Rogers, Chatr Prepaid Customers Offered $40/4GB, $50/6GB Plans to Switch to Monthly


Update: Bell and Koodo now offer these plans as well. Note Koodo offers the plan in Ontario.

Rogers appears to be trying to lure its prepaid and Chatr customers to switch over to monthly Rogers plans, as $40/4GB and $50/6GB plans are being offered to qualifying customers.

Chatr or Rogers pay-as-you-go customers who have been signed on for at least 30 days, are being qualified for three Rogers no-tab (BYOD) plans.

Here are the plans available:

  • $20/month for unlimited talk and text
  • $40/month with 4GB data
  • $50/month with 6GB data

These plans include unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, along with enhanced voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, unlimited SMS/MMS, name display and Roam Like Home.

How to get these plans? You need to call into Rogers retentions and ask for it. A mixed number of users on RFD have been able to get it after spending lots of time on the phone with Rogers customer service reps, some which have no idea about this plan. Be persistent and give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Currently, Rogers and Fido are also offering $60/10GB unlimited Canada-wide calling plans for customers in BC and Alberta only, in what looks to be a move to target potential Freedom Mobile switchers and existing customers.


  • rob

    Is this being offered by Fido as well?

  • It’s Me

    yes but only for prepaid customers migrating to post paid. They are strict on this. So, you have to currently be a Chatr or Rogers/Fido prepaid customer (for the last 30 days or more) to get this if you go through Fido or Rogers.

    The only exception to that is that because it isn’t actually system enforced, 3rd party stores can give it to anyone if they want to ignore the rule. Some BestBuy stores in Toronto have been allowing it since yesterday.

  • rob

    You are correct. I called into retention to see if I could switch, and they wouldn’t allow it under any circumstances.

  • It’s Me

    Can post links here.
    Run, don’t walk. Koodo has this right now:
    BYOD activations on Koodo with the $60/mo 10GB plan in ONTARIO. Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling, Call Display, Voicemail 10, Call Forwarding, Call Conferencing, Easy Roam. NEW Activations only.

  • rob

    That is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for finding this deal.

    Question, It seems as though Kodoo (being a discount brand of Telus), does not support either VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling (both of which Telus supports). Does anyone know if these 2 services are coming to Koodo in the future?

  • It’s Me

    Koodo says both are in testing but I don’t think a specific date has been given yet.
    (add the dot back in)
    https://mobilesyrup com/2017/09/19/koodo-says-volte-wifi-calling/

  • SOB

    I hate this BS to call retention and threaten to leave. Just be straight forward and offer the plan with no funky rules or conditions. Sure glad I am off Rogers.

  • Le Tuxedo

    Videotron’s $35/6GB/month still unbeatable.

  • bog6

    i have checked their site , no mention of this plan?
    do you have a link

  • gobi

    No mention of this plan on Rogers website