Rogers Confirms FaceTime over 3G Support for the iPhone and iPad


It was reported yesterday on MacRumors when users in the U.S. on AT&T tried to activate FaceTime over 3G on iOS 6 beta 3, they were prompted with a pop up alert to contact the carrier for more information. In other words, it translates to “we are not going to allow this feature at this time”. The issue of tethering data has long been a heated debate with U.S. carriers and now it appears FaceTime over 3G seems to be joining the foray.

However, in Canada we are quite lucky as our ‘Big 3’ networks of Rogers, Telus and Bell all support Apple’s Personal Hotspot feature that debuted last year with iOS 4.3 (with some restrictions of course based on your data plan).

What about FaceTime over 3G support in Canada? We reached out to each carrier and so far we’ve heard back from Rogers only, as they confirmed the new option for FaceTime over 3G will be supported, in this official statement:

Yes we will be supporting this for all versions of iPhone and iPad that has the feature enabled.

If one network will support this feature, it’s most likely the others will as well. For those on iOS 6 beta, you already know FaceTime over 3G has been supported for a while now in Canada. For many, the introduction of FaceTime over 3G is just another reason to skip jailbreaking the iPhone (the debate will continue to go on).


  • Any idea how much bandwith Facetime over 3G will use up ??

  • swotam

    I’ve heard it’s around the “1 meg per minute” range, but don’t quote me on that. I expect once iOS6 ships we’ll find out pretty quickly.

  • Sounds like good news to me. 🙂

    I’m on Fido but I assume they’ll be making the same decisions as Rogers on something like this. Too bad it won’t work for my wife’s iPhone 4. 🙁

  • I use jailbreak tweak that enables facetime over 3g. actualy it is supper esay to enable it just if you have access to file system of your iPhone. you just replace “no” for “yes” and walaaa it works. Therefore, there is no what to support it already works.

  • The said they will be supporting the feature. They didnt say weather they would be charging a premium for it. I hope they don’t, it seems like double dipping to have me pay for a data plan then to have me pay extra to use a feature that uses said data