Rogers Business Customers Hit with iPhone 5s Shipment Delays [u]


Rogers opened up their device reservations for the iPhone 5s on the September 20 launch day and so far, regular customers have received their shipments, but not all customers have been included.

Many Rogers Business customers have not received any shipments yet and have taken to the Rogers Community Forums to voice their complaints, such as user pktlam:

so another week gone and still haven’t made any progress with the order.. can someone tell me why regular consumers are superior to business customers?? why ain’t the iphone 5s distributed in a 50/50 or even 40/60 ratio and it’s 100% consumer and screw you business customers? we can call in as many times as we want and all they will say is they don’t know.. are their money worth more than ours?? this is really frustrating as i’m not allowed to go to a store to do my upgrade after talking to them on the phone over and over again keep telling me the only way is to wait otherwise they won’t offer me the subside.. and then over here the iphone 5s are 99% allocated to regular consumer where they also have the choice to go do the upgrade in store?? what kind of policy is this?

Numerous other complaints also question the company as to why they business and corporate customers are being ‘ignored’ and have made comparisons as to how rival corporate customers at TELUS and Bell have received their iPhone 5s orders.ย Some business customers that made reservations on day one are being read scripted responses by Rogers customer service agents on the phone, making the situation worse.

Another reader, Stephen, tells us he has been stuck at #400 in the queue for over a month waiting for a Space Gray and Gold iPhone 5s. Multiple calls to Rogers has resulted in no concrete responses for the delay. Meanwhile, customers on the consumer side, even those in the #600 spot received their iPhones last week.

The supply issue most likely is related to Apple as the iPhone 5s remains in high demand, but the situation has not been handled properly by Rogers in their message back to business and corporate customers.

We reached out to Rogers for comment and a spokeswoman provided the following statement:

“Due to limited 5s inventory in Canada, demand is outpacing availability. The iPhone 5s and 5c are very popular devices worldwide and we are doing everything we can to get devices in the hands of our customers. ย We value our business customers and are working diligently with Apple to fulfill these orders as soon as possible.”

Are you a Rogers business/corporate customer affected by this iPhone 5s delay?

Update Oct. 18, 1:03PM PDT:ย Rogers just sent us another update via email:

5s inventory in Canada is limited and outpacing availability. With every shipment from Apple, we are working hard to get units to our customers as quickly as possible including business reservations, consumer reservations, in-store stock and call center. In particular, certain models like the 16/32/64GB gold and silver models are particularly in high demand so order fulfillment largely depends on the make and model you have ordered. We thank our customers for their continued patience.


  • RogersSucks

    This exact same thing happened last year with the iPhone 5 and Rogers. I was in queue as a business customer for over a month. They compensated by taking $100 off the price.

  • Aleksa Stanojevic

    Big time screw up, consumers getting phones but the corp/business customer don’t. We ordered 3 5s Phones on the 20.09.13 0700am no movement since then. Getting ridiculous!

  • BurnabyMoe

    Not all consumers are getting their phones. I placed my name on the waiting list on Sept 20 for a gold 64GB iPhone 5S and I’m still waiting. Granted I’ve moved from #430 to #220 on the waiting list but I’m still waiting a month later.

  • Stephen

    I sent this in because I wanted to raise awareness about the fact that it is not ok to give business customers scripted responses which clearly are lies.

  • Graham

    I know one local business that moved 30-40 phones to another provider for this reason. When you rack up those kinds of bills you expect to get a device on time.

  • Rio

    What area do you live in?

    The local apple stores get stock every few days, you just have to check every morning.

  • Rainforest

    I’ve been #1 on corporate for a 32gb gold since Sept 20, and am still waiting for my phone. I can’t believe Rogers didn’t even ship one phone to corporate customers in almost a month. We should really be compensated, even as a token, for being completely ignored. I think a carrier switch may be in order.

  • Canucks

    I think one of the reasons being most people asking for the gold color which is one of the worst color on a phone.

    What color are you looking for? By the way, if you are on a corporate plan, unless you own the whole company, how do you switch carrier? I am just curious on how these telecoms work with the business account.

