Rogers Explains Why You Should Use their Community Forums [VIDEO]


Rogers has shared a new video to its YouTube channel touting the features of their Community Forums and why customers should use them:

Whether you have a question about your latest device or need help fixing a connectivity problem, Rogers Community Forums offers tech support whenever you need it. Watch this video to find out how you can get advice and help from Rogers Live Agents and interact with other Rogers customers.

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Check out the video below:

The Rogers Community Forums note there are nearly 350,000 members and 4196 ‘solutions’ posted. Some of the most popular Apple threads there are customers inquiring about things such as unlocking the iPhone or when Wi-Fi calling is coming to iOS 8.

Let us know if you ever hit them up or not and whether they have helped your Rogers problems.


  • Jay

    Have they never heard of google?

  • Andy

    Sure, but not everyone can Google properly. With this forum, it’s just another avenue to get answers, localized to one site.

  • T_T ?

    The last time I used Roger’s forum, it was last year. They were using a very unique, counter-intuitive and annoying forum interface. It’s unlike any interface or layout I have ever seen before. It’s horrible. Moderators defended the forum layout to the nth degree.

    Moderators do a lot of censoring on that forum, much more so than other forums. The so called “non roger employees” who have a Rogers designate as a Rogers Community delegate I found to be horribly bias. Much information posted can be blantantly incorrect and moderators do nothing to correct the information. It’s much like reddit in that respect.

    I question the validity of their numbers of subscribers. Perhaps the numbers consist of people like me who visited a few times in the past and left in disgust.

    On a positive note, their forum is now different than before. It has bugs like when you sign in, it refers to your Rogers Mobile or Rogers [My Account] page. You have to then search for forums or community to go back to where you wanted to go in the first place.

    One can make the forums all nice and spiffy. However, if the content is inaccurate or censored and mirrors Reddit in many ways, I say no thank you. I’ll stick with Howard Forums instead.

  • Biased or filtered answers perhaps. Last time I commented there, my comments were deleted as they did not reflect well on Rogers.

  • CMfly

    I was a “non roger employee” for about a year on their forums, trust me, they didn’t pay me anything and I still paid the same price for my services as I was before I contributed. I believe most of the members really were fed up with the level of support Rogers offered and wanted to help try to make it better. Sure the advice I gave was my own and had a chance to be incorrect, I wasn’t given any better access to documentation than anyone else out there. It was a weird balancing act between helping people and not pissing off Rogers so we did our best.

    I agree with your other points but just wanted to make it clear we were not getting kickbacks and were not employees.

  • Matt

    I used this a lot for my iPhone 6 plus reservation along with the fido forums lol it was OK….helpful in the slightest say though

    Some intelligent responses but most people were just freaking out about their spot in the line and wondering what it means or if theyll get the phone on launch day LOL….good times good times