apple Store and it will work with Rogers when they decide to support it? Or will it be a ‘Bell specific’ watch and I’ll need to wait for a Rogers one? Not sure I fully understand the integrated sim thing.

  • You can buy it from the Apple Store, it doesn’t need to be a “bell-specific” watch. It’ll work with Rogers when they support it.

  • Ryan Krukoski

    Buh-Bye Rogers … I guess I am moving my phones to Bell.

  • dave

    Rogers was the excuseve carrier when iPhone launched originIt’s a big part of why I’ve been with them for almost a decade. I was really shocked that they weren’t on that list. But at least we finally get the TV app.

  • BeaveVillage

    Well you better expand your portfolio quick, because a LOT of people and I mean a lot of people will switch to Bell because of this. Most Watch owners, and those who were waiting–like myself, were wanting cellular capabilities for years, and now it’s finally here and you don’t offer it at launch, yet Bell does? Very disappointed.

  • wonderboy

    looks like it’s time to jump ship!

  • Tyler Hojberg

    I purchased the Apple Watch Series 1 in stainless steel 2 years ago upon its release, and I still don’t feel compelled to upgrade it. I love what they’re doing with it, but by the time more carries come on board and iron out the logistics, Apple will be readying Series 4.

  • Firat Ataman

    Really disappointed with Rogers. Planning in switching to Bell. I have been waiting for this Apple Watch…

  • Ben

    There is almost zero chance that Apple gave Bell the chance to get in early and not Rogers. Apple knows the more carriers that support this the more sales they get. Most likely Rogers for whatever reason decided they didn’t want to do the work to support it.

  • from my understanding, you will be able to add/remove data plans to Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models. So the watch is unlocked.

  • toysandme

    I think the “whatever reason” is technical just like it’s impossible for the watch to run on Bell in Sask and Manitoba. Rogers screwed up by cutting one corner too many and they are embarrassed to admit it.

  • toysandme

    Look into Virgin and Koodo

  • It’s Me

    I’m sure Apple approached all of the carriers, never said othewise. They surely approached all of them. And Rogers likely thought bell and Telus would support them in negotiating favourable terms.

    Rogers, bell and Telus work together to keep prices high. Even our competition bureau, though they ignored it, publicly accused them of price coordination. Therefore of course Rogers has an expectation that the other 2 will fall in line. This seems to be a rare moment of disagreement.

    Rogers reason is simple. Money. It’s always about money. And for all the complaining, almost no one will switch to bell over this.

  • danheb

    The configuration will be chosen on the Watch to add a carrier via your iPhone because you need both devices on the same carrier. You can buy it with cellular radio on without using it and wait for Rogers to see the light. Hope for you that you are not under a contract with Rogers if they decide not to support it since they have been really burned in the past with the Crapsung gears that they end up giving away for free…

  • danheb

    We are talking about the Apple Watch series 3 with cellular none of the carriers mentioned are yet supporting it. I tried in the pass (2 years ago) to use Virgin plans with Bell’s options but it wasn’t possible they are still separated…

  • CM

    Well then I guess I’m moving my plan (along with the 3 family members that share it) over to Bell. A bit of a hassle, but my guess is there are technical hurdles around the number sharing that Rogers can’t accommodate, and I’m not waiting for them to sort it out – I upgrade my phone every year, and my wife is due for an upgrade, so if I’m going to commit to two iPhone Xs next month, I need to pick a carrier that supports the watch at the same time. A shame, as I’ve been with Rogers for 20 years – but I have far more allegiance to my devices than I do to any carrier.

  • Michel Plante

    LOL ???? SWITCHING FOR A WATCH??? Come ON ????????????

  • The lack of support in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is apparently due to the lack of VoLTE out there, since that’s the technology the Apple Watch uses. Of course, that’s no excuse for Rogers, as they do support VoLTE.

  • I wouldn’t necessarily switch just for the Watch, especially since I rarely go anywhere without my iPhone on my person anyway, however it’s just another factor that’s going to tip the scales for those who are already on the fence, or have other factors making them think about switching.

    For example, I have at least one place I go a few times a month that has NO coverage on Rogers or Fido, but has good Bell/Telus coverage. I also have Bell pestering me to sign up for one of their Fibe+Internet bundles as they’ve just brought FTTH to my neighbourhood, and the introductory pricing is competitive to the Internet-only Rogers service I’m presently on.

    Add Bell’s Apple Watch support and the complete uncertainty with Rogers to that mix, and it starts to make a more compelling case. At this point, Bell’s significantly higher cellular plan pricing is the only thing that would strongly dissuade me from doing so.

  • Yes, switching for a better watch. Definitely a valid reason to switch if you can get a good offer.

  • I’m not going to be upgrading any of my hardware this year; there’s nothing major compelling me to and my current hardware works
    quite well. The only thing a celular watch would be useful for is if I need to quickly run out, forget my phone and am expecting a call/need to make a call. Otherwise my iPhone is always with me.

  • Bill___A

    I generally get devices every second time around, or so. I expect Rogers to provide device support for something like the new apple watch, and not at an excessive price – I don’t care if they carry it in their stores or not, it can be bought elsewhere, but supporting it is necessary.