  • Rainforest

    Yes, there is a shortage of gold, but why are regular consumer customers getting some gold iPhones? I can understand the shortage, but they can’t even ship 1pc on the corporate side?

    I manage our corporate account.

  • Cody Woodward

    Not a business member, but I’ve been number 25 for a gold 64GB for 3 weeks now. I finally moved a whole 2 spots today. Rogers got a “big” shipment in on tuesday, but there were zero 64gb golds in that batch. Just brutal considering they charge an extra $100 per storage tier and it only cost them something like $8 difference between the 16GB to the 64GB to make them. You’d think they’d want that profit margin of an extra $192 per device….

  • Nate

    I have been number #11 for four weeks for a 16GB Iphone 5s. I have been speaking on the forums and someone who was 900 got their phone today. Doesn’t seem fair.

  • sky_n3t

    I placed an order 09/23 for the 64GB as well, through Rogers and I’m still waiting.

  • Bobby Dhillon

    I have preordered 2 iphone 5s on 23 sept from futureahop and still waiting. I don’t know anyone facing the same problem with future shop. Whenever I ask them for status get same answer “will take one week more”

  • Banner

    Head over to TELUS. They’re customer service and product availability surpasses Rogers by leaps and bounds. Rogers definitely has an arrogance about them. They’ve been #1 far too long but the landscape has and is changing. Keep screwing up Rogers. Thank you.

  • rob0302

    i’ve been #1 on the list for either a space grey or sliver (whichever arrives first) 64 gig 5S at Best Buy for the past 2 weeks. Still nothing.. Yet, other people have been able to get them at places like Target.. I don’t get it..

  • TELUS Business

    I am a Client Account Manager for TELUS and we have the Iphone 5s in stock.

    I can offer you up to a $400 Port-In Credit with a competitive business plan.

    All my clients are taken care of, and if Rogers isn’t serving their customers right then I have no problem reaching out.

    You can reach me at: 416.220.8773


  • Chris

    I am a corporate sales executive with Bell.if you need these devices quicker let me know, I would be glad to help.

  • Charlo

    I have been #1 on the business side since Sept 20th for a gold 64gb.. Not one status change since then, still in prefulfillment. I have called Rogers 4x, twice they eventually just hung up on me because they didn’t know how to answer my question, once they put me on hold for over 1/2 hour by which time, I had to leave and could no longer stay on the phone which was clearly their plan and the last time they just kept saying “there is a global shortage of 5s, nothing we can do”. Rogers doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about their business clients (or clients in general at all) and there really needs to be competition coming in from the US to scare the big 3 into competency.

  • RogersElise

    Hi Rainforest. This does seem a bit funny. Could you reach out to me on Twitter – @RogersElise, so that I can get your contact info? Thanks.

  • Nate

    Can you also help me, I am number #11 for four weeks with no movement

  • RR

    I have been #5 for the 16GB Iphone 5S space gray and have not moved. What is stupid is they had the phone in the store but I couldn’t get it because the stores can’t deal with corporate clients which is ridiculous.

  • TELUS Business

    I am a Client Account Manager for TELUS and we have the Iphone 5s in stock.

    All my clients are taken care of, and if Rogers isn’t serving their customers right then I have no problem reaching out.

    We can offer up to $400 as a port-in credit.

    You can reach me at: 416.220.8773

  • Mario

    If I was in Rainforest’s shoes I wouldn’t think its funny.

    It’s unfortunate that this corporate customer has to voice his opinion on a website to be heard, and only NOW Rogers will contact him ONLY to protect their image.

    We all know Apple has more demand than supply, but that shouldn’t mean this customer should have been mislead The truth is Rainforest, you might be on a separate list.

    I can ensure you I am completely transparent with all my accounts, and if you want to chat feel free to call me at 416.220.8773.

    Even though you are not my customer, I am more than happy to help.


  • Mario

    Hi Nate,

    I don’t work for Rogers, but If you want some help you can reach me at: 416.220.8773

  • RogersElise

    Hi Nate, I see you’ve reached out to me on Twitter, I’ll get back to you.

  • reformcanada

    I’m with telus and my contract is going to expire soon. I like my business plan which has talk, text and data but it is no longer available to renew for another 2 or 3 years. Can I continue using it after the contract expires without changing it?

