Rogers: “Canada’s Most Reliable Network”–Not So Reliable Anymore?


When I purchased the iPhone 3G from Rogers back in 2008, the 3G network performed like one. Everything was lightning quick and I was amazed at how fast data was on my new iPhone.

As iPhone data subscribers multiplied with the subsequent release of the iPhone 3GS and this year’s iPhone 4, speeds have suffered severely. Has the Rogers 3G network reaching its capacity to serve consistent speeds to customers?

The 3G Network Woes Started Months Ago

After writing about Rogers 3G network issues in mid-September, it appears that “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” is no longer reliable anymore. Load times of browsing, email, downloads, and connectivity in general has been intermittent over the past few months.

I’m not the only one to notice this degradation of speeds, though. twitter followers have constantly bombarded me with issues over 3G networks speeds in their areas.

With rumours Rogers is contemplating a “Data Priority Service” that will charge an extra $10/month if they want guaranteed data, frustrated Rogers iPhone users have been left fuming. The 6GB promotional data plan is useless if we’re paying $30/month for EDGE speeds.

Unscientific Rogers 3G Network Speed Test–Your 3G Speeds

Thanks to the power of twitter, was able to ask our amazing readers what their Rogers/Fido 3G speeds were in their area. I asked people to tweet me their screenshots.

Let’s see just how reliable the Rogers 3G network is from coast to coast. The response received was overwhelming. Clearly, there are 3G network issues coast to coast. Here are various results from across the country:

jotap45 Juan Gonzalez T @iPhoneinCanada Vancouver downtown by Bentall Never seen speeds this slow!!!

vipwoody Woody @iPhoneinCanada

BryceMeiklejohn BryceMeiklejohn @iPhoneinCanada this is fido in Edmonton which is basically Rogers. Pretty decent.

shuether Steve @iPhoneinCanada Lacombe, AB.

TheRealSWA Sean Ahronson @iPhoneinCanada from my basement always a little slower down here.

charlesjbarry Charles J. Barry @iPhoneinCanada On Rogers in Fredericton, NB. iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1.

iBirdie iBirdie @iPhoneinCanada 1.96Mbps for D. 1.36Mbps for upload in Laval city.

KaneN KaneN @iphoneincanada strange they are going to create a premium plan and speeds start dropping.

mgcrich Matt Crich @iPhoneinCanada Fort McMurray, AB

marcfmichaud Marc Michaud @iPhoneinCanada Wish I could help but Rogers only has 3G in 3 cities. Pothetic. I live in NB
Kevkill Kevkill  @iPhoneinCanada my results from Stoney Creek Ontario.

mingoc mingoc @iPhoneinCanada Halifax, first two tries w/ impaired reception; last two outside.

You get the picture. In just under an hour, I received well over 75 @replies with screenshots of tests. Speeds depend on where people are located. Some have really great connections–yet the majority of users have average or sub-par speeds.

Dear Rogers: Please Look into Your 3G Network

We’ve contacted Rogers about their 3G network issues before, but the response has been the same everytime.

“We’ll look into it.” or “We suffered an outage earlier.”

Maybe Rogers needs to hear directly from YOU, about how poor these 3G speeds have been lately. We can cry, kick, scream, and moan online–but that can only go so far. Expressing your frustrations via official Rogers portals will be the most effective way to get some change.

Here’s how you can contact Rogers directly:

Office of the President:
Click here to email
Fax: 1-877-331-1573
By mail: Rogers Communications Inc.
Office of the President
855 York Mills Road
Don Mills, ON M3B 1Z1


Rogers Social Media Blog:

  • Rogers Redboard
  • Via snail mail:
    c/o Richard Bloom, Social Media Communications
    333 Bloor Street East
    Toronto, ON M4W 1G9

Rogers Community Forums Threads:

It’s incredibly frustrating to have slow as snails 3G network speeds. Lots of us rely on data service for school and work. We’re not asking for a lot here–we just want the 3G network to operate as advertised, or we might have to start referring to Rogers as Canada’s most “unreliable” network.

What are your thoughts on this? 3G issues have been prolonged for too long. You need to take action now.


  • Keep in mind that speed test results will vary widely based on the server that you choose. I get better speeds from some servers that are farther away than my nearest server(s) and I ran 4 tests to get the result that I posted.

  • Anonymous

    Yup slow speeds of just over 1mb down for me too 🙁

  • Eason_1108

    Rumours – “Rogers is contemplating a “Data Priority Service” that will charge an extra $10/month if they want guaranteed data”

    This may not just a rumours, this is ROGERS, they always knew how to make you pay more instead of fixing their problem.

  • Joker Eh

    So if every customer picks the $10 Priority Service, then don’t they still have the same problem? But they got richer, hmmmm.

    Anyone who buys into this $10 plan is a moron no matter what your needs are.

  • Ens7piper

    The most effective way to let Rogers know about network problems, or any other issues, is to switch carriers! Nothing speaks more then the loss of customers.

