Rogers CEO Apologizes for Network Outages, Credits Customers with 1 Day of Service [u]


Rogers cell network outage heat map, via Canadian Outages

Rogers has just issued a press release to state its wireless voice and SMS service has been restored, along with the Fido as well. Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed apologized to customers for the “unacceptable” outage:

“I recognize this service interruption was unacceptable for our customers. We worked as quickly as possible to restore service and it was gradually restored over the course of the evening. I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for this significant inconvenience and appreciate their understanding and patience.”

We first heard signs of a cell network outage affecting customers around 3PM PDT/6PM EDT, as service was intermittent before it went to a full-scale nationwide outage, affecting the majority of customers.

As the company scrambled to restore service throughout the evening, customers took to Twitter and other social networks to vent their frustration, to the point where hashtags such as #rogersoutage started trending in Canada along with ‘Fido’, ‘wireless’, ‘outage’ and ‘Rogers’. Some businesses even cleverly took advantage of this opportunity to market themselves, such as A&W:

Rogers officially announced service had been restored as of 8:43PM PDT/11:43PM EDT:

The company says they are continuing to investigate the cause of the outage to prevent future issue and to say thanks to customers for their patience, they will be providing all Rogers/Fido postpaid wireless customers with one day of service credit.

Were you affected by this Rogers/Fido cell network outage?

Update: Rogers has informed us it is looking into compensating all Pay as You Go customers (Rogers, Fido, Chatr) as well.


  • NC

    Cue a bunch of people who are still going to bitch & whine about this and complain how it should be more than 1 day. You peasants don’t deserve such generosity. Thank you Rogers.

  • FG

    Said the little computer geek prick. Some men work construction jobs and this has cost them big time. More than a mere $2.50 that you seem to value as a big offering.

  • FragilityG4

    Why shouldn’t people be mad about only getting one day? Rogers advertises themselves as “The Reliable Network” … Yesterday wasn’t too Reliable was it?

  • Steve

    When your supervisor told you to do damage control, did he also tell you to insult customers as well? Thank you Rogers, for shutting us down for a day, and sending one your asshole employee’s to tell us off.

  • Nightfly

    Looks like you are going be Rogers employee of the year. Us peasants could use the one day credit Rogers is offering to feed our children.

  • andrez1

    Here’s what I’d like to see come out of this:
    – A full explanation of how they could have such a point of failure in the first place
    – A plan for next time, so that partnerships are in place with other providers so that connectivity can be maintained
    – A way to still be able to call 911 in a failure – telling people to use a landline is so 1900’s
    – Details of the plan to build in redundancy to prevent such a failure in future

  • FlipFuzion

    I called retentions and told them about all the business I lost yesterday evening. They couldn’t care less. This one day credit isn’t going to assist me with the loss of a couple grand now will it? Jerks.

  • andrez1

    When is Rogers going to address their ‘other’ service flaw? Most people aren’t even aware that if they have Rogers Home Phone, that their phone (and Internet) goes down in a power outage.

    This is serious stuff for elderly people with personal medical alarms – if they have an issue and they press their emergency button, the system tries to contact the monitoring centre and fails. These elderly people have not had this made clear to them when they sign up for Rogers Home Phone.

    I used to be with Bell for Internet, and have a UPS on my router. In a power outage I still had Internet. Now I’m on Rogers, my router stays up, but Rogers is down anyway.

    The competition could have a field day with both of these in their advertising – especially Bell with their land-lines – they do not go down in a power failure.

  • JD

    Two whole dollars? <3 Rogers and their generosity!

    I could not teleconference into my meeting last night and had to rearrange my entire schedule to come in to the office… and then they spit at me by offering me 2 whole dollars per line? calling retention when im off work… I wonder how long their wait times are today.. haha

  • RobellusBeGone

    as an IT professional i realize it’s impossible to have your system up and running 100% of the time.. But when the outage started, we received big fat zeo notification about it from Rogers until hours later. That is just not acceptable. Communications is often a large part of one’s business and so much is at stake financially for rogers’ customers. Rogers should have released a statement sooner whether it’s on facebook or twitter. $2 refund may look huge to them because they have to return it to all their customers but individually, some rogers customers they lost way more than that while Rogers’ service was down all afternoon. It’s kinda funny this happened so soon after they campaigned their way out of competition and jacked up the monthly plan price…. i mean $70 plan is the cheapest you can get if you want a high end smartphone…. and that’s for 250MB of data… Can you say Robbery???