  • Dario

    I pre-ordered my iPhone 5S Gold 64GB on September 21st *by phone* with Rogers while updating & signing a new contract, and I still have nothing. I understand it’s out of stock everywhere, but what annoys me is they can’t give me any sort of update — not even an estimate. I call them and nobody there has a clue what is going on. On their web site you have a “position in line”, but since they did my reservation over the phone, I can’t even access that information. It’s beyond ridiculous, Rogers is handling this so poorly, it’s making me want to switch to another carrier.

  • hub2

    I have slagged the big 3 and subsidiaries for poor pricing / value of their plans (especially what they’re charging now for data), but I will vouch for Telus on their business support.

    Two months after the iPhone 4S was released, work offered to bring my personal number under the corporate plan. Fido (Rogers) said they wouldn’t have the 4S available for several more weeks. They also wouldn’t make any concessions to keep me as a customer, e.g. matching the Telus monthly price or even waiving the upgrade fee (I didn’t even mention the port-in credit Telus was offering).

    So my number was ported to the company’s Telus corporate plan for $10/mo *less* than what Fido had charged, got 300 local daytime minutes instead of 100 (lost my unlimited texting though), the 6 GB data was matched, and the port-in credit ($350 at the time) was applied a couple months later. The 4S arrived two business days later. I was in charge of managing our corporate plan and every time there was a glitch in add-ons or something (e.g. losing visual voicemail after a plan adjustment) it was quickly fixed after a call to our business rep.

    I have a beef with the pricing/value of new plans, like I said, but to date I’ve always been satisfied with Telus *service*.

  • Mario

    hub2, Thank you for that.

    I started my career at Bell, but now work for TELUS.

    TELUS is a GREAT Company

  • Mario

    From what I understand you are on what is considered a “Grandfathered” plan.

    “Granfathered” plans are allowed to keep being used even after the contract is expired. We wouldn’t take it away from you unless you choose a new deal. If you are on a really good plan, you can just buy a new handset and do a sim replacement if needed. You will then be on a Month to Month.

    That being said, I don’t have access to your account so I can’t officially/legally give you an answer. I advice to contact your sales rep who is responsible for your account and will know all the little details that are specific to your company/account.

    Hope that helps,


  • Mario


    I am an Account Manager on behalf of TELUS.

    If you want to be treated better and have those Iphone’s personally delivered to you today call me.

    We can offer Port-In credits to match your cancellations fees.

    Call me: 416.220.8773


  • Mario


    You resigned so they put you on a separate list. At Rogers, new activations are getting priority even though you probably been with them for years.

    Look, If you want to deal with a Solid company call me I can talk to you about the services we have here at TELUS.

    We can offer a port -in credit, and if you haven’t received your phone yet you can cancel your hardware upgrade for not cost. Making the Switch then will give you up to $400 port in credit.

    Same phone, same plan, an extra $400 credit plus an overall better company to deal with on the customer service end.

    If your free for a few minutes, call me. 416.220.8773


  • hub2

    To clarify, I believe you mean buy a new handset *at full price”, since a subsidized phone would require a new contract?

    Month to month plan prices are also subject to price changes at any time though (x days notice), aren’t they?

  • Chris Lomoro

    Hey Guys,
    I am am a Corporate Account Executive with Bell Mobility, I have a large stock of IPhone 5S devices. Our first priority at Bell Mobility was our corporate sector, we are now moving the handsets to our consumer base. I have been given permission to allocate the devices to Rogers and TELUS Corporate only customers.
    in addition to the IPHONE5s I will gladly offer you monthly savings and credits to cover the cancellations with your current provider.
    these devices will not last long, please contact me at.

  • Rainforest

    I sent you my order number on Twitter.

  • Rogers Business Customer

    I have been #1 and #2 on the Rogers Corporate side for the 32g White/Silver. I too am astonished that Rogers has not shipped even one phone out. 4 weeks today and my status still sits in “Pre Fulfillment”. It’s not that I’m just an Apple fanboy looking for the newest phone, my iPhone 4 rarely lasts a full day for battery so I need a new phone. And since my hardware contact is up, I do want to get the newest technology so it will satisfy me for the remainder of my contract.

