‘Rogers Bank’ Incorporated by Ottawa, Credit Card Program Coming [Update]


Rogers has announced today it has finally been granted approval by the Minister of Finance to incorporate Rogers Bank, part of the company’s plan to launch a credit card. The Letters Patent of Incorporation granted gives Rogers 12 months to go forward with their plans to meet requirements of an Order to Commence and Carry on Business:

“Today’s announcement is a significant milestone in our plan to issue a credit card,” said David Robinson, Vice-President, Emerging Business, Rogers. “The Rogers credit card program represents a new growth opportunity while giving customers an opportunity to accumulate value in a future Rogers loyalty program.”

Once requirements are met for the Order to Commence, Rogers will then be able to offer credit card services to its customers. The company first applied to become a bank back in fall of 2011, with CEO Nadir Mohammed noting at their recent shareholders’ annual general meeting a mobile credit card would be coming soon to “strengthen customer loyalty and retention.”

Rogers last fall teamed up with CIBC for the first NFC mobile credit card transaction in Canada. Who’s ready to get their own Rogers credit card?

Update: Rogers tells us this is the second stage of three towards their final approval to then commence their credit card business.


  • Jason

    What the F**k

  • mrideas

    Rarely get a bill without an error…and they are awful generally to get items corrected. What will they be like as a bank??? Not sure I’m ready to fight about two bills a month!

  • Cyrus Wu

    Everyone hates Rogers, I am sure no one would trust them to act as a credit card. I can imagine them locking the phones to make the only payment method Rogers credit card.

  • Its so it will be cheaper and easier for them to offer mobile payment options. Surprised they are not just going to stay with CIBC. But yeah I can see them restricting mobile payment to their credit card

  • K3

    Gary , man.. just want to know one thing- will this actually bring us closer to those “free pair of gold knee pads with every account” that I mentioned about 4 years ago?

  • K3

    woa woa not everyone hates Rogers, they are the top notch of….of….huh..ah, the latest handset technology but only after you’ve waited two months past launch?

  • no comment

  • K3

    okay but ( going by that photo ) if they’re going to be a bank somebody should let them know to tell customers that covering pin numbers during a transaction is a good thing.

  • Cyrus Wu

    please dont. bell, telus and rogers mainly get the same headsets. And if you are talking about NFC credit card payments, Google wallet was done before.

  • I wonder if this will tie in with Fido as well.

  • K3

    I said they are the top notch of the latest handset technology but not “provider of”….ah but wait Rogers doesnt make handsets thus they would be the best of…………… ????????????????????

    Is there a Rogers rep in the house again we could use a little of that golden customer support to finish the above statement.

  • bretm5

    So they can start a Bank but can’t deliver lte in Winnipeg …. Hmmmm just saying

  • Anthony W

    By the amount of comments here (usually just zero to two), it seems Rogers does get enough attention to the public which is a good thing for them.

    I think options are always good for consumers.

  • Miley

    Will they require a service agreement? And if I choose to cancel my credit card early will I be billed $20/month or $400 or whichever is greater?


  • FragilityG4

    Now that wouldn’t make any business sense at all … Companies always want customers to have many options to pay so they … Well PAY!

    If they were to limit payment methods people wouldn’t sign up or stay with them.