Rogers Adds Deutsche Telekom Executive to Lead Consumer Business Unit


Rogers has added a new president to its consumer business unit, recruiting Dirk Woessner from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, as appointed by CEO Guy Laurence. His role will include delivering the Rogers “business strategy, including product development, sales channel operations, pricing and customer base management.”

Dirk woessner

Woessner had this to say about his new role at Rogers, which will replace Rob Bruce, a longtime executive set to leave the company:

“I joined Rogers because of its impressive mix and breadth of products, services and networks, its focus on innovation and commitment to win with the Rogers 3.0 strategy,”

“The Canadian consumer communications market continues to mature and I see a significant opportunity to leverage my experience from Europe working with the Rogers team to build differentiation and deliver more value for Rogers customers.”

The German telecom veteran has managed the equivalent of $25 billion CAD in sales at Deutsche Telecom and will commence his stint at Rogers on April 6, reporting directly to Laurence.

Rogers previously hired a former Google VP back in October, part of the company’s mission to implement Rogers 3.0, for ‘overhauling the customer experience’.


  • It’s Me

    “deliver more value for Rogers customers”

    Rogers executives should be prohibited from using the word value. They’ve never shown they have any understanding of the word. I’ll give Dirk the benefit of the doubt for now, but I expect little.

  • CanucksGoal

    There’s lots of different ways to look at value. But I would say 80% or more customers look at value as cheaper low cost services. Businesses look at bringing more features or products with the same price as value. We will see how this goes.

  • gerry

    When I left Rogers a couple months ago, they actually called me why I left, and how the business should be improved. No lie. I wonder if this is part of their new business strategy on ways to make improvement?