  • GuillaumeD

    I’ve been #272 for an Iphone 5S 16g silver since sept. 24th. It now been 3+ weeks and i’m #239… I moved 33 spots in 3 weeks The 33 are probably corporate cancellations. At this rate i’ll get my phone by next summer….

    Really dissapointed in the way Rogers handles corporate customers as i was promised 7-10 business days to get the phone.

  • Rainforest

    Hi Mario

    I actually have had decent service with Rogers except for this situation. In fact, my company also has an account with Telus, but let’s see how Rogers resolves this issue before I make any changes.

  • Update from Rogers added to this post regarding iPhone 5s availability. Refresh post for the update.

  • Mina

    When I ordered my phone on the 20th I asked them to ship it to my parents’ restaurant because no one is usually home before 9pm in my house and the UPS shipment needs to be signed. Now I’m wondering if I would have my phone by now if I just asked them to ship it to my house. The thing that frustrated me the most is that the CSR told me to expect my phone in 3 to 5 business days, and it’s been 4 weeks now. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Also, the fact that the Rogers store in my local mall has stock but I can’t just get one there and cancel my shipment.

    Rant over for now. How many more weeks do we have to wait?

  • Steve

    What a joke of @RogersElise:disqus “reaching out” on Twitter.. What, so she can personally tell you the cursory “There is a worldwide shortage of 5s, we will try to get them out to our customers as soon as possible”.. and if you try to point out that MANY consumer clients have received their 5s you will just not get a reply.. TRUST ME, I’ve done the whole time wasting ordeal with her and the other Rogers Twitter reps as well as the Facebook ones.. Total WASTE OF TIME and insult to our intelligence.. Notice that she didn’t reach out to me? There’s a reason for that.. I’m glad she finds this situation so “funny’


  • reformcanada

    Thank you very much!

  • Rainforest

    I don’t remember this happening last year. At least not to this extent. But at least consumer and corporate got a fair shake. This year, they don’t even care about corporate customers who tend to have much higher usage. It’s a real let down, nevertheless. The phone is already a month into the annual cycle, and sounds like they have no intention of trying to make amends.

  • Sandy Stark

    As a business customer you can request that you deal with the Apple store instead of your Rogers rep. Apple stores receive iPhones almost every day and you’ll get a phone a lot faster.

  • Rainforest

    Apple stores do not handle corporate customers.

  • Seb

    I’ve been stuck in the 90s on the corporate list since september 20th. I’m in no rush… but all my friends and coworkers who ordered after me have received theirs.

  • MG

    Still waiting for my grey iphone 5s from rogers…… for now one month. Order status has not changed and still reads “in progress” what kind of service is this


    Hello I ordered through loyalty on the 22nd of September gold 16gb via HUP I was told this would be the fastest way to get my phone I was told within 7 to 10 business days after a long time on hold to verify that delivery time frame was told for sure. After that time passed I was lied to a little bit more than the next time I was transferred to loyalty and told my phone shipped and was given a phony tracking number even. Than when I called to complain about that I was transferred to loyalty and told that my phone had not shipped that rogers had not received even one iphone which was another lie. Last time I phoned customer care and told them my story the agent told me if all that was true which it was that they were going to ship my phone to me. I was transferred to loyalty and expecting to be told my order was going to go through was instead was confronted by the snotiest agent yet from loyalty who blamed apple for their retarded shipping policy of ignoring hup and business client orders. I was well pleased with Rogers before this iphone crap Now Im pissed. Now some people are saying it could be till mid November or later… I need my phone!!!

  • Mario

    No problem

  • Mario

    With regards to your first question that is correct. Purchase a handset at full price.

    To answer your second question you are also right. Month to Month plans are technically subject to change, but even if they do most companies allow customers to stay on them as the plan becomes Grandfathered.


  • BurnabyMoe

    Just as an FYI, I got an email today from Rogers with a UPS tracking number saying my iPhone 5S is on its way.

  • J.F.

    I’ve been number 603 for over a month now and no movement on Rogers part.