  • RogersSUCKS

    you know..they charge us by the minutes if we go over the monthly limits in our voice plans… and by MBs for our data…..
    They should apply the rate they charge on our over usage and refund us by the minutes we lost and the MB of data we couldn’t use during the hours they were down… That makes sense no???

  • While you have a valid point, there’s no need for insults.

  • K3


    Adding to all of this – all of last night and this morning customers can not access online account information.

  • Hank

    Try WIND Mobile. You’ll stop b..chin’ for sure and learn to love Rogers/Fido. Yesterday there was a glitch but it’s not everyday that we get those. With other carriers glitches are almost everyday, specially when you reach their out of service areas. Hey I am no pro-Rogers. Am just being reasonable. We just need to consider this as a fact of having a cellphone. Just about in anything, there are pros and cons. Lets just embrace both good and bad. As an example, I hear people who lost business here and there due to the outage and complain big time. Hey, you know you guys have to have a secured line to handle such important calls right? So do not pass on the blame to someone else. You could have planned better yourselves, possibly having a landline readily available.

  • Chrome262

    Will Fido get the credit as well?, data worked, and at home I had to used wifi to call people ( of course my mom picked this time to want to talk to me, thought it was something important, not, thanks Magic jack free app with no obligations) and since my home phone is with fido I was stuck for a bit.

  • Chrome262

    any idea, or speculation why this happened?

  • Shinalboma

    How about Fido?

  • RogersElise

    Hi, yes Fido customers will be compensated too.

  • saaf

    quiet you peasant!

  • saaf

    typical customer you are. blaming Rogers.

  • saaf

    big deal!! cry a river. go outside and play. And don’t even give me that, “What if I had to call 911” bullshit!

  • saaf

    holy big deal buddy! u know there’s a such thing as WiFi and data was working fine.

  • saaf

    chill bro. your clients have Rogers & Fido.

  • dee

    you don’t have to be charged by the minute if you subscribe to an Unlimited Voice Plan or a plan with enough MB to cover you for the month. Maybe if you laid off Snapchat or other data heavy apps, you wouldn’t need to worry so much

  • FragilityG4

    I personally don’t care and didn’t even notice the outage but there are a lot of people who rely on their phones for their business. Do you think they should “Go out and play” and accept $2.50 to make up for possibly hundreds if not thousands of dollars lost in even a short window of three hours?
    If you do then there’s no point in continuing this discussion because clearly you have a delusional way of thinking.

  • JD’s Biggest Fan

    I think JD just needs to loosen up, get a life outside work and have an A&W burger.

  • Chrome262

    Great, will help, have four lines with Fido.

  • FragilityG4

    Should he blame someone else for Rogers mistakes?

  • Nicolas @ Rogers

    Hi Andrez1,

    We’ve already released a statement but I thought I’d bring it to you to asnwer your questions.

    On a technical side, there are two parallel networks – one carries the voice traffic (the actual calls) and the other is the signaling network which transmits all the instructions on how calls are managed.

    We experienced an unprecedented surge in our signaling traffic and this temporarily overloaded our mobile switches which didn’t properly manage the spike creating a service disruption. We worked with our suppliers who developed a software fix, to change how the switches manage a signaling surge, and to prevent the issue from happening again.

    Customers experiencing voice disruptions would not have been able to use their mobile to call 911. At any given time some of our customers had voice service as we rerouted traffic but we sent out a news release advising customers
    that they should indeed use a landline in case of emergency if their wireless service was interrupted (e.g a payphone or a neighbour’s landline) but customers could also use the wifi capabilities of their devices (e.g VoIP).

    I hope this answers your post. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @RogersNicolas



  • Nicolas @ Rogers

    Hi, first of all, our apologies if you’ve been inconvenienced by yesterday’s outage.

    The outage started after 6pm but at that time we only started receiving higher volumes than usual. As you’re yourself in IT, I’m sure you can relate to the investigation process before we can identify the extent of an issue (areas, frequencies impacted, possible workaround, root cause…) and communicate accurately about it. Overeall, there was a delay of about an hour 1/2 before we posted our first official updates on Twitter and Facebook. This was an unprecedented issue and we’ve all learned from it. We have applied a software fix that will prevent this situation from happening again and, as a normal of business, we will review our processes for improvement.

    In retrospect, if you feel that we could have improved the customer experience in any way in such a situation, we’d love you to leave a submission in Rogers Idea Box:

    Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.



  • saaf

    stop replying. go out and play! lol

  • PCNix Toronto

    Do you know how much two whole dollars X 9 million is?

  • FragilityG4

    I think you have solidified your personal catch phrase!

  • T_T ?

    what caused the “unprecedented surge” in signalling traffic you are referring to?