Rogers Says Nearly 1.5M Customers Contact Annually About Wireless Data Use


Yesterday, we told you about an update to the MyRogers iPhone app, which allowed you to manage your family’s data settings within Share Everything Plans.

Today, the company has released more details about how the app can manage your family’s data in real-time:

  • The bill payer can allocate the plan’s data bucket by family member, setting customized alerts for each person. The bill payer can change the alerts at any stage of the month.
  • When a family member reaches their data alert threshold, that member and the bill payer are notified via text. The bill payer can choose to do nothing and continue letting them use data, allocate more data from another family member or buy data top-ups to keep the family going to the end of the bill cycle.
  • The bill payer can also switch off data for an individual and turn it back on whenever they want, at no charge. Data automatically turns back on when the next billing cycle begins.

Guy Laurence, President and CEO of Rogers, said in a statement “Wireless data usage is one of the top reasons our customers call us every month,” revealing “Each year, roughly 1.5 million customers contact us to ask about their wireless data use.”

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Customers now no longer need to call Rogers to manage family data settings, but now can do so on their own within the app. The move is being touted by the company as an “improvement to customer service.”

Laurence also shared the top five areas customers wanted the company to address, which they have “now tackled”:

  • international roaming
  • making the bill understandable
  • unlimited home internet
  • self-serve through social media tools like Facebook Messenger and Twitter
  • data management through MyRogers

How are you liking the updated MyRogers iPhone app?


  • Sly C

    Didn’t send me a notification when my SO reached her cap yesterday. Menh.

  • Ouch…

  • Sly C

    Maybe they’re still catching up. I got the one when I reached the cap I set for myself. I just hope they’re more accurate than their usual notification. Getting a 90% text immediately followed by a 100% text is pretty aggravating. And we have 12gb so it’s not like we blew through that last 1.2gb in a second.

  • That’s actually one feature I miss on the Android. The Android OS caluculates data usage and you can set a warning and a cut off when your chosen warnings and limits are hit, nothing to do with the carrier after that.

    I hope Apple implements something like that too.

  • Brian W Pietrzyk

    Its because thier measurement and warning system is/was flawed. We live rural and when they shut down the wimax (inukshuk) unlimited portable internet and forced us onto a rocket hub and I had to put my own data measurement system in and found randomly added data usage spikes to our account. Which conviently took us over. Other times thier online useage tool was up to 3 days behind. To top it off our account was too old to fall into the wireless code of conduct so they dont cut off when they think we are $50 over. When we signed up they had a billing cap at $100 over but then they quietly changed that cap to $500 in the middle of the contract and the notice was buried in the fine print on our statement. They didnt grandfather. Because its a rocket hub they said they didn’t have the technology to send warning texts to my cell phone instead or couldnt just start throttling down the speed when we hit what they thought was our maximum. They were horrible to deal with about it and we used to dread seeing a Rogers bill. So I changed things up by running side by side with one of thier competitors and none of these problems happen on with competitors wireless hub. Now we get the same bill every month. Its a shame because of how good Rogers used to be and we were with them for many years. I feel bad for all the poeple they have to lay off because they drove customers away and they are having to cut back as a result. So much for being a good Canadian service provider/employer. I’m sure Ted is rolling in his grave.