  • Adam

    Hi Burnaby Moe, right now i`m at #462 out of 1117 and i ordered the gold 16GB 5S. I hope i should get mine shortly.

  • NewTelusCorp

    I was a corporate Rogers customer, just called Mario and switch to Telus due to the incapacity of Rogers to deliver IPhone 5S to their business customer. Got an equivalent plan and my 5S 32 Gb IPhone shippped on the same day. Awesome business customer service. Thank you Mario!

  • TelusNewCorp

    Was with Rogers on a corporate plan and on the reservation list for Iphone 5s. Seeing no movement I decided to call Mario at Telus and Wow, got my IPhone shipped on the same day I ordered with an equivalent plan, but with a way better customer service!!! Thank you so much Mario, and I suggest if you are sick with how Rogers treat corporate customer ,give him a call!!

  • Braska

    I have placed a reservation for an Iphone 5S silver color in the Rogers website, but I did as a regular client instead of business client. I did my reservation on Sept.20th and I received it on Sept. 24th, but I could not get it from the store because they would release it only for non-business clients. On September 24th I reserved it again, but this time in the business line-up my position was 214. Today is October 23, my position is 178th. It is unbelievable that for 29 days, there was only 36 shipments for the business clients and thousands for particular clients.

  • E

    I’m so angry! I haven’t moved since I ordered my phone. Rogers better fix this soon because I am getting FED up. It is not fair that reg customers are getting their phones and corp customers aren’t. by this rate I won’t have my phone by SUMMER.

  • dan

    hi mario,
    i’m currently with rogers corp plan. consists of
    250 daytime mins, 1000 incoming, unlimited text, rogers to rogers canada wide, caller ID, vm, CF, 6GB data for $50/month.

    Anything you can do to switch over to Telus? Funny thing is I was with Telus for 12 years, before going to rogers almost 2 years ago.

    let me know, thanks.


  • Amir Arani

    I pre-ordered my Iphone 5s (32GB Silver) on the business side on Sept 24. I’ve seen my number drop at a rate of 0.5 per day. I started at 150ish, now down to 122. The only reason I’m with Rogers is because of our email service with them. However, I’m getting sick and tired of waiting. Telus might be the way to go. I’m enjoying how they’re poaching clients off this message board. Maybe Rogers will buck up if they see this?

  • T

    Thinking of jumping to Telus. Waiting on 5s 32 grey for > 1 month with Rogers Corp. No useful information from Rogers in multiple contacts. Been with Rogers since 2005 … but maybe not much longer. Based on Mario’s offer is the Rogers Corp port out penalty =< $400 ?

  • neodragon

    I ordered a 5s on a corporate plan from Telus retailer smartcell 5 weeks ago. I haven’t received even an update on the status of my order since then. My emails haven’t been responded to. My calls get me an automated message telling me to email. Rogers isn’t the only company doing a poor job here.

  • neodragon

    I’ve been waiting for Telus retailer smartcell to even update me with regards to the status of my order for 5 weeks now.

  • neodragon

    I’m with Telus, and I’ve been waiting for my phone since the launch date 5 weeks ago. I can’t even get an update with regards to the status of my order.

  • Amir Arani

    Can we just pre-order the 6?

  • T

    Update : Rogers is broken. Yesterday my place in queue dropped quite a bit. I thought maybe there was some progress, still near 300 though. Today it went UP ! 30 spots ??! That was this morning, now it has gone up 2 more !
    If this is really the queue then it additional people are being added to the beginning of the queue. Rogers : what is happening ? Business customers are getting pretty low priority based on the difference between consumer & business queues.

  • Heads Up

    I ordered the 5S Silver 64GB on Sept 23 on a corporate plan, and i just got an email from Rogers a few days ago saying my order is “still being processed”….

  • T

    Update : my place in the queue went UP ! ??? again. From yesterday morning to this morning my place went UP 3 places. At this rate I’ll be back to my Sept 23 reservation spot soon. Anybody else seeing their place in the queue actually go backwards ???

    This has NOTHING to do with Apple, this indicates that their INTERNAL inventory reporting/tracking is BROKEN.