  • mxmgodin

    They thought charging only $5 a month for the Watch plan was too low, so they passed 😛

  • erth

    i am with rogers and i have been waiting for the iwatch 3. but, i will not be buying the LTE version. the only time i do not have my phone is when i am running, and the new watch has gps functionality. i would not want to answer a call when i am running, so there you go. it is overkill, or a sales pitch if you ask me. a reason to increase the price. no big deal that rogers doesn’t sell it. i don’t buy my hardware from them anyway.

  • karinatwork

    Ok, so Bell offers it for $ 5/month? You can be almost certain that before the end of the year, Rogers is going to follow suit. I would not be surprised at all. And frankly, for $ 5/month, I’ll be all over this. I love my Apple watch, and this may be the year I’ll upgrade to the newest model (I still have the original one which is going strong).

  • It’s surprisingly cheaper than even the US, who are charging $10USD a month for watch LTE support.

  • danheb

    Rogers didn’t have the exclusivity when the iPhone 3G was release, it was the only GSM network across Canada. Bell and Telus had a CDMA network not compatible with the iPhones. the iPhone 4s was the first to include the CDMA for China.

  • Yup, and in fact had it not been for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Bell and Telus might still have only a CDMA network ????

  • tomm

    I totally agree, I’ll start shopping around too if Fido does not smarter up. If they don’t care about their customers and about making more money, why should we?

  • sukisszoze

    Hey Rogers, if you are watching this…a family plan for four will be moving soon to Bell!!

  • o_0

  • Tim

    Is PM going to support this Watch 3 since they are owned by Telus?

  • dave

    I never looked at it that was before, I just always assume they had a deal. I remember that whole thing about CDMA and GSM specific phones though. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Chrome262

    I don’t see it being a big enough market share for Rogers to even care. i predict they won’t support it for a year.

  • Steve

    Once Rogers realizes they can squeeze $10 (more likely $15-20) a month more out of people they’ll jump right on the Apple Watch Series 3 bandwagon. They just haven’t realized how much they’ll screw their customers over yet.

  • Steve

    Who doesn’t carry their phone everywhere they go, and I already get phone calls on my watch via that way. Nothing compelling to get the Apple Watch Series 3 for unless you spend a lot of time paddle boarding.

  • Soey22

    I can’t leave my $65 12gb share everything plan with Rogers for that reason. Plus 5gb data bonus for one yr for buying pixel phones last year, and customer loyalty data. 17gb for $65 is hard to pass up.

  • BeaveVillage

    I know, it’s crazy, but it is the times we live. Imagine paying for your meal at McDicks with a swipe of the Watch instead of hauling the cellphone out of the pocket, or taking the cellphone along in the first place! 😀

  • William Cheung

    Rogers is getting so big that they are just like blackberry. I’m with Rogers for the past 20 years but the Watch can now be a tipping point for me to switch to Bell, not to mention that Rogers is no longer the fastest LTE network in Canada from a recent report.

  • Mario Gaucher

    You can do this without Cellular data… even the series 0 can do this.

  • Wow, how can I get that plan? Is it loyalty?

  • Soey22

    Grandfathered double data promo from Dec 2013 / Jan 2014. 6gb $65 with double your data promo 12gb.
    The best was 15gb $105 with double data 30gb for $105.

  • Jordan N

    My contract with Rogers expires in March. If they don’t offer Apple watch at that time, I will move away.

  • Chris

    So if you have Rogers for your phone can you have Bell just for the watch?

  • Jeff

    Absolutely. Already planning my exit.

  • Nope. It shares the number with your iPhone, so naturally both devices have to be on the same carrier.

  • Well, the Series 3 is a nice upgrade for anybody who didn’t jump into the Series 2 last year, but there’s still a non-cellular version and you can save $90 (+$5/month) by going that way.

  • Well, in my case I’ve still got a Series 0 on my wrist, so jumping on the Series 3 makes sense, and I figure if I’m going to do that, I might as well have the cellular capabilities in there as well. However, that’s also influenced by the fact that I write about this stuff for a living. If I were just an end user, I might not care as much.

  • Charles Lindsay

    Does any carrier support VoLTE, and therefore iOS products in Manitoba and Sask? Or is that old history now?

  • I believe Rogers/Fido have VoLTE in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, although apparently not in Northwestern Ontario or in “extended coverage areas.” That said, I don’t know if Rogers considers those two provides to be “extended coverage areas.”

    Of course, VoLTE is only strictly necessary for the Apple Watch Series 3. For the iPhone, it’s a nice bonus as it improves voice quality and provides seamless handoff if you’re using Wi-Fi calling, but it’s definitely not anything most users would miss having.

  • DigitalMann

    An extra $5-$10/mo to be able to access the voice and data that I am already paying for seems a bit steep. Considering how much voice and data people will using on an Apple Watch, it should be a complimentary add on. Bell, Telus: Quit screwing us every chance you get!!!!

