Rogers CEO: Canadian Carriers Should Improve on Saving Customers Time


Speaking at the start of the Canadian Telecom Summit today in Toronto, Rogers CEO Guy Laurence stressed how telcos should work on implementing better technology to help save customers time, according to the Toronto Star.

Laurence said “If we don’t understand how valuable their time is, and design what do with this in mind, then we will be irrelevant,” noting how consumers want to be able to do more things online such as have groceries delivered, adding “Let’s be clear. It’s not that they’re trying to avoid the groceries, it’s about buying back two hours of their life every week.”

As for Canadian wireless carriers, more should be done to minimize customer wait times, in particular when it comes to the thousands of various pricing plans, as it has caused people to spend too much time online to research the best plans: “Lots of people don’t want to call a call centre. They want to go online and solve it in three minutes, not 30.”

Call centres will always stick around, but customers need more simple solutions instead of complex, says Laurence: “Don’t get me wrong. I think there will always be call centres but are we really bringing in enough simplicity to our customers?”

The CEO went on to say the telecom industry “can do a lot more” and added “I think Canadian business and the public sector are underserved by technology in the quest to be more productive and give back more time.”

Canadians need more time as the Rogers CEO said “I don’t think it’s okay” and continued with “I don’t think we have a choice but to rapidly develop our efforts in giving customers more time.” No specific ideas were shared by Laurence on how to save customers time, but he did share stats which noted only 5.3 percent of Canadian retail sales are done online, despite half of the public browsing online retail channels.

Last month, the CEO unveiled the new ‘Rogers 3.0’ plan, aimed at revamping the company’s future and the way it deals with customers. More recently, Rogers is set to change the way it performs hardware upgrades, requiring $80 plans come June 17, while grandfathered data plans are seeing price increases to set to kick in on August 6.

What do you think Rogers and the industry as whole can do to help save customers more time?

For starters, it would be nice not having to repeat your story to multiple customer service reps on the phone when you have a problem, or be passed along like a hot potato when you share a problem with no solution.


  • huddyrocks

    How about get rid of the minimum 80 plan for upgrade requirement. Canadian Telcos should focus on saving us money as well as time. Just a thought…

  • thewinnipegger

    How about saving customers money ?

  • Fireeast

    Im sorry but we dont spend 30 minutes, (in my case days) trying to find a better plan because of technology. Its because the plans suck. We’re did they find this guy?

  • hub2

    But hey, how else are they going to pay for stuff to save us time, if not with jacked up plan prices? /sarcasm

  • Theactivechat

    Absolutely the prices suck!!! Your $80/500mb deal is horrible! Want to help the customer? Create better price plans for lower costs.

  • Al

    Time? … TIME?!? … This moron thinks customers are more concerned about saving 30 minutes every couple of years? What a clueless tool! Customers are more concerned about the UNJUSTIFIED theft that these crooks are pulling on us every month!

  • Al

    I’ve heard enough. I’m now convinced this new guy is of no value to Rogers and it’s customers. I’m switching as soon as my contract is up (or sooner if Bell offers to buy out my contract)… Not that I’m all that thrilled with Bell either, but their reception is immensely better throughout the entire region where I live.

  • Cyrus Wu

    They can save me time with the retention and cancellation time by just offering me cheaper plans.

  • Max Power

    So far he’s tried to jack up my price plan $2 mid-contract, then informed me my data is increasing $5 when my contract ends, and next time I upgrade I’ll be forced onto an $80 minimum plan. Rogers winning that spectrum auction sure worked well…

  • maxiroy

    I am a CSR for this company and it would be nice to have the CEO do my job for a week on the front line and see what it is like. I agree I feel bad that a customer has to repeat their story to me and then because my hands are tied I have to pass them on to someone else.

    If people knew the backstory to what we are expected to do you would understand that it is not the CSR fault. Not enough notes in your file? Well, we don’t really get anytime to complete them fully as you are only expected to be on the phone for a certain amount of time and then when you hang up you can’t put yourself on hold, you have to immediately take the next call.

    This is a company that cares more about our metrics and how much we sell than you being satisfied and your problems solved. And I am in billing!

    I am expected to solve your problem without issusing a credit, and just make you agree with me that these are great plans, I am encouraged to upsell at every turn and spend most of my time trying to sell you on a new line. I am not kidding here. Once you become more concerned with how much someone is selling, good customer service goes out the window.

  • Peter

    F’n A.

  • wah_gee

    How about saving us $$$?

  • Al

    I appreciate you coming fourth with this, but here’s the thing… Everybody already KNOWS all this. The higher ups at Rogers (and other carriers) are so deluded, they think it’s just a game and believe customers are gullible and easily duped.

    They are so far out of touch with reality that, when something threatens their game, they suddenly perk up and look to blame others and protect themselves at all costs… while thoughtlessly stomping all over their customers.

    It’s been apparent that Rogers monitors IPIC, and it’s telling that they avoid any comment in topics like these where their true stripes are so apparent. Especially when their failings come straight from the mouth of their clueless CEO. Man… I still can’t believe it. I bet this ass hat thought he was being profound or something.

    Anyway… back to you being blamed. The thing is… although there are some reasonably intelligent people working at Rogers customer service, there is also a collection of idiots. And, like it or not, every employee is a representation of the idiots. This is because, collectively as a customer service department, you are only as good as your worst employee.

  • Guest

    Consider how much time we spent to research the deals, call CSR, call retention, haggle, repeat. Save me time? What BS.

    I’ll switch to Wind. That’s what will save me both time and money.

  • MassDeduction

    Upgrades are becoming a big ripoff at all the carriers. Time to buy your devices outright, get bring-your-own-device (BYOD) discounts, and get new devices when you actually want them rather than when your contract ends. You can get much cheaper service on Rogers network that way.