    (1) the queue is broken and useless, maybe a random number generator ? ๐Ÿ™‚


    (2) Rogers is actually adding customers at the HEAD of the queue as they don’t understand how queues work ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Both of which are rediculous, but as Rogers is not providing any useful information I’m going with what I see.

    BTW : I fully expect my place in the queue to continue going backwards, hopefully it is a one step back : two forward.

  • Erin

    I am a business customer in BC and ordered my original 32gb phone on the 10th of September… the fella told me it would be max 10 days, he said the colour didn’t matter as they order them in batches… so he put me down for gold. 6 days later I called back and the fella said that the silver ones were moving faster, to be honest, I don’t care about the colour. That was 15 days ago, and I have moved from 444-426 in the queue…. it makes absolutely no sense and now the girl today says “we haven’t had a timeline to whole time, I don’t know why someone would have given you a timeline”…. there is no way a company has no idea of their stock availability… what kind of company doesn’t know what they have on hand?? By my calculations if the “queue” moves at this rate it will take me 47 weeks to get my phone….. anyone else find any solutions? Sounds like there is a wait at Telus too?

  • Peeohd

    I am absolutely frustrated. I am not moving forward in the queue -I am moving BACKWARDS!! I have moved backwards 7 spots over the course of 3 days. Any Telus deals out there?

  • Peeohd

    Lucky me – I moved back another 5 spots today. A whole 10 spots in 1 day. The way it’s going, I will be at spot 3000 by Xmas!!

  • mike

    I ordered 16GB 5S with Telus on corporate plan on Setp 25 and I still haven’t gotten my phonet yet. I called today and was told no timetable when it would be avaialble to me.

  • mike

    Shock you have them in stock as I’ve placed my order with Telus on Sept 25 and despite two calls to telus (latest today), I’ve been told no timeframe when i would get my 5S (grey 16gb). I was contemplating Rogers until this email.. Guess I should look at Bell as this is too long of a wait. By the time I get my 5s iphone6 will be out.

  • Asa Weinstein

    We have 6 phones with Rogers, I also registered with Rogers reservation system on the day after the launch and my positions have barely moved (about 10 places) in the 6 weeks since the registration. I understand that the iPhone 5S is in short supply but you would think Rogers would want to look after their business customers a bit better.

  • T

    Yep, still moving backwards in the queue. Added 6 spots today. Wonder when I’ll get back to my original number. Rogers is strangely quiet on this now. No more “reaching out” that I can see. Hopeless, terrible [lack of] customer service. Maybe I just need to listen to one of the Rogers advertisments warning about the customer service of forgien Telcos ๐Ÿ™‚
    Could forgien Telco’s really be worse than useless ?

  • Peeohd

    I have moved backwards 14 spots in a week. How about you?

  • T

    I win ๐Ÿ™

    36 spots backward.

  • T

    And there are 800+ suckers (whoops, I meant customers) that have been added to the queue behind me since my order in Sept.
    I wonder if they have *any* idea of how wildly unlikely it is that they’ll get their iPhone before Christmas.

  • Peeohd

    Just went to Best Buy and picked up a shiny new Grey iPhone 5s. The salesperson there – Lougheed Mall – said they had lots of phones in stock, although no gold ones. I was in and out in 20 minutes.

  • Peeohd

    Go to Best Buy – they have them in stock and can fulfill a business customer’s order – at least the one at Lougheed Mall was able to.

  • Mario

    Hi Dan, give me a call I can help you out



  • neodragon

    7 weeks since launch and Telus retailer Smartcell has still not filled my order. If you really do work for Telus, is there something you can do for me?

  • Jay

    Telus business retailer Smart Cell is even worse. 7 weeks and no progress in my order.

  • disappointed rogers customer

    I’m a Rogers business customer and I ordered an iPhone 5s 32gb in gold on September 20th. I started out at 104 and 7 weeks later find myself in the high 70s. This is absolutely ridiculous! My dad, who has a business account with vodafone in Germany, got his 64gb in gold in early October. And can anyone please explain to me how it’s possible that every once in a while I’m moving backwards in the queue?! Does it mean that they are putting people ahead of people who are already waiting? This entire experience has been completely outrageous and at this point I’m considering taking my entire account else where.