    I use Telus on my iPad, compared to my brother who has Rogers on his, and I can’t believe the issues he has had- me: None!!!

  • My wife and I both have iPhone4’s. I’m on Rogers she is on Bell. She almost always has a stronger signal and always maintains mid-signal 3G strength when I have no service or edge/analog service.

  • brichar

    The link to “Rogers Network Downtime Unacceptable” thread on the Rogers Community Forums is locked as far as I can tell. Does this mean that Rogers is trying to silence a public discussion on their consistent service problems?

  • thats when most of us go to customer care, or loyally and demand we get that addon for free.
    I dont know about others, but I didnt sign a contract to be stuck with a failing service, and thats exactly what I would be telling them if this pans out that way

  • This is true, but when your speedtest gives you 0.28 Mbps and it takes you 30+ seconds to load a page you know its hitting the mark.

    in my case i get 0.10 +/- Mbps Upload speed, which results in MMS message failure to send, just as the speedtest says. so what you say has the ring of truth to it, these tests are based on tower congestion as well

  • this could end up really bad for rogers. With Mobilcity and WindMobile moving in to the Vancouver area (other parts of B.C too im sure) offering lower rates as low as 10-20 for 500 and up, and Rogers talk about increasing the price which is already at $30 they would be pushing customers right to the new carriers.

    although that would solve our congestion issue too lol

  • Sounds like a big circle of Rogers making money.

  • skully

    If Rogers wants us to pay more, I think we should all join in on a class action law suit! We shouldn’t have to pay extra for something that should be working to being with!

    Fuck Rogers!

  • I’m getting between 3 and 4 Mbps down and between 1.2 and 2.5 Mbps up. In Regina, SK. I’m satisfied.

  • Assumes

    I agree.. Here in Sudbury, the network bounces all over.. I can sit here and watch my iphone 4 bounce from 3g to edge, to no service, back to edge, then the little circle whatever the hell that is back to 3g.. lol.. im sure u get the picture. its terrible.. people are going to have to step up and do something about this. for what were paying is criminal to my knowledge.. us people need to stop “taking it in the ass” and step up..

  • Assumes

    oh.. almost forgot. this so called CRTC is another useless government agency.. :/

  • TK

    looks like 0.3 Mbps to 0.65 Mbps for the last week in Kelowna B.C……. what should be a normal range for iPhone 3gs?

  • iphoneinregina

    Rogers 3G in downtown Regina during the day is awful. Right now, I have 0.73 Mbps download, and that’s actually better than it normally is. Speeds are decent in the evenings. It will be a cold day in hell that I have to pay $10 extra a month to get decent service.

  • Anonymous

    So does fido have the same issues ?! I’m in Montreal

  • Bob Dunlop

    Sounds like? No. More like, it IS a big circle for Rogers to make money.

  • That’s the rule of business. Get the most return on the least amount
    of output services or product to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Knightfire

    I’m in Okotoks, a small city just South of Calgary, AB., it’s 9:20am, just ran SpeedTest.Net on my iPhone 3G:

    Calgary AB server: Ping: 579ms, DL: 0.53Mbps, UL: 0.11Mbps (average of 5 tests)(Platinum Communications)
    Edmonton AB server: Ping: 530ms, DL: 1.27Mbps, UL: 0.10Mbps (average of 5 tests)(
    Spokane WA server: Ping: 614ms, DL: 0.89Mbps, UL: 0.07Mbps (average of 5 tests) (ActiveServers)

    Looking back through my Rusults I can see that these numbers have been consistent since Sept. 2010 when I first DL’ed SpeedTest.Net.

    I too have noticed 3G service on Rogers turn to crap since September 2010.

  • Hank

    Regardless, we should all be partly refunded the fee we paid for receiving crappy service. Really, they should even refund us 100% given they do not provide the service they promised.

  • Hank

    How sure are we though that if most people switch to Telus, Telus’ service will still be the same.

  • Anonymous

    5.67Mbps/down and 2.68Mbps/up in Camrose, just south of Edmonton. Left Rogers for TELUS as soon as they got the iPhone. Haven’t looked back since.

  • Anonymous

    My Fido numbers are almost identical to those Rogers ones in Vancouver. I pretty much change the way I use the phone when I’m away from wifi now. If I look at Twitter I never bother looking at any embedded links as they never load. Attachments never load so I don’t even try.

  • Rogersiscapingus

    Rogers did modification in their network (from internal source) at one point they were trying to cap the upload limit… remember we were at 4-5mbps in upload then we had a little over 1 in download but 4-5 in upload they will never admit but they did the setup on the wrong way so then 3 weeks later boom back to 4-5 in download and suddenly down to 1 in upload… so all that to say that they are caping our speed… this is bit like the throtlling that bell got accused and lost in court…. did anyone sign anything saying 6 gig /month cap at 1 mpbs upload and at peak time 2 download etc etc… don’t think so but it’s happening…. now you can do more research about it….