  • Kevin Daly

    Yes – I would switch to Bell to have this feature…. This will be my first apple watch purchase and I would def want the Lte feature. I have no loyalty to any company just who offers the best service

  • roscoe108

    Once again, Rogers proves that:
    a) they are non-competitive (and don’t care)
    b) they don’t care about their customers (and don’t care that they don’t care)
    c) customers exist only as cows to be milked at Rogers’ leisure

  • roscoe108

    An excellent point. This is why it’s an abomination that Canada has only 3 major carriers, which are not supposed to be price fixing, but totally are, in cahoots with the CRTC (which claims to be looking out for consumers’ interests but always seems to do the exact opposite). Justin T. should look into that, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • roscoe108

    Not to mention that Rogers’ network coverage outside of major cities is total garbage. Switching me to roaming because I’m an hour away from the nearest large city? Whatever…

  • Jck

    Rogers will lose many, many customers if they don’t act fast and smart. Many I know (my family included) are considering the switch.

  • Jck

    Agree 100%

  • “Shut up, we really don’t care if you leave us and switch to another provider. Are business model is to profit without supporting cutting edge technologies. Your needs and opinions are irrelevant.” – Probably Rogers CEO

  • Mark

    It’s not a matter of LOL! The people like gadgets, they care about these small things. Remember, a lot of people carry smartphone with data plans even though they really can’t afford. Nowadays, people would sacrifice their lunch for data plans. So it’s a serious thing and this is what the business for Rogers, Bell and others. so they better get on board!

  • Michel Plante

    Funny ????

  • Bill___A

    Wakey Wakey Rogers. Don’t be the lagging sleepyhead who doesn’t support the Apple Watch 3 and has dozens fewer “roam like home” countries than telus’ easy roam.

  • Bill___A

    People will switch for whatever reason they want to switch, watch included. I’m not getting that watch quite yet, but if and when I do, my provider better support it, or they will be toast.

  • David White

    plus my 3

  • Maria

    I’m a Fido customer. I’ve already started to look at which provider to switch to. This (the cellular capability of the watch) is big news with Apple and for us not needing to lug your cell phone around everywhere is HUGE!!!! How can Fido (Rogers) not be ready to compete with the others? Unbelievable!!!!

  • I am literally at this moment sitting in a Bell store having just switched from Fido and waiting for my number to port. It’s going to be a bit more expensive, but I’m willing to eat that in the short term for the Apple Watch support. I’m not doing anything on contact, so I figure I can always jump to another carrier like Telus when they support it if they can offer me a better deal.

  • EnigmaFX

    Yep Switched yesterday, me and the wife personal accounts and entire business account 11 lines in tow shortly ??? Buy buy Rogers

  • Martin Schwartz

    I have just checked out Bell rates to see about switching over if Rogers does not come up with a firm commitment within 2 weeks. I have been with Rogers for over 30 years and always thought they led the pack, until now.

  • SubstrateUndertow

    It is waterproof therefore dustproof = good to listen to blue tooth music in a dusty work environment with out getting the iPhone earpiece plugged up with dust until even Apple cannot clean it properly.

  • Shirley Ann

    I will have to drop Rogers just to get the watch.

  • Lynnette

    Hmm. Sprint in the U.S. does not support VoLTE and is selling the watch.

  • It seems Sprint is doing something special here — there’s been a lot of speculation about it all over the ‘net, but the most direct information I’ve been able to ferret out is from PCMag, who apparently spoke to Sprint and had this to report:

    But wait! It gets even weirder. According to Sprint, the Apple Watch doesn’t use Calling Plus or VoLTE. It uses another form of voice-over-IP to make phone calls, which I couldn’t get more details on.

    So it sounds like Apple has worked something out with Sprint. However, I don’t imagine other carriers like Bell Mobility are particularly interested in hacking together their own VoIP solution when they’ve already got VoLTE up and running in most of the country, which is an open standard and — by the sounds of it — a much better technology anyway.

  • hiramwalker

    Had Rogers for my first 3 iPhones, 3 years each, and it’s time for me to upgrade again. Love my original Apple Watch and know an LTE version will be even better so I will only get my new phone with someone who also supports the watch.

  • Paul Scott

    I spoke with Rogers last night and there’s no ETA on support of the iWatch 3. Since I just got my new watch yesterday and it’s not functional independently on Rogers, I will switch to BELL today

  • Sukh

    Really? Lol who the hell are you to speak to someone like that? You a shareholder in Rogers? Stop talking like you a somebody with the company!!! Or maybe your one of those low life who sit in a call center and harass people

  • Kent

    Come on Rogers, get with the program. Already have the watch – waiting for your answer on support. Will wait until years end then goodbye!

  • Peter Harris

    I’m shopping too! I live on the danforth and Rogers coverage SUCKS around here and my neighbour on bell has full bars!!!

  • Martin Schwartz

    I just switched to Bell from Rogers after more than 20 years with Rogers. They offer almost identical plans re. Text, data , long distance, and hardware discounts if you take a contract and for a mere $5 I get my Apple Watch activated as a stand alone device, which I love. Had Rogers been honest and transparent in telling us their intentions about the Apple Watch, I might well have waited for them, but they did not. Way to drop the ball, Rogers!!