  • terekey

    I’m exactly in the same spot as you…same phone and I ordered it on Sept 26. Still waiting…… nothin we can do about it either ๐Ÿ™

  • Mihai

    Mike… I am in the same situation as you. I am a Telus business client. Placed my order Sept 30 and still no sign of the phone also ordered the 16GB Space Gray. Wasn’t this supposed to be the most available model? How come regular customers get their phones in 8 days and we haven’t in 6 weeks? This is ridiculous.

  • Mihai

    I am in a similar situation with Mobilnet Communications a Telus corporate retailer. Ordered first day it was available at their place (Sept 30). No news on when (if ever) I will get the phone. I ordered what seemed the most easily available option a 16GB Space Gray!

  • Mihai

    Unfortunately, I’am in a similar experience as a Telus business customer…. this is absolutely outrageous. Ordered a 16GB space gray (seemed like the most stocks would be for this model) Sept 30 and still no news on when they will have the phone for me. I am calling every week and all I am told is that Telus is waiting for stock from Apple. This is ridiculous because several other Telus regular clients are getting these same phones…

  • Leigh

    Same issue with Smart Cell, won’t even get a reply to emails. Hopefully a big shipment coming soon.

  • Leigh


    I am on a Telus corporate plan but have been waiting for my phone, can you be of any help? Send me an email address if so.


  • S Lee

    Is there an e-mail that I can contact you for a switchover? I phoned twice and no one picked up. Thx.

  • E Chong

    Ordered my iphone 5c in late August. Still waiting for the phone as of today. I am a Rogers Corporate customer.

  • neodragon

    This is “Jay” (signed in as a guest before), My emails seldom get responses either, and when they do, they are basically just saying “we’re waiting for stock”. Last week I asked if I could at least be told where I am on the waiting list. The response was a variation of the same “waiting for stock”, which suggests that my email wasn’t even read since I even began by saying “I understand that you don’t know when you will receive stock”. I’ve been wait for nearly 8 weeks now.

  • neodragon

    Yeah, I’m waiting for a (supposedly common) 16GB grey. No progress as I approach the end of the 8th week.

  • neodragon

    How can you have ordered in August when Apple debuted the 5c and 5s on Sept 10th? There’s no possible way that you could have ordered one before that date.

  • Leigh

    I am considering cancelling my order and going with the rogers corporate plan, which is essentially the same, and they said the wait time for a 5s is 10 days. I emailed again, and no response. Its getting crazy

  • neodragon

    I hope you told them that you were considering cancelling and switching service providers. They need a fire lit under them and the only thing these companies understand is the loss of customers. After a couple of ignored emails I threatened to cancel my order and that got a reply. Not a helpful reply, but it was something at least.

    I believe they also have a facebook page and twitter. Posting something where their other customers can see it will likely get their attention.

  • disappointed rogers customer

    I checked my update today and there is FINALLY movement. My order is now “activated” (what ever that means). Yesterday my place in the queue was 80. Is anyone else getting their phone?

  • Leigh

    I emailed all of the “upper management” friday, got a response almost immediately. Told my phone will be in within a week, let them know the customer service was terrible and they need to fix their supply chain issues ASAP. Lets see if it actually shows up within the week. if it doesnt ship by Thursday, I’m out.

  • neodragon

    Awesome! Good for you. I’m curious whom you contacted specifically since If I don’t get mine by next week I would also like to express my dissatisfaction. I understand if you don’t want to post their info here though. If you could even give me a job title I can probably find their email address on the Smart Cell site. The sales rep I’ve been dealing with has been no help at all.

  • Elizabeth

    Did either of you end up getting your phones? I’ve been debating ordering one but after reading about the delay from their site I’m rethinking it. Helps that my contract is expired but I can only get the corporate deal through them I think.

  • neodragon

    I did get my phone last week, exactly 2 months after my initial order. Their site now lists the delay as only 2 weeks. It does seem that they are finally getting supply more regularly.

  • Swibs

    I ordered Oct 1, 2013. Today is November 26, 2013. I still don’t have it.