  • Anonymous

    Yup, my Fido coverage ranges from non-existant to weak.

  • Rustybarnacle

    After getting the iPhone4 and having the download speeds drop instead of go up, I logged a call with enterprise support through the company I work for. They emailed me a ticket number and I reply a couple times a day with speed test results.

    Yesterday they said they’d send a field tech but I never heard from him.

  • victorm

    The office of the president called me back, he told me to call Tech Support. He also said that he will not review my case online. What a joke… They’ve also locked my thread on the community forum…

  • James

    I thought it was my Iphone 4 becuase it was fast when I got it over 3, then in the last month or so it is below 1 and makes data unusable, even streaming radio is flaky. What a typical Rogers joke.

  • Scott

    Wow, I had no idea Rogers 3G was so terrible! I wouldn’t have let my GF renew her contract with Rogers when she wanted the 3GS.

    Just ran Speedtest on my Telus iPhone 4:
    5.86Mbs down
    2.00 Mbps up

    I’ll have to run it on her phone when I get home.

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  • Salaman

    On Fido, speeds are all over the place. I remember getting my iPhone 4 and being able to reach 4-5Mbps down and up. Now, I’m lucky to get 1-2Mbps. (Around Montreal)

    If they ever bring this stupid fee up, I’m complaining until I get it for free.

  • Anonymous

    It is imperative that the least amount of customers sign up for this. A class action by us subscribers will show this to be a dismal failure. Email or write concerns of the lousy state of the 3G Network to Rogers.

  • Anonymous

    As stated. The best way to be heard by these corporate Giants like Rogers is to contact them directly by email , phone even snail mail. Tell your friends. Tweet about it and post this article to Facebook and whatever other social media and networking websites you use. Get the word out. And Most Importiant ! Follow Up! Start another thread on their forum. Keep the pressure on.

  • Djpech

    Funny how after Rogers has a great summer and lots of iPhone4 sales … They slowly crank down the network.. Where are we going to go .. We have all signed with the devil for 3 years.. Rogers corporate color is “red”… Coincidence???

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  • Posting anything on the Rogers Redboard is a waste of time and effort – they quickly sanitize anything that negatively portrays their company in a serious way. Back on iPhone launch day I was one of the many who suffered as the Rogers activation servers crumbled AGAIN turning what should have been a smooth process into an 18 hour ordeal.

    I posted (tactfully and with only the facts) on the RedBoard and my post was removed within hours despite plenty of responses collaborating my expression of disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    The only problem with Wind (not sure about Mobilcity) is they don’t use the GSM band they use AWS and therefore if you wanna keep using the iphone good luck with that. It’s an issue of Apple making a model that supports that band or having that band implemented in the chip and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. JB phones or unlocked phones are included in this exemption as well.

  • Yeah I heard that they didn’t use GSM, but I have not done enough
    research to get all the details. Mobilcity I know nothing about, but
    there is a carrier store in my local mall that just opened up. Perhaps
    its time I wonder that direction and ask some questions

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  • Which network would you guys recommend over rogers for downtown Vancouver? Telus or Bell?

  • Nat

    Ping: 448ms
    Download: 0.58Mbps
    Upload: 0.02 Mbps
    This is in Guelph. I’m constantly having to manually switch my phone to Edge because 3G isn’t working. It took me 30 minutes to get someone on the phone at Rogers to tell me my phone isn’t recognizing a network problem and that it isn’t doing it on its own. It works in Edge, but I pay for my service for a reason, no?
    I don’t know how to get an image up as I am not at home but another test showed a slight better result, but only marginally. ping: 475. dl: 0.76. ul: 0.14. That doesn’t seem right for 3G. I’ve done a few more tests, all similar in results. Crappy!

    Is this $10/month thing for real? When I spoke to that guy yesterday, I asked him about it. He said he had no idea what I was talking about but maybe customer service did. … what customer service !!

    And yet again, my 3G is not working. Why am I paying so much for something that isn’t working?

    I will say one thing. Some of their own staff obviously aren’t onboard with Rogers either. I think it’s hillarious when I talk to some of them who seem to have the same distate for Rogers that I do. Then you get the random keener which really gets my blood going ….

  • TyroneAin

    Oakville ON
    And that’s sitting in my house with 3 bars

  • Maes33

    Test Date: 2 December, 2010 10:48 AM
    Connection Type: Cellular
    Server: Oakville, ON
    Download: 6.17 Mbps
    Upload: 2.35 Mbps
    Ping: 88 ms

    Bell! I switched from Rogers.

  • Robbers needs the cash to buy The Maple Leafs

  • Bacon

    My contract just finished with rogers. Not sure how to get the most out of them or other service providers. Thanks CRTC for creating a telecom cartel over here that keeps our prices higher than a 3rd